Sunday, April 2, 2017

2 April 17 - 0826 EDT


""It's a long journey on (1) "The Road to Omaha.""

(1) A novel by Robert Ludlum published in 1992.


**I remember driving or traveling by Greyhound the long miles from here in Ohio

to Omaha, Nebraska to visit my son, Michael. As many as 20 times I've made this 

journey of about 900 miles. It was about the year 2005 more or less that Mother 

and I made this trip from Virginia to Omaha. Maybe it was two times. Once in my 

white Ford truck and maybe once driving Mother's Honda Accord. The distance was

was about 1200 miles and I needed to drive 600 miles per day in order to pay for

only one night's stay in a motel. Mother, in her quite way, always encouraged me to

pay the advertised price for a motel room. I remember at one stop somewhere in 

Illinois we stopped and I went into the office. It was winter time and there were a

lot of vacancies. I told the desk clerk that my Mother was elderly, we were very 

tired and we needed a better price than the one that was advertised. The clerk 

complied and reduced our price for the room by about $15. I never told Mother,

but I believe she knew because in this way I was just like my Father. 


I received the following email message

Good news, Forrest!

Your postcard US-4520166 to __________ in France has arrived! It reached its 

destination in 30 days after traveling 4,253 miles!

__________wrote you a message:

“Hello! thank you for your card and coins!

Happy postcrossing,


I will upload the picture postcard to Facebook today.

The sender lives northwest of Grenoble, France.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


City in France

"Grenoble, a city in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France, sits 

at the foot of mountains between the Drac and Isère rivers. It's known as a base 

for winter sports, and for its museums, universities and research centers. Spherical 

cable cars called “Les Bulles” (Bubbles) connect the town to the summit of La 

Bastille hill, named for the 18th-century fortress on its slopes.

Population: 155,637 (2010) UNdata."


**7:14 AM 4/2/2017 EDT. I failed to jog again yesterday. It was cold and I was lazy.

Today I will jog. The temperature will be 60° and I should have no excuse for not 


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