Monday, April 17, 2017

17 April 17 - 0952 EDT


"Ain't nothing like watching the wild and free animals on the African savanna."

Forrest Caricofe


**I finished mowing the yard yesterday morning and then planted some grass in a 

few brown-bare places in the yard. I also gathered some early spring flowers to take 

to Bill at the hospital. I'll hopefully get a chance to plant some more grass seed today.

**We did go to Aultman Hospital in Canton to see Bill and have a Easter Sunday 

dinner with him. His heart is still out of defib but the heart doctor will still stop and

start his heart on Tuesday. 


**I mailed a picture postcard to someone from the eastern Europe country of 


*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Country in Europe

"Lithuania is a country and the southernmost of Europe’s Baltic states, a former 

Soviet bloc nation bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarus. Its capital, Vilnius, near 

the Belarus border, is known for its medieval Old Town. It also has Gothic, 

Renaissance and baroque architecture, and 18th-century cathedral built on a 

pagan temple site. Hilltop Gediminas' Tower, a symbol of the city and the nation, 

offers sweeping views.

Capital: Vilnius

Capital and largest city: Vilnius; 54°41′N 25°19′E / 54.683°N 25.317°E

Population: 2.956 million (2013) World Bank

Currency: Euro

Official language: Lithuanian


*7:14 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. Pence tells North Korea not to test American resolve, 

offering Syria and Afghanistan strikes as examples. Washington Post - ‎2 hours ago‎.

**This is a clear example of President Trump allowing his choice of cabinet 

members to make decisions on their own.

*7:51 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. Vice President Pence Visits DMZ Amid Tensions With North 

Korea. NPR - 9 minutes ago.

**I served in the US military in South Korea in 1965-1966 but south of the DMZ.

The DMZ was heavily fortified then and I'm sure it is more fortified now. It is 

essentially a barrier between freedom in the south to no freedom in the north.

*7:21 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. White House bounces into spring with 139th annual 

Easter Egg Roll. CNN - ‎38 minutes ago‎.

**Melania Trump will host the 139th Easter Egg Roll today with almost 18,000 eggs 

and more than 21,000 adults and children. Wow! I didn't know that this was such a

large event. It would be fun to watch to see how they control so many eggs, adults

and children. 

*Man accused of assaulting woman at Trump rally says president to blame.

Fox News - ‎2 hours ago‎.

**He has filed a lawsuit as a result of him removing a protester from a Trump rally

and being charged with assault. This is the kind of person who would file a lawsuit

if a McDonald's coffee was too hot.

*8:28 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. Prince Harry talks mental health struggle, 'total chaos' 

after Princess Diana's death. Fox News - ‎43 minutes ago‎.

**The Royal family members are taught from birth to not talk about personnel 

issues, but I believe that Prince Harry's confession to the world will help him to 

heal to some extent over his Mother's tragic death. Everyone loved Princess Diana

except some of the Royal family members, of course.

*8:39 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. Syria: 126 killed as bomb hits buses with evacuees, group 

says. CNN - ‎21 hours ago‎.

**How can anyone target those who attempt to be free? I do not believe that there 

is much difference between ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and the Nazis of 

years ago.

*8:50 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. Zoo owner: April the giraffe's baby is 'very independent.'

Washington Post - ‎11 minutes ago‎.

**This news item has been in the news for some time prior to April's baby's birth.

Zoos are important I believe to preserve some species and for the public's education,

but I prefer to see on TV the wild and free animals of the African savanna.

*9:11 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. 'Extraordinary, good man': A Utah judge's description of a 

former Mormon bishop convicted of rape. Washington Post - 32 minutes ago.

**I know of several Mormons including Mitt Romney. Would they approve of what 

this judge has said? I don't think so.

*9:17 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. Texas warns about biggest mumps outbreak in 22 years. - ‎18 hours ago‎.

**The state of Texas has 221 cases of mumps so far this year which is the largest

jump in 22 years. I think all of us kids had the mumps and my Father had the mumps

when he was an adult and because he was an adult with mumps he suffered a lot 

more than us kids.

*9:24 AM 4/17/2017 EDT. How 1 hour of running could add 7 hours to your life 

expectancy. Netdoctor - ‎4 hours ago‎.

**I told you I have been trying to jog/run after over 20 years of not jogging/

running. I have not jogged/ran for 4 days including today. If I can increase my 

jogging/running to 1 hour a day, I could increase my life expectancy by 7 days in

one year if I figure this correctly. If I live until I'm 80 (age 74 now) and jog/run 

each day for 1 hour, I won't die at age 80, but 42 days later.

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