Tuesday, April 25, 2017

25 April 17 - 1055 EDT


"Realize your dream before you die. Do not be afraid to think of the impossible."

Forrest Caricofe


**Today will be partly cloudy with a high temperature of 71° and the forecast is for rain on

Thursday and Friday. I do not have to drive anyone anywhere for the next 2 days as far as 

I know and hope to seed the bare brown places and mow the lawn before the rains begin.

I purchased a large bag of commercial grass seed at Walmart yesterday along with some 

annual spring flowers that I've already planted. I'm partial to ferns and don't know if the 

ferns I planted last summer and fall have survived or not. I see no green on the leaves of

the ferns so I purchased a bag of 4 fern roots at Walmart for $5.

**I've finally figured out after 11 months of learning to maybe upload a video of my own

making everyday or so. I know you're getting tired of my videos that show you the 

scenery while I'm driving the Honda, but I have other plans like the video of me slowly

dancing the other day. After searching far and wide I've finally found someone to help me

in a video like Sonny and Cher. This search has lasted over 2 years and finally, finally I've

found a young woman, when she has time, to sing, dance and converse in a video with me. 

I hope to post the first video of us performing in the next week or so and you'll get to meet 

her then.


*5:45 AM 4/25/2017 EDT. World stocks rise on French vote relief, Trump tax plan talk.

Reuters - 32 minutes ago.

**I have a small investment account which is actually doing very well that I attribute to

Trump's handling of the economy. His tweet that I along with all Americans will get a "Big"

tax cut is another thing that I believe has bolstered the economy.

*5:46 AM 4/25/2017 EDT. North Korea stages large-scale artillery drill as US submarine 

docks in South Korea. Reuters - 39 minutes ago.

**The USS Michigan has arrived at a South Korean port as a "U.S. aircraft carrier 

strike group steamed toward Korean waters. At the same time top envoys for North Korea 

policy from South Korea, Japan and the United States met in Tokyo."

I typed the other day that a small war might include North Korea against South Korea and

United States, other world countries not wanting to step up so to speak, but not realizing 

at the time that it is also important to Japan who have a stake in the region and are also 

concerned by North Korea's nuclear capabilities.

*5:59 AM 4/25/2017 EDT. In New Trade Front, Trump Slaps Tariff on Canadian Lumber

New York Times - ‎6 hours ago.‎

**"Loggers worked in Youbou, British Columbia, in January. The United States and Canada 

have been at odds over softwood lumber since the 19th century." 

When I lived in Las Vegas in my Honda in the parking lot at Walmart from January to May

of 2016, I noticed that there are no trees except palm trees which are worthless as lumber.

I was told by the natives or persons that had been there for sometime that the lumber for

building came from either Canada or the United States. Softwood lumber (pine and others) 

are plentiful in the United States and I don't believe we need to rely on Canada for our 


*9:45 AM 4/25/2017 EDT. Amber Alert for 1-year-old allegedly kidnapped by 'dangerous' 

father. Fox News - 9 minutes ago.

**"Police in California have issued an Amber Alert for a 1-year-old girl who allegedly was 

kidnapped by her father. The girl’s father, Daniel Segura, is considered armed and 

dangerous, according to the San Bernardino County sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office did not say how the girl, Lexi Segura, was taken but said she was 

abducted in Ranch Segura Cucamonga, which is about 40 miles east of Los Angeles.

Segura is 5-foot-5 inches tall, has brown hair and brown eyes and weighs about 170 

pounds. He has several tattoos on his arms and neck, the sheriff’s office said.

His daughter has brown hair, brown eyes, is 3 feet tall and weighs about 35 pounds. She 

was last seen wearing a baby blue shirt with gold writing, blue jeans and pink shoes.

Segura was last seen driving a 2012 red Mitsubishi Galant that later turned up abandoned." 

And in a good ending to an Amber Alert:



I can remember a recent Amber Alert near here in Brunswick, Ohio were the father had 

kidnapped his daughter away from her mother and his wife, but murdered her before he 

left the house and the child was eventually rescued from her father in Indiana. Sadly, the 

daughter will not have a real parent for the rest of her life.

*10:31 AM 4/25/2017 EDT. NASCAR community reacts to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s retirement 

announcement. - 19 minutes ago.

**I don't know the real reason for his retirement. Does he want to spend more time with 

his family, go out as one of best NASCAR drivers or other reasons? I remember when 

Mother and I were on our way to Lake Wales, Florida where my Uncle E. C. Showalter and 

Aunt Ruth, my Mother's sister, lived in a gated community. We learned just after passing 

near the Daytona 500 area that Dale's Father, Dale Senior, had been killed in a wreck at the 


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