Monday, March 13, 2017

392nd post - 13 Mar 17 - 1116 ESDT - FIRST EDITION


*Commonwealth Day - I was born in Virginia and the state is also known as the 

Commonwealth of Virginia.

Also known as Empire Day

Observed the second Monday of March

*Earmuff Day - I remember as a child wearing earmuffs. I don't see people 

wearing earmuffs in this day and time.

*K-9 Veterans Day - I believe that this day can be devoted to my dog Prince. 

He was my sentry dog in South Korea whose job was to alert me if there were

any attempts to encroach onto the nuclear site that he and I patrolled.

This Day in History, March 13

What Happened On This Day – March 13

*1943 German troops liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Krak√≥w. Thousands of men, 

women and children were murdered by the nazis or deported to extermination 

camps. The horrific event is portrayed in the film, Schindler's List.


I don't know what month this happened me being born in October of 1942, but I

do know that I'm ashamed of my heritage. I'm a full-blooded German and I'm 

outraged at what my long ago relatives did to God's chosen people. 

*8:05 AM 3/13/2017 EDST. Turkey will 'surely have sanctions' against the 

Netherlands: minister. Reuters - 12 minutes ago.


For the life of me I don't understand the continuing war of words between Turkey 

and the Netherlands (Dutch). Turkey has a war-like history and is now involved 

with the war in Syria because of its closeness to that country whereas the Dutch,

most recently, have been a neutral and peaceful country? I hope that this will be

resolved soon. 


*7:39 AM 3/13/2017 EDST. 

Trump budget expected to seek historic contraction of federal workforce.



*10:56 AM 3/13/2017 EDST. I went out to take the trash containers to the road. 

The old all weather gauge reads a temperature of 23°, the humidity is 57%, the

wind is blowing in from the west at about 10 mph (miles per hour), the sun is 

shining brightly but has little affect on the wind chill of today. 

Michael and Erin are planning to leave here from about 2:00 to 4:00 PM into a 

snowstorm heading east while they're heading west to Omaha. I will pray for 

their safety.

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