Friday, April 21, 2017

21 April 17 - 0948 EDT


"A death of a princess is a tragedy to the world."

Forrest Caricofe


**Today will be partly cloudy with high and low temperatures of 60° and 39°. Bill

cancelled his appointments yesterday and today because of his still weakened 

condition so I should be able at least to complete the grass seeding of the yard on 

the eastern and front sides of the house.

I also may have to mow the yard while not mowing over the newest grass seeded 

areas in the yard.

**I'll pickup a case of canned dog food ($26 a case) for Dolly Jo who is the mistress 

of the house. Her veterinarian is located at the corner of US Route 30 and Kidron Road 

only a 15 minute drive from the house.

**I have taken a lot of videos recently with my Go Pro webcam from the dashboard 

on the Honda while driving. I hope to upload some of these videos to YouTube in

the next week or so.


*6:27 AM 4/21/2017 EDT. The Latest: Le Pen calls for restoration of France's borders

Washington Post - ‎1 hour ago‎.

**The killing of one police officer and the injuries to 2 others took place on Champs 

Elysees, Paris’s most famous avenue. Far-right  (ultra conservative) presidential

candidate Marine Le Pen has called for closing of French borders. Will this lead 

eventually to further border closings of countries around the world? I looks like steps 

back from freedom to me just because of a terror group named ISIS (Islamic State of

Iraq and Syria).

*7:12 AM 4/21/2017 EDT. US Eyes Russian Meddling In French Presidential Campaign - ‎28 minutes ago‎.

**Looks like Putin is at it again. After attempting to sway the US presidential election,

(and I believe they did), he and his country are attempting to influence any country's 

elections for a candidate who they think may best serve their country's needs.

*7:21 AM 4/21/2017 EDT. Honda building $124 million wind tunnel facility in 

Marysville. - ‎18 hours ago.

**The facility will be located near Marysville, Ohio at the East Liberty Transportation 

Research Center. The tunnel will produce wind speeds of 192 mph and will be 

available to both production and race cars. Groundbreaking for the new facility is 

scheduled for the summer of 2017. This article did not mention the addition of 

possible jobs or any any influence from President Trump, but I'm assuming this is 

the case in both instances.

*7:37 AM 4/21/2017 EDT. Berkeley reverses decision to cancel speech by 

conservative pundit Ann Coulter. Washington Post - ‎13 hours ago‎.

**I mentioned University of California at Berkeley's decision to nix Ann Coulter's

speaking appearance yesterday. I'm quite surprised at this turn around because this 

university is one of the most liberal institutions in the nation. The protesters will

now have a better plan of protesting because of knowing exactly where she's at.

Might be fun to watch as long as no one is killed or badly injured.

*7:56 AM 4/21/2017 EDT. Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses, Calling It an Extremist 

Group. New York Times - ‎16 hours ago.

**I have had ‎Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on my door in several states. Well, they 

didn't knock on my car door when I was sleeping in my car in Las Vegas, but I 

always took the literature, but made no promises to attend their church. I watched 

a program on TV recently that portrayed the man as the ruler over the woman much

like the lives of some extremist Islamic groups. I agree with Russia in that the

‎Jehovah's Witnesses is a cult. I believe in equal rights for women and men, but the 

US has more freedoms than Russia and allows all kinds of cults, hate groups, militias

anti-government and other similar non-conforming organizations. I'm glad I live 

in the "home of the free.

**8:38 AM 4/21/2017 EDT. I'm glad Bill O'Reilly is gone from Fox News and Roger 

Ailes before him. They are in a group along with Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and others 

who are sexual predators. I know that God does not approve of their actions against 

women. I know that I don't.

*8:46 AM 4/21/2017 EDT.  In her 91 years, Queen Elizabeth II, the record-breaking 

monarch has pretty much seen it all - she has undertaken more than 260 official 

overseas visits and has lived through 20 British Prime Ministers and 15 US presidents.

Business Insider - ‎3 hours ago‎. 

**I've always liked the ways of Queen Elizabeth II except for the way she treated

Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana died on August 31, 1997. Was there more to this than

we know?

*9:07 AM 4/21/2017 EDT. Hawaiians to Jeff Sessions: 'We're not just some island.'

Washington Post - ‎2 hours ago‎.

**Attorney General Jeff Sessions when critizing a judge in Hawaii referred to Hawaii

as just an island and not Hawaii that has been the 50th state since 1959. I take the

group of islands called Hawaii's side in this matter.

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