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380th post - 1 Mar 17 - 2010 EST


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"Most of my friends are perfect strangers."

Forrest Caricofe

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*10:14 AM 3/1/2017 EST. I just met a woman as I sat here in the Subway in the

Wooster Walmart. She said she was the same age as me, 74. And just maybe

one minute of talking to each other I could tell she was much like. She said

something like this: I'm in good health because I keep moving and eating

good, and "to hell with them if they think otherwise."

If you have read a few stories of my long life that exactly my feeling about life.


*Ash Wednesday

*Observed 46 days before Easter

*Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day

*National Fruit Compote Day

*National Horse Protection Day

*National Peanut Butter Lover's Day

*National Pig Day

*Plan a Solo Vacation Day

*Refired Not Retired Day

*Self-injury Awareness Day

Also known as SIAD

*Share a Smile Day

*Stop Bad Service Day

*World Compliment Day

*World Math Day

What Happened On This Day – March 1

*1998 Titanic becomes the first film to gross $1 billion

James Cameron's epic account of the sinking of the Titanic had a budget of $ 200

million and grossed over $ 2 billion in the end.

*1995 Internet giant Yahoo! is incorporated

The company was founded in January 1994 as Jerry's guide to the World Wide

Web by Jerry Yang and David Filo.

*1947 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is formed

The IMF's primary goal of improving the economies of its member countries

has frequently been overshadowed in the past by criticisms about the fund's

alleged support of dictatorships and negative impact on the environment.

*1932 Aviator Charles Lindbergh's son is kidnapped

The toddler's abduction and death was one of the most publicized crimes of the


*1896 Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity

The French physicist made his groundbreaking discovery while trying to prove

his erroneous theory that phosphorescent uranium salts absorb sunlight and

reemit it as X-rays.

*Births On This Day – March 1

1994 Justin Bieber - Canadian singer-songwriter, dancer

1944 Roger Daltrey - English singer-songwriter, producer, actor

1922 Yitzhak Rabin - Israeli politician, 5th Prime Minister of Israel, Nobel Prize


1904 Glenn Miller - American trombonist, composer, bandleader

1810 Frédéric Chopin - Polish pianist, composer

*Deaths On This Day – March 1

2014 Alain Resnais - French director, cinematographer, screenwriter

1983 Arthur Koestler - Hungarian/English author, journalist

1980 Dixie Dean - English footballer

1912 George Grossmith - English actor, singer

1643 Girolamo Frescobaldi - Ferrarese pianist, composer


*7:49 AM 3/1/2017 EST. On my computer screen before entering my

password: Fukuoka Tower. All of this structure holds up 767 feet.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is the tallest seaside tower in Japan. Fukuoka Tower was finished in 1989,

taking a total of 14 months to build at a cost of ¥6,000,000,000 (roughly

US $50,000,000 in 2015 terms). It was designed by Nikken Sekkei. It was built

on reclaimed land out of Hakata Bay.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikken Sekkei

Design company

"Nikken Sekkei Ltd. is a Japanese architecture firm headquartered in Chiyoda,

Tokyo. The company has its origins in a building design company founded

in 1900 as part of Japan's Sumitomo conglomerate.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Founded: 1900

Number of employees: 2,406

Type of business: Private."


"Do you know where in the world you are now?"

Forrest Caricofe

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Where in the World Are You?

Great Lake Swimmers

Album Ongiara

"I've been looking in churches and looking in bars

Thought that I saw you in the oncoming cars

It was your reflection cast off by the light

And into the sky of this dark city night

And I thought that I saw you in the tallest of trees

Swayed back and forth in the mid-autumn breeze

When the leaves reddened and left too

I knew then that it wasn't you

Where in the world are you now?

Where in the world are you now?

Oh where in the world are you?

Oh where in the world are you?

Where in the world are you now?

And I looked for you there in music and song

'Cause I thought I could find you there

They were only notes pulled from the air

Not the kind I could read or breathe if I dare

Where in the world are you now?

Where in the world are you now?

Oh where in the world are you?

Oh where in the world are you?

Where in the world are you now?

