Friday, April 7, 2017

7 April 17 - 1018 EDT - ONE LINE NEWS


*Girl found living among monkeys in Indian forest.

*Don Rickles dead at 90 years old.

*US missile airstrike at Syrian air fields as Trump talks with Chinese president.

*Clinton blames WikiLeaks and Comey for election loss.

*US companies add disappointing 98,000 jobs in March.

*Twitter files lawsuit over government attempt to identify anti-Trump account.

*YouTube announces that a creator must have a 1,000 views before making money.

*Norway is to build world's first ship tunnel.

*Amazon to add 30,000 part-time jobs.

*Galaxy S8 smartphones to be on store shelves in 2 weeks.

*Charley Hoffman's 7 under par 65, opening Masters lead biggest in 62 years.

*Russia suspends cooperation with the US after Syrian missile attacks.

*Tim Tebow hits a homer at his first at bat as a Met's minor leaguer.

*Now is the time to see Jupitor in the night sky.

*Lack of sleep is killing us, not age.

10:07 AM 4/7/2017 EDT. Credit Google News.

**Oh, I forgot to tell you in an earlier post. I jogged a 1000 paces yesterday and it

seems I'm getting into a rhythm like long ago. I purchased some Brooks tennis 

shoes a long time ago that I've been wearing while jogging and they certainly add 

to my comfort while jogging. 

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