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7:23 AM 2/28/2017 EST. I've just arrived at Leach's Garage for repairs to

Mother's Honda car.The mechanic is going to replace the front rotors, brake

pads, right idler tie rod and an axle shaft. After that I'll drive the Honda car

back to the house and then drive the 2000 VW Beetle back here for a oil

change, filter, check all fluids and a warning light.

I didn't know it yesterday but the three cats are all male and they do what cats

do: "Curious as a cat."

I've lived in 4 different states in the last 2 years. In Virginia, I had an excellent

repair shop to do the repairs in Harrisonburg to do repairs. In Omaha,

Nebraska it was Regency Auto Repair near to where my son, Michael, his wife

Erin and my grandchildren Grayson, Harrison and Evan live.

In Las Vegas, the closest place to my space in living in the parking lot of the

Walmart was a Goodyear and and Firestone at almost double the cost. The only

major repair I needed was a starter motor. The Honda stopped dead in the

parking lot of a O'Reilly Auto Parts, a CVS and a Planet Fitness that I used

everyday for a short exercise routine on the treadmill and a welcome shower

after sleeping the night in the Honda in the Walmart parking lot.

I attempted to remove the starter motor myself and finally accomplished that

task in a few days. The Japanese built the engine compartment with very little

room to work and the starter motor was on the left side facing the Honda and

not on the right side that was normal.

After sleeping at least 2 nights in this parking lot, I began to install the rebuilt

starter motor and got it partially installed when a young man drove up catty-

cornered to the Honda and offered to help. He said he would do it for nothing

but I said I'd pay him $50. It took him a while, but the Honda roared to life and I

gave the young man all the cash I had on me, a little over $70 and well worth it.


*Car Keys and Small Change Day

*Floral Design Day

*International Pancake Day

Observed 47 days before Easter

*Mardi Gras

Also known as Fastnacht Day and Fat Tuesday

Observed 47 days before Easter

*National Chocolate Soufflé Day

*National Public Sleeping Day

*National Science Day

*National Tooth Fairy Day

Observed annually on February 28th and annually on August 22nd

*Pączki Day

Observed 47 days before Easter

*Rare Disease Day

What Happened On This Day – February 28

*2013 Pope Benedict XVI resigns

The pope whose birth name is Joseph Ratzinger was the first leader of the

Catholic Church to resign since 1415.

*1991 The first Gulf War ends. The armed conflict had lasted a little over half

a year and claimed over 100,000 civilian casualties.

*1986 Swedish prime minister Olof Palme is assassinated. Even though

over 130 people have confessed to the murder, the case has never been


*1975 A London underground train crashes into the end of the tunnel at

Moorgate station. The Moorgate tube crash claimed 43 lives and was the

deadliest accident in the London Underground in during peacetime.

*1935 Nylon is invented. Wallace Carothers first produced the polymer at the

DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

Births On This Day – February 28

*1953 Paul Krugman

American economist, Nobel Prize laureate

*1948 Bernadette Peters

American actress, singer, author

*1929 Frank Gehry

Canadian/American architect, designed 8 Spruce Street, Walt Disney Concert Hall

*1901 Linus Pauling

American chemist, activist, Nobel Prize laureate

*1894 Ben Hecht

American screenwriter, director, producer

Deaths On This Day – February 28

*2009 Paul Harvey

American radio host

*2007 Billy Thorpe

English/Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer

*1977 Eddie Anderson

American actor

*1925 Friedrich Ebert

German politician, 1st President of Germany

*1916 Henry James

American/English author


*7:05 AM 2/28/2017 EST. I just took a shower for the first time in 3 days before

I drive to Leach's Garage. When I can work in the flower beds and the yard, I, of 

course,take a shower everyday. I use Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner

when I'm showering and use a blue beach towel to dry off. Using a regular towel

is like using a small wash rag to me. I then spray my mostly brown hair only a

few "shades of grey" with Pureology with 21 essential benefits. I then comb it

out with a pitchfork-like comb but with with 12 prongs and not like 5 prongs of

the pitchfork and and only 6 inches tall and not the 6 foot of a pitchfork. Today

I had to cut out a hairball about the size of large olive.

*11:17 AM 2/28/2017 EST. I'm having an Orleans sardine sandwich with two

slices of roma tomatoes, a little mustard and Himalayan Pink Salt. A chef's


*I told you about going to Dr. Kwok's office recently and that he tasks his almost

nurses to give shots in the high hip area. On this particularly day I only received

1 shot which is rare and the nurse instructioning me to raise my left foot and put

all my weight on my right foot like male dog pissing on the bottom of a tree trunk

declaring to all other dogs that this is his territory and not theirs.

And Dr. Kwok always electronically sends prescription medications for me to

Rite Aid in Orrville. You already know that I rename prescription medications

in order to remember them better and my all time favorite on the Billboard

Hit Parade is Sarah Palin. Dr. Kwok usually prescribes for me the antibiotic,

Prednisone, which I call Pregnant Zone. But this time he prescribed for an

antibiotic medication named Cephalexin 500 mg. So, I need to rename this

prescription medication. Let me think a little bit? Shep Alexis. Not bad.

The shep stands for sheppard and the Alexie stands for my nephew, Kevin's,

oldest daughter, Alexis, and sounding it out would be Shepalexie, like

shopping for a Lexus.


6:34 AM 2/28/2017 EST. Trump Concedes Health Law Overhaul Is 'Unbelievably

Complex' - New York Times - 30 minutes ago.

Weather for Smithville, Ohio



Thu         CLOUDY                                              37° 25°

Fri           MOSTLY_CLOUDY                              32° 20°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*9:29 AM 2/28/2017 EST. Just now got back from Leach's Garage, the man who

does the cleaning drove me here in a van because the repair work I told you

about is going to take several hours. When they phone when the repair work

is finished, I'll drive the 2000 VW Beetle there to have a warning light checked.

Probably shouldn't take too long so I'll just wait and continue typing this story

of my life for today.

The temperature from temperature only gauge is 48° and the humidity is at least

75% because there was a few drops of rain on the windshield coming back in

the van. The wind is blowing about 10 mph (miles per hour) more or less from

the southeast and sun is playing hide and seek from the Heavens that are grey-

white in color.

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