Tuesday, April 18, 2017

18 April 17 - 0953 EDT


"Why should murderers be free to live their lives in prison? A life for a life?"

Forrest Caricofe


**4:59 PM 4/17/2017 EDT. I've just finished working in the yard for today. I went 

down to Ace Hardware and bought 4 bags of Ace Potting Soil, $2.99 each for a total

of about $11.50 with my veteran's discount. 

I first made sure that most of the wire weed roots were dug from the ground then

seeded those brown-bare spaces in the yard with Kentucky Blue Grass. I then 

covered those areas with the potting soil, ran over the places with the mower to mash

the seeds into the ground and then watered the areas with the water hose. 

There was a car wreck in front of the house about a month ago and I found shards 

of glass and plastic. I'm barefooted when I work in the yard and flower beds and 

I'm willing to take the risk of stepping on something that will penetrate my feet.

**Today I have another drive for Carolyn to her cancer doctor in Sharon Center.

I looked up the directions and it said that you could send the directions to your 

phone. What they won't think of next. I send the directions to her phone because

she will be the navigator and I'll, of course, will be driving.

After her appointment I'll drive south to Canton to visit Bill at Aultman Hospital.

His heart doctor is performing the test of stopping and starting his heart today 

and we'll probably miss it because Bill was insistent that she make her appointment.


I mailed a picture postcard to someone in or near Dusseldorf, Germany.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


City in Germany

"Düsseldorf is a city in western Germany known for its fashion industry and art 

scene. It's divided by the Rhine River, with its Altstadt (Old Town) on the east 

bank and modern commercial areas to the west. In the Altstadt, St. Lambertus 

Church and Schlossturm (Castle Tower) both date to the 13th century. Streets 

such as Königsallee and Schadowstrasse are lined with boutique shops.

Population: 593,682 (2013) UNdata."


*7:50 AM 4/18/2017 EDT. North Korean official vows frequent missile tests as 

tensions escalate. Fox News - ‎4 hours ago.

**I believe that that fat little dictator in North Korea will get, in the end, what's 

coming to him.‎ He, like his brother he murdered, have mental problems that cause

an escape from reality. And the reality he should be facing is the military might of 

the world.

*8:28 AM 4/18/2017 EDT. Pence: US won't rest until N. Korea gives up nuclear 

weapons. Washington Post - ‎46 minutes ago‎.

**I believe that Vice President Pence is echoing the thoughts of the world and I

hope that more countries will turn their thoughts into action.

*8:01 AM 4/18/2017 EDT. The Latest: EU says death penalty would dash EU hopes.

Washington Post - ‎45 minutes ago‎.

**This headline involves the country of Turkey. The country voted several days ago

to broaden the powers of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and I'm 

assuming at this point that the president wants to impose the death penalty.

In the US the death penalty has been abolished in most states in New England, the 

upper Midwest plus New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii. Here in Ohio there has been less

than 5 executions in the last eight years. There is a continuing trend to abolish the 

death penalty in the US.

*8:34 AM 4/18/2017 EDT. Court Decisions Force Arkansas to Halt Execution.

New York Times - ‎5 hours ago.

**As I typed ‎in the paragraph above, the only state in the southern US, excluding

Alaska and Hawaii, to abolish executions is New Mexico. Is Arkansas next?

*8:42 AM 4/18/2017 EDT. Kenya's Kirui, Kiplagat sweep Boston Marathon.

ESPN - ‎16 hours ago. 

**I watched 60 Minutes on TV last evening. The very first woman to registrar and

run in a marathon years ago was being interviewed. She said that while she was 

running an official attempted to roughly remove her from the race because she was 

a woman, but her burly companion who was running by her side, interceded, so that 

she could finish the marathon. 

She has given inspiration to other women runners and she said that her simple 

goal was to place one foot in front of the other.

*8:55 AM 4/18/2017 EDT. None of the pills found at entertainer Prince's estate in 

Minnesota had been prescribed to him, court records show.

Los Angeles Times - ‎12 hours ago‎.

**If Prince, Michael Jackson and other entertainers would have been in their prime

over 50 years ago they would probably still be alive today. Few people died from 

prescription medications during that time. Today about 128,000 people die of 

prescription medications each year and it is the 4th leading cause of death in the US.

*9:11 AM 4/18/2017 EDT. Mega asteroid to buzz Earth on Wednesday.

Fox News - ‎2 hours ago.

**This asteroid will pass earth five times the distance to the moon at 1.1 million 

miles. NASA says the asteroid could be visible for one or two nights starting 

tomorrow with small telescopes or binoculars or watch it live on:


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