Sunday, April 9, 2017

9 April 17 - 0909 EDT


"To have a goal in life is a necessary part of living."

Forrest Caricofe


**I jogged 3200 paces yesterday and a few times I jogged 300 paces in a row. 

After 20 years of no jogging at all I think I'm doing pretty good. There is 5,280 feet 

in a mile and I figure 1 pace is about 2 feet because I'm only slow jogging now. 

2 feet x 3200 paces equals 6,400 feet. If you subtract 5,280 from 6,400 the result 

is 1,120 feet. So I'm a little over a mile right now but not without stopping to walk. 

My goal is 2 miles in 20 minutes without stopping to walk like I had to do every 

year in army. That means I have to jog 5,280 paces which adds up to 10,560 feet 

and 2 miles. 

I figured this all out on paper and I hope I got it right. My Father who only had a 

8th grade education could have figured it all out in his head.


8:04 AM 4/9/2017 EDT.

*UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says Syria's Assad must go.

*US Navy sends strike group to Korean peninsula. Washington Post - ‎2 hours ago‎

*Suspected US-led warplane attack on ISIS encampment in Syria yesterday.

*Expert: Kim Jong Un May Hide After Syria Attack.

*Russia Warns of 'Extremely Serious' Consequences.

*NKorea Calls US Strikes on Syria 'Unforgivable.'


**It looks like to me from above that President Trump and his administration is on their 

way to "Making America Great Again."

*Department of Labor says Google underpaying female employees.

*Scientists discover atmosphere around distant Earth-like planet. Fox News.

*Octopuses can basically edit their own genes on the fly. Popular Science.

*FDA Approves 23andMe's At-Home DNA Tests for 10 Diseases.

*Pope on Palm Sunday decries suffering from war, terrorism. ABC News.

*Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia tied atop the leaderboard at the 2017 PGA Masters.

*Rock Hall 2017 class includes Journey, Tupac and Pearl Jam. Fox News.

Credit Google News, and their contributors.

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