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"May God grant the last wish of a dying child."

Forrest Caricofe

**Yesterday I had just finished mowing the lawn when it started to rain, not much of a

rain that I had hoped for but I'm thankful for all the rain that we can get. 

**As you can see from below it is forecasted for the next 4 days, including today, to rain 

everyday except for today. I need about 3 hours yet to finish seeding the brown bare 

places in the yard. I'm driving to Arlington Boulevard in Akron to run an errand today and 

Bill will ride along if he feels up to it. We should be back by 2:00 PM and I should have 

plenty of time to finish the grass seeding.


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today   MOSTLY_CLOUDY                             69° 56°

Sat       THUNDERSTORM                                63° 52°



The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

**It takes a long time, at least for me, to upload a video to YouTube. I import videos from

my mini Go Pro camera and Go Pro in turn uploads the video to YouTube. I was hoping to 

have a video for you to view at least every other day, but it's taking longer than I 

expected. You and I will just have to be patient.


*6:25 AM 4/28/2017 EDT. Healing garden to open at children's hospital in DC

Fox News - 31 minutes ago.

**Because of a child's dying wish to go outside, the support of all of the living first ladies

and "a $5 million donation from the estate of Bunny Mellon, the late Washington

philanthropist," child patients can go outside to once was a graveled rooftop. Both of my 

sons were in the Akron Children's Hospital in Akron, Ohio. I hope that this hospital and 

others will follow the example of the hospital in Washington and allow for some fresh air

for sick children.

*6:43 AM 4/28/2017 EDT. Trump on presidency: 'I thought it would be easier.'

New York Daily News - ‎3 hours ago‎.

**The world is a lot bigger than your businesses, President Trump. And the larger anything

gets the more difficult it is to control. I believe your doing pretty good so far, you'll just 

have to have a little more patience.

*7:25 AM 4/28/2017 EDT. US talk about Koreas draws China silence, dispute from Seoul.

Washington Post - ‎19 minutes ago.‎

**The headline does not mention Japan who were a part of meetings before along with 

China, South Korea and the U.S. It seems like President Trump and his adminstration must

go it alone in talking about military intervention into North Korea. Both Japan and South

Korea are stone's throw away from North Korea and could easily be hit by a North Korean

missile. China is pretty much North Korea's only friend in the world and North Korea would

not attack them, so their silence is understandable, but South Korea's dispute over any 

military action is not considering the fact that they are North Korea's most hated enemy.

*7:40 AM 4/28/2017 EDT. Ann Coulter a no-show at raucous but peaceful Berkeley rally.

Washington Post - ‎4 hours ago‎.

**The University of California at Berkeley is supposedly the home of free speech. She was 

invited by student Republicans to speak on illegal immigration. I believe that this firebrand

conservative speaker, Ann Coulter, did not appear for fear of violent protests between 

students, maybe resulting in injuries or more, who are much like Coulter and those who 

tend to be anti-Trump. "In February, violent protesters forced the cancellation of a speech 

by right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos, who like Coulter was invited by campus 

Republicans." This says a lot about "the home of free speech."

*7:57 AM 4/28/2017 EDT. Trump wants South Korea to pay for $1 billion missile system.

New York Daily News - 24 minutes ago.

**When I was in South Korea in the military the average annual income was about $165

(1965-1966). Today the South Korean's average income in US dollars is $25,891 in 

comparison to $32,400 in the United States. They are what I considered to be a wealthy

country and can afford the $1 billion asked for by President Trump. 

He has also asked Mexico to help pay for the border wall. Mexico's average income is 

$10,116 and I consider them to be a poor country and would have a lot of difficulty in 

paying unless you consider the wealthy drug cartels and you know that ain't going to 

happen because they don't want a wall interfering with their drugs moving to the U.S.

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaking for President Trump has asked for

more contributions from member nations knowing that the U.S. is paying more than their

fare share. The wealthier nations need to increase their contributions in order to level the

playing field so to speak.

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