Thursday, April 20, 2017

20 April 17 - 1107 EDT


*This a picture postcard I sent to someone in or near Nagoya and west of Toyota, 


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City in Japan

"Nagoya, capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, is a manufacturing and shipping hub 

in central Honshu. The city’s Naka ward is home to museums and pachinko 

(gambling machine) parlors. Naka also includes the Sakae entertainment district, 

with attractions like the Sky-Boat Ferris wheel, which is attached to a mall. In 

northern Naka is Nagoya Castle, a partly reconstructed 1612 royal home displaying 

Edo-era artifacts.

Weather: 54°F (12°C), Wind NW at 11 mph (18 km/h), 69% Humidity.

Local time: Wednesday 9:26 PM...." (8:29 AM 4/19/2017 EDT in this time zone).

"Population: 2.264 million (2010) UNdata."

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