Friday, April 7, 2017

7 April 17 - 0912 EDT


"Most homeless people desire to be homeless."

Forrest Caricofe



"You could come in to the shelter drunk but could not ...."

drink after you came in to the shelter. 

**The shelter was also a safe haven from the police if they were after you for 

drunkeness. I remember one evening when they pulled a drunken man through

the door just ahead of the police and guess where they placed him on maybe one of

the 40 mats more or less in the shelter. Right beside of me. He was passed out and

I asked others if I should take his boots off? No they said "he'll be alright.

I would say that about only 30% were drunk or had been drinking and the rest of 

us had to put up with their abnormal drunken behavior. 

It must have been either late winter or early spring because it was a little warmer 

one evening at the shelter and more than usual had had their share of drinking that

day. Tempers flared. People throwing dishes, fights broke out and the volunteers

who ran the shelter had to call in the police. At least one person was arrested and

taken to the city jail.

I remember a young man who was about 4 mats down from me who had tried, like

me, to keep the peace in the shelter that one night. He was probably about 40 years

my junior and dressed like a hippie of the 60's. He had a pair of broken cheap 

reading glasses and he spoke fondly of his Mother, Linda. I bought a new pair of 

reading glasses for him the next day, but he failed to show at the shelter the next 

night and when I asked they said he had moved on.

I later learned that homeless shelters are not always for the homeless without 

money to rent a place for the night. Some take the place of some who need and 

deserve a bed because their spouse works at some distance away and they work 

here, so they save money by sleeping in a homeless shelter and not paying rent for 

a motel. I said something about this to one of the volunteers, but they didn't seem

to care as long as they were filling the mat spaces.

There are many other stories of my life and being homeless that I will tell you 

about if I live long enough to tell them. But tomorrow I'll have a different story

to tell.


**8:52 AM 4/7/2017. EDT. Syria strikes: International community reacts to US bombing 

of airfield. - Fox News - ‎1 hour ago.‎

"President Trump's swift and telegraphed action to punish Syria for a suspected 

chemical weapons attack earlier this week, by pummeling a key air base with 

missiles, was roundly praised by leaders around the world."

Except for Russia, of course.


Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today    SNOW   41° 27°

**8:49 AM 4/7/2017 EDT. There is about 1/2 inch of snow on the ground and 

driveway, but it will not last because of the temperature you can see above.

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