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15 April 17 - 0938 EDT


"Must war always be a part of our lives."

Forrest Caricofe


**I sent a picture postcard to someone in or near Lausanne, Switzerland. I will 

upload this picture postcard today.

*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


City in Switzerland

"Lausanne is a city on Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking region of Vaud, 

Switzerland. It’s home to the International Olympic Committee headquarters, as 

well as the Olympic Museum and lakeshore Olympic Park. Away from the lake, the 

hilly old has medieval, shop-lined streets and a 12th-century Gothic cathedral 

with an ornate facade. The 19th-century Palais de Rumine houses fine art and 

science museums.

Population: 129,902 (2012) UNdata."


"**4:45 PM 4/13/2017 EDT. Bill's cardioligist admitted him to the hospital after finding

out that Bill's heart was in defib and racing at about 170 beats per minute, so I had

to cancel Bill's appointment with Dr. Kwok."


**7:23 AM 4/14/2017 EDT. As far as I know Bill is still feeling the same with hot and

cold spells and an elevated heart beat. I believe he has an infection and hopefully

the hospital have started him on an antibiotic by now and gotten his heart rate down

below 100 beats per minute.

**12:19 PM 4/14/2017 EDT.  Wooster Community Hospital has transferred Bill to 

Aultman Hospital in Canton where they will perform more complicated tests to tell

what can be done to lower Bill's heart rate and to determine what needs to be done

for his out of rhythm heart.

**8:09 AM 4/15/2017 EDT. I spent most of yesterday with Bill in Aultman Hospital.

The kind and knowledgeable Indian doctor said that a test scheduled for Monday 

will determine if he has a blood clot. If he has no blood clot they will zap his heart

to get it back in rhythm. If Bill has a clot he must wait a month until the clot is 

removed by medication then they can go ahead with the procedured to get his heart

into rhythm.


*7:54 AM 4/14/2017 EDT. Officials say US's 'mother of all bombs' killed at 

least 36 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan. Business Insider - 18 minutes ago.

*US drops "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan, marking weapon's first use.

CBS News.

*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast.

**I believe now that the US has the capability to strike and kill terrorists without

killing innocent civilians. I know that innocent civilians were killed recently in what

the US called an accident, but I believe that Trump and his military advisers will be

able to specifically target terrorists on the ground unless they are hiding behind 

children and/or women's skirts.

*8:26 AM 4/14/2017 EDT. Michael Moore: Defunding Planned Parenthood 'Vicious.'

**I don't know what you believe, but I believe I would take God's side. And you 

know what side God is on.

*8:39 AM 4/14/2017 EDT. A new solar-powered device can pull water straight 

from the desert air. Science Magazine - ‎18 hours ago.

It is a sponge-like device and I hope what they say is true. From being in Las

Vegas for a while I know that its' water source, Lake Mead, will eventually run dry

and water is very important to maintain this gambling capitol of the world.

*9:05 AM 4/14/2017 EDT. Golden Gate Bridge suicide barriers going up after 1500 

deaths. CBS News - 28 minutes ago.

**Why must they wait so long to put up barriers? Is money more important than 

human life?

*9:09 AM 4/14/2017 EDT. North Korea nuclear: China fears 'conflict at any moment.'

BBC News - ‎11 minutes ago. 

**Because China is North Korea's lone supporter to some extent they need to get 

involved in this possible dangerous confrontation.

*8:26 AM 4/15/2017 EDT. North Korea shows off new missiles in huge military 

parade but doesn't test nuclear weapon. Washington Post - ‎28 minutes ago‎.

**Has the US won the stand off? Will the US keep their aircraft carrier in the area of 

the Korean peninsula? What will happen when North Korea tests another nuclear 

weapon? A lot of questions so far left unanswered.

*8:37 AM 4/15/2017 EDT. Stroke rates appear to be rising steadily in young adults.

Washington Post - 32 minutes ago.

**The age range of young adults is 20 to 39 (or 40). I believe that these young 

people don't go to a doctor every year for an annual checkup and whose diets 

consist of a lot of fast foods. I don't remember having an annual checkup until I was

in my late 50s, but my diet has never contained more than the occasional fast food.

My advice to you is have a primary care doctor who will take blood tests and look

at your overall health each year. You also should also be getting an eye exam at 

least every two years.

*8:57 AM 4/15/2017 EDT. Activists plan 'Tax March' to Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort.

Politico - ‎13 hours ago.

**These activists are "beating on a dead horse" so to speak. Why waste time with 

something that I think is so unimportant. March in favor of Trumps's actions in 

Afghanistan, Syria and North Korea. Looks like to me that people have nothing else

to do but march against and not march for a cause.

*9:02 AM 4/15/2017 EDT. Retired Marine who lost his legs in Afghanistan: Obama 

should have used the 'Mother of all Bombs.'

**Former President Obama refused to cross a certain line in any world conflict.

President Trump has crossed every line. How many soldier's lives or injuries could 

have been prevented if Obama had crossed these lines?

**9:21 AM 4/15/2017 EDT. Iraq: ISIS launches chlorine gas attacks in western 

Mosul. Fox News - 29 minutes ago.

**I'm expecting a military reaction from the US in the form of "Mother of all 

Bombs", missile launches or a barrage of American and Iraqi fighter aircraft.

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