Thursday, March 2, 2017

381st post - 2 Mar 17 - 1935 EST

*2:14 PM 3/2/2017 EST. Bill has had another major COPD attack today and 

was taken by the Central District Rescue Squad (Smithville) to Wooster 

Community Hospital. They evaluated him in the emergency room and then 

admitted him to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) on the 2nd floor. He is now stable 

and after seeing and hearing that we came on back to the house for tonight.



*7:34 AM 3/2/2017 EST. "Morning.""Morning.""I finished my CBL (Computer 

Based Learning)'s yesterday and I'll start today pushing carts with guidance for 

a while until I get the hang of it.""That's great.""To be free and to have a job has

been a long time coming. Have you applied yet?""No, I've been to Wooster 

several times in the last few days, but I've been busy with other matters like

the police report, finally deciding to forgive Lonnie and the other matters that

I told you we needed to kept secret for a while. Leach's Garage has finished 

repairing the Honda and the VW (Volkswagon) and I'll pick the VW up 

sometime today.""Yes I know most of what you've experienced in reading the 

stories of your life. I have not had the time yet to start writing the stories of my 

life, but I will with your help, please?""Certainly, Ryan Michael. I should be 

able to avoid some of the beginning mistakes.""Thanks, but gotta go, I don't

want to be late. Take care.""You too, see you."

I don't remember now how many years Ryan Michael served in prison because

that was told by me in one of the past stories of  my life, but I've often wondered 

if I've done something in my past to deserve the same price as he?


*National Banana Cream Pie Day

*National Old Stuff Day

*National Read Across America Day

Also known as Dr. Seuss Day

Observed the closest weekday to March 2nd


*I told you about the man in McDonald's who told me about the bear spray, but

I didn't tell you about the couple who knew someone who had gone to 

Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia. This is the institution of higher 

learning that graduated from in 1969. They were familiar with a lot of landmarks

in Bridgewater and Harrisonburg that I knew by heart. The said that they would 

tell their friend about this part of my life. We all said goodbye and I said to them

"have a wonderful life."


*I was abnormally wore out yesterday and the Last Edition of my story (380th)

of my life was of poor quality. President Trump gave himself an 'A' just recently

for he and his administration's accomplishments so far, but my story of 

yesterday deserves only a 'F.' But I'm up and moving now just like yesterday 

never happened.

Breaking News from

*12 Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

"Cancer is an insidious killer. Often, it sneaks up on people and gets a 

stranglehold on their health before they even realize that something is wrong. 

Yet survival often depends on how early cancer is caught — and that means 

knowing the signs a tumor is present.

“I think ‘persistent’ is a key word,” notes Dr. Therese Bevers, medical director 

of the Cancer Prevention Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. 

“If you have a symptom that persists, and you don’t know what the cause of it is 

for sure, you need to get it checked out.”


*8:44 AM 3/2/2017 EST. My first taste of food for this morning is my usual. An 

Orleans sardine sandwich with gluten-free Shar bread, two slices of roma 

tomatoes, a spit of mustard and Himalayan Pink Salt. "Perfect in Everyway."


This song is dedicated to all you arrogant people out there. If you are arrogant 

please don't contact me. I have a lot of different personalities but none that deal

with arrogance.

WEATHER -  5:58 AM 3/2/2017

Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today       SHOWERS_SNOW   35° 21°

Fri            SHOWERS_SNOW    27° 16°

Sat            MOSTLY_SUNNY     37° 23°

Sun           PARTLY_CLOUDY   53° 42°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

*7:28 AM 3/2/2017 EST. I'm backed in the house after going outdoors. The 

temperature is 30°, the humidity is 64% and a hint of snow upon the driveway

and ground. The wind is strong today blowing in from the west at about 15 mph

(miles per hour). The sun is really trying to poke its face from around the white-

dark cotton-like clouds, the same colors as my Father and Mother's when they 

finally passed to Heaven.

*9:36 AM 3/2/2017 EST. There is no heat outlet in my cell-like room in the 

basement and I would rather it be too cold than too hot. The temperature is 67°

and the humidity is 49%. Perfect.

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