*5:43 AM 3/1/2017 EST. French Mediapart journalist says judicial source

denies report on Fillon's wife - Reuters - 5 minutes ago

*5:43 AM 3/1/2017 EST. Petition urging Obama to run for president in France

gains 42, 000 signatures - Fox News - 1 hour ago


5:43 AM 3/1/2017 EST. Taiwan's Foxconn 'definitely bidding' for Toshiba chip

business - Reuters - 15 minutes ago


"The older I get the more clumsy and uncoordinated I seem to get."

Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "The older I get the more clumsy and uncoordinated I seem

to get."


*I was in McDonalds today after I went Walmart and I spilled my drink. I must be

returning to my second childhood because this is the second time in 3 visits to

McDonalds that I've spilled my drink.


*"I'm a little under the weather today today but I'll recover tomorrow. I told you I'm

eating beef and pork now and getting no reactions. This the first time in about

20 years I've not eaten anything other than chicken and fish.


"Some evil remains in the mind of most of us."

Forrest Caricofe

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No results found for "Some evil remains in the mind of most of us."


*Crime Number 1: Lonnie Smith. "Is he asking for something else? I won't know

until I talk to Carolyn." I talked to Carolyn after Lonnie left the house last night.

She said that he apologised to her and didn't ask for anything. I'll drop this

case for now unless this long running episode "comes back to haunt me."

*Crime Number 2: "I did not have a chance to go to the Wooster Police

Department (yesterday)." I will go today and "I'll tell you a story of my step

brother-in-law, Johnny Rafter."

I stopped at the Wooster Police Department about 8:50 AM 3/1/2017 EST this

morning and to the receptionist " _______________ , with the light brown hair."

She said that it's difficult to set up an appointment because of police

emergency calls, accidents and other things. I gave her my 540-000-0000

phone number and said to her that the police could call me for a meeting at

anywhere in their jurisdiction which is the city of Wooster.

12:40 PM 3/1/2017 EST. I received a phone call from the Wooster Police

Department and talked to a police officer. I gave him all the information I had,

I believe to maybe resolve this case. He was very professional and asked

questions in what I believe in "10 words or less" and just like Joe Friday "just

the facts."

*Evil Number 1: I received a phone call from the young woman and the young

man today. They said that they may have someone to handle their case and I

said I know someone by name and I will disclose it if they take the case.

*Crime Number 3: ""This is about a scammer from Denmark (?) who I met online.""

"This I typed in yesterday's story and I'll have more information tomorrow. It

started in Las Vegas and I need to go back about 9 months."

I got online to look for a job and I saw a proposition to earn $3000 a month after

I had completed all tasks that were assigned to me for a travel agency in

Denmark represented by Aron Johansen. OK, I said let's check this out. I have

kept all the emails and paperwork that I had copied at Staples that was close

to a 99.99 Cents Store and across Graig Road West from the O'Reillys, CVS and

Planet Fitness I mentioned before. I need to consult that paperwork and emails

before I continue tomorrow.


*6:05 AM 3/1/2017 EST. In Optimistic Speech, Trump Heralds 'New Chapter of

American Greatness.' Fox News

*6:11 AM 3/1/2017 - Powerful Moment With SEAL's Widow Moves CNN's Van Jones

Fox News

*6:11 AM 3/1/2017 - CNN Poll: 70 Percent More Optimistic After Trump's Speech

Fox News

*6:11 AM 3/1/2017 - Newt: Trump Won Over Dems as Speech Progressed

Fox News

*6:11 AM 3/1/2017 - Fox News' Wallace: 'Tonight Trump Became the President'

Fox News

*6:11 AM 3/1/2017 - Ted Cruz: Trump's 'Bold, Positive Speech' What America

Wanted - Fox News

*6:11 AM 3/1/2017 - Widow of Slain SEAL Owens Weeps During Extended

Ovation - Fox News


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    STORM                         61° 28°

Thu        MOSTLY_CLOUDY    39° 24°

Fri          CLOUDY                       31° 18°

Sat          PARTLY_CLOUDY    39° 26°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*8:27 AM 3/1/2017 EST. I'm leaving the house to go to the Wooster Police Station

and my PNC (Pittsburgh National Corporation ) Bank. I usually go to my PNC

(Pittsburgh National Corporation) branch bank in Orrville, but I was coming to

Wooster anyway so I stopped at the branch bank across from the Wooster

Community Hospital.

*The weather was nice today except for the winds. I've seen some tree damage

as I drove through parts of Wayne County.

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