Wednesday, April 19, 2017

19 April 17 - 0803 EDT


"Evilness should be vindicated here on earth and not in Heaven or hell."

Forrest Caricofe


**Yesterday we visited Bill at the hospital in Canton after Carolyn's appointment 

with her cancer doctor in Sharon Center. Bill is scheduled to be released this coming


**I have no obligations today and should be able to spend most of the day seeding

the brown-bare places in the yard. The weather today calls for isolated 

thunderstorms with a high of 71° and a low of 58°, so I'll just take a break and maybe 

type on this computer when there is a downpour.

**I watched a program on TV last evening were criminals were charged and 

convicted for rape, incest, child abuse, murder and other evil crimes against 

humanity. For those who commit these atrocities I believe the government should 

build a fortified enclosure of about 1000 acres, maybe somewhere in an isolated area

of Montana, with 20 foot high electrified fences, patrolled on the outside by roving 

patrols with land mines between the patrol road and 200 feet further toward the 

exterior of the enclosure. Allow the incarcerated only water and let them fight over

the available food that is native to the region.


*6:50 AM 4/19/2017 EDT. USS Carl Vinson Carrier was not on way to North Korea, 

reports say. Fox News, by Edmund DeMarche - ‎6 hours ago‎.

"The carrier and three warships were “sailing in the opposite direction,” and instead 

headed toward the Indian Ocean to take part in a joint exercise with the Australian 


**A little fake news to frighten the paranoid little fat dictator of North Korea, Kim 

Jong Un?

*7:06 AM 4/19/2017 EDT. Activist who vanished after pleading for help on Facebook 

has been found alive in Mexico. By Samantha Schmidt April 19 at 2:28 AM. 

**Hugo Castro, a U.S. citizen and migrant rights activist who said he was being 

followed by a Mexican criminal organization and had no pesos or dollars to pay for a

taxi or bus back to the US was finally rescued after a search by US and Mexican 

authorities. Castro has been a longtime volunteer with Border Angels, an immigrant 

rights advocacy group. A good ending for a change.

*7:10 AM 4/19/2017 EDT.  Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in 

prison, official says.

"The former New England Patriot tight end, who is serving a life sentence without 

the possibility of parole for murder, was found hanging from a bedsheet in his cell 

in the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Mass., this morning, state 

officials said. By Cindy Boren. 17 minutes ago - The Washington Post - "Democracy 

Dies in Darkness."

**Hernandez was a potential football hall of fame candidate who lost it all thinking that 

he could get away murder because of his celebrity status. In the end he took the easy way 

out and has entered the football hall of shame.

*7:30 AM 4/19/2017 EDT. Long rated by test scores, schools may soon be judged on 

student abenteeism too. Washington Post - 24 minutes ago.

**In all or some states schools are funded by the state based on student attendance. 

This is probably the real reason that students may soon be graded on abenteeism.

It all comes down to money and not thinking of the student.

*7:47 AM 4/19/2017 EDT. How Trump's 'Hire American' Order May Affect Tech 

Worker Visas. New York Times - ‎9 hours ago.‎ Publish Date April 18, 2017.  

President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday that directs federal agencies 

to review employment immigration laws to promote “Hire American” ... 

**This executive order signed by President Trump means, I believe, that available

federal job openings should be offered to American citizens first and not to 

immigrants that are not yet citizens.

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