Thursday, April 20, 2017

20 April 17 - 1132 EDT


"Why must the poor of the world also suffer from natural disasters?"

Forrest Caricofe


**9:03 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. I just got back from taking the black 2000 VW to Leach's

Garage to have the gearshift housing greased and lube. It costs a little over $41.

If I would have taken it to the dealer it would have cost over a $100.

**I worked in the yard yesterday seeding the bare brown spots in the yard in 

between picking Bill up from Aultman Hospital in Canton and going to Rite Aid for 

prescriptions for Bill and myself. I'll drive Bill today to his appointment with his 

pulmonary doctor at the Wooster Community Hospital at 1:30. 

It rained a lot last night and the ground is very wet. The weather forecast for today 

is partly cloudy with high and low temperatures of 79° and 50° so I'll just work on 

my story of today and work in the yard after we return from Bill's appointment.

**11:25 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. I just learned that Bill has cancelled his appointment.

He has been in a hospital bed for seven days without walking and is too weak for

now. He will need to exercise some in the house to build up his strength.

After posting this story I should have the rest of the day to work in the yard.


*9:16 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. Drought-hit Somalia moving closer to famine, says aid 

group. Fox News - 25 minutes ago.

**I don't know if this drought is a result of not using dry farming methods or not. 

I do know that the the US Dust Bowl of the 1930s that lasted almost a decade and 

affected mostly the southern Plains was in part a result of the "failure to apply dryland 

farming methods to prevent wind erosion (the Aeolian processes) caused the 

phenomenon ..." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

*9:31 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. Some Republicans Think They May Have A Health Care 

Deal. Huffington Post - ‎10 hours ago.‎

**Moderate and conservative Republicans are now compromising and/or adding or 

subtracting in attempting to arrive at place were there is enough votes to pass the 

new American Health Care Act. 

*10:04 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. Tom Brady Skips Patriots' White House Visit Along With 

Numerous Teammates. New York Times - ‎1 hour ago‎.

**Tom Brady's reason for not showing was family matters. I can accept that. He and 

Coach Bill Belichick, who was there, have been long time friends of Donald Trump. 

Other cited reasons were of an anti-Trump nature and this I cannot accept. "All for 

one and one for all." A team is not a team if divided for any reason.

*10:16 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. Ann Coulter vows to speak at Berkeley after event called 

off. Fox News - ‎1 hour ago‎.  

**Ann Coulter is a ultra conservative speaker who I thought was retiring, but that

might have been fake news or a rumor. The University of California at Berkeley is

ultra liberal. There will surely be a larger crowd of protesting liberals and the 

university will need a larger security force if Coulter attends the cancelled event.

Maybe she has plans to speak at a different location in the University of California at 

Berkeley vicinity? We'll see what happens.

*10:36 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. Georgia firefighter catches baby dropped from burning 

building. Fox News - 14 minutes ago.

**A good story for a change. Maybe the New England Patriots ought to hire him as

tight end to replace the one who they lost to prison and suicide.

*10:44 AM 4/20/2017 EDT. North Korea tension: Volleyball spotted in nuclear test 

site. BBC News - ‎1 hour ago‎.

**Reports say that this activity is either a break for workers in the area or a possible

deception by North Korea before conducting their 6th nuclear test once the order is 

received from Pyongyang. What will the US reaction be if North Korea conducts 

another nuclear test? The nearest US aircraft carrier, I believe, is conducting joint

naval training exercises with Australia, but the US has military aircraft in South 

Korea and if action is taken by the US they will encounter North Korean military

aircraft in the skies and anti-aircraft fire from the ground. If this would happen I do

not believe that any other nation would join the fight. It would simply be a short war

between South Korea and the US against North Korea.

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