Tuesday, April 11, 2017

11 April 17 - 1314 EDT


"Is war the only option to making peace?"

Forrest Caricofe


*12:26 PM 4/11/2017 EDT. Nuke Threat From NKorea Over US Ships. Newsmax.


**A US aircraft carrier along with guardian ships are headed for the North Korean 

peninsula. Social state media and dictator Kim Jong Un have warned of dire 

consequences if they are provoked. South Korea is on high alert. As long as China 

keeps out of this confrontation I believe Kim Jong Un will back down. He is 

highly paranoid and the only one he cares about in his country is himself.

*9:35 AM 4/11/2017 EDT. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tells Russia they must 

decide between Assad or the United States.

*Trump to China: Help US With North Korea for Good Trade Deal. Newsmax.

*Bedeviled WH Scrambles to Pull off Massive Easter Egg Event. Newsmax.

*Trump Gears Up for Push on Taxes, Infrastructrue. Newsmax.

**Today - SCATTERED_THUNDERSTORMS - 69° 41°. I'm looking out my small 

window right now and there is no sun. I was hoping to plant some grass seed today,

but I might have to wait until tomorrow when the weather will be PARTLY_CLOUDY

with temperatures of 60° 41° and hopefully no rain.

I need a day of break from jogging to allow my sore muscles to heal and this would

probably be a good day to do it. 

**12:45 PM 4/11/2017 EDT. The rain is on again off again for today so I'll just do like

I said above.

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