Thursday, March 16, 2017

395th post - 16 Mar 17 - 1046 EDST - FIRST EDITION


**Facebook is a social media web site that I've finally got use to using. At least as

a beginner anyway. You can never tell if someone is unhappy with you or not 

unless they tell you. As far as I know no one is upset at me yet, although I feel that

sometimes I'm being shunned, like the Amish do sometimes, and I don't know what

to make of that. Is it because I don't setup my Facebook page to chat when I don't 

have time for that?



*Absolutely Incredible Kid Day - **All kids are incredible as far as I'm 


*Companies That Care Day 

Observed the third Thursday of March

**I can remember from seeing something in writing that COSTCO was one of 

the best companies to work for, the 2nd largest retailer in the world after 

Walmart. The letters COSTCO don't stand for anything, but a rumor spread 

online says that it stands for "China Off Shore Trading Company."  

*Everything You Do is Right Day - **I sincerely hope I finally get a day like this.

On This Day in History, March 16

What Happened On This Day – March 16

*1988 A poison gas attack kills 5000 civilians in the Kurdish town of Halabjah

The war crime was in all likelihood executed on the orders of Iraqi despot 

Saddam Hussein.

**At some point in time after American and allied forces invaded Iraq, Saddam 

Hussein was found hiding in a hole, convicted of war crimes and hanged. 


**If you care to read I doing pretty good healthwise. I'm in third place as far as 

going to doctors and/or hospitals. Bill goes to doctors and hospitals the most, 

so he in 1st place. Carolyn is in 2nd place and Ryan is in 4th place. I was in 4th 

place for a while when Ryan had 2 seizures. But he has not needed medical 

care for a while and I've had bouts of chronic bronchitis and congestive heart 

failure in my right leg when my right foot was swollen. But that has disappeared 

after Dr. Kwok prescribed for me a water draining pill. I'm still drinking too 

much coffee and not enough of my orange, lime and lemon water that I have in

a large V-8 bottle. 


**I entertain myself. I do, however, watch those police investigating shows on 

television were in the end the murderer, rapist, etc, is caught and given the 

proper punishment. Why do people watch this kind of entertainment?

Is it because we are vengeful when God said "Vengeance is Mine? I believe we 

are all vengeful in some way meaning that we are not perfect and I believe the

Lord will forgive us for that.

*9:08 AM 3/16/2017 EDST. Geert Wilders, 'Dutch Donald Trump,' Takes Second 

Place In Closely Watched Election. NPR - ‎1 hour ago‎

Prime Minister Mark Rutte's center-right party is celebrating a resounding win 

over populist Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom, in a result that's being 

welcomed by centrists and progressives in France and Germany....

**Last evening I thought maybe Geert Wilders would pull off an upset, but the 

Dutch decided that his extreme views, anti-Muslim and anti-this and that, were 

not their views.


*6:13 AM 3/16/2017 EDST. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), State 

Department prepare for cuts under Trump's budget, report says. 

Fox News - ‎5 hours ago‎


**8:15 AM 3/16/2017 EDST. I've just read the outdoor old all weather gauge. The

temperature is 26°, the humidity is 71%, the wind from the west is almost silent

and the sun is shining enough to light the skies. The last 3 days of strong winds 

and cold have been almost unbearable. I've had to wear my long pants so you

know it's cold. Maybe today I can start wearing my shorts again?

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