Saturday, April 8, 2017

8 April 17 0936 EDT

**8:57 AM 4/8/2017 EDT. Most of the world has praised the US missile attacks that 

destroyed 20 Syrian aircraft. Russia, Iran and others have condemned the US missile attacks 

as acts of aggression. The so called president of Syria (Assad) is a dictator much like the one 

in North Korea. He must go along with the other terrorists groups fighting in Syria. If it is 

necessary to have US troops on the ground I know the US has small elite fighting units that 

can take out Assad and leaders of the other terrorist groups. 

**9:10 AM 4/8/2017 EDT. As of this time reports say that missile strikes against 

Syrian offensive capabilities are continuing, but don't know who is conducting the 

missile attacks.

**After a few days in Mar-a-Lago, Chinese president enjoys layover in Alaska. 

It is reported that Chinese President Xi and President Trump made some progress,

but no breakthroughs in the areas of trade and North Korea.

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