Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4 April 17 - 0757 EDT


"The only equation for meeting friendly people is that you be friendly first."

Forrest Caricofe


**It's been some time ago but I remember going to the BP (British Petroleum) 

station in Smithville just about 10 minutes distance from here to get gas for the

Honda and the lawn mower. After I had gotten the gas I pulled the Honda to a 

parking place, took my mug and went inside to get a vanilla cappuccino. 

The young lady who took my money had a name tag that I always like because I

don't have to ask what their name is. I called her by her name which is what I always 

do. What she said next is something I have never heard before. She thanked me 

for calling her by her name. She said that it made her feel like a human being and 

that very few customers call her by her name. 

That sadden me because what's is the name tag for? I can't think of any other reason 

than for customers to call the employees of the BP by name. 

Walmart employees all have name tags.

Subway employees all have name tags except they have moved them to their left side

of their caps.

The grocery store's employees that I go to all have name tags.

The name tags are all on their chest and close to being over their heart. 

I've always greeted company employees by their name and their name tag.

Even if you don't think you can pronounce their name go ahead and I try it. If your 

wrong they will correct you with a smile. 

It does not require a lot of effort on your part or mine and and I believe that most 

people like hearing the sound of their name. I know I do.


**6:18 AM 4/4/2017 EDT. My choice to win the National College Basketball 

Championship did win last evening.  North Carolina beat Gonzaga 71-65. The 

coach said the team's winning season was based on their motto - "tough enough." 

**Tom Brady Jersey Stolen After Super Bowl Returned to Patriots QB.


**I have a lot of pills to take in the morning because that's when I take my 

supplements, mostly for a more healthy prostrate. I either drink V-8 healthy greens

or V-8 vegetable juice to chase down the pills.

**11:23 AM 4/3/2017 EDT. I'll be driving to Walmart today with Ryan and Carolyn.

While they are shopping I'll jog hoping to meet yesterday's goal of 2000 paces.

**6:00 AM 4/4/2017 EDT. I jog only 300 paces yesterday. I'll do better today.

**Legumes Lower Diabetes Risk.

Legumes are mostly beans. I eat a lot of beans like I told you yesterday. Their 

reputation is based on their protein and fiber content.


**I have not talked about politics because it seems to be the same old thing. 

Republicans against Democrats and vice versa. 

Congress's job approval rating is now 28% up from 19% in January according to 

the most recent Gallup poll. If Congress would stop their infighting and get along 

for the good of their country their favor-ability rating should be at least 60%. 

Some good things that have happened recently according to my way of thinking:

1.   Activity in the US manufacturing sector continued to expand in March.

2.   Tillerson to Chair UN Meeting on NKorea's Nukes.

3.   Trump Donates First 3 Months of Salary to Park Service.

4.   Sen. Paul Floats Compromise on Healthcare Reform.

5.   Carson Promises Funding for Housing in Infrastructure Bill.

6.   House Measures Rebuke North Korea for Belligerent Behavior.

7.   Assange Tweets at Trump: 'No President Should Be Scared of the Truth.'

8.   Reports: Sessions Orders Review of Police Reform Agreements.

9.   Ryan Gives $7 Million in March to Help Fellow Republicans.

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