Monday, May 1, 2017

1 May 17 - 1510 EDT


"Just because your parents are in Heaven, it doesn't mean that your parents are not your

parents anymore."

Forrest Caricofe


**I didn't get much accomplished in the yard yesterday. After going to Loews and Walmart

there was was not much time left to do anything. I purchased more flowers at Loews, 

some discounted at $1 and $3 and failed to plant them all yesterday afternoon. I also 

purchased a humming bird feeder along with the ready made red liquid that they like so 

well. I planted maybe 1/2 the plants and flowers and need to finish that task first today.

**5:39 AM 5/1/2017 EDT. Today Bill and I are going to leave at 6:00 AM to go to his 

appointment at the VA in Cleveland at 8:00 AM. Although it is only an hour north of here

we always leave early because of the early morning rush hour and road construction along

the way. And because of this I'll be late with my story of today.

**11:38 PM 5/1/2017 EDT. I've just returned from driving Bill to the Louis Stokes 

Cleveland VA Medical Center for his appointment. Although we got away from the house 

about 6:15 AM were still 15 minutes late because of the early rush hour traffic, road 

construction and the rain. 

**1:53 PM 5/1/2017 EDT. It looks like the rain has turned sun so after my story is finished 

I'll go out to the flower beds and plant the rest of the plants and flowers that I didn't have 

time for yesterday.


**My brother Roland and I have been alone a lot in our lifetime. He is 71, I believe, and 

I'm 74, the oldest of 4 kids. We were both separated from our families by serving in the 

U.S. Army and we both hitchhiked alone a lot. The most of the time when we drive on a trip,

we drive alone, he less often than me. Are we concerned about our safety and being alone?

I think not. You see, Mother is still praying for us like she did when she was on earth and

and maybe my Father too, although a little less often. Thank you Father and Mother for 

still being parents of us kids.


*12:45 PM 5/1/2017 EDT. Lawmakers reach deal on $1.07 trillion spending bill to fund 

gov't through September. Fox News - ‎12 hours ago‎.

**If memory serves me right, former President Obama and the Congress had a lot of 

difficulty forging a spending bill for more than a few days before reaching a long time 

agreement on the government's budget. And the liberal media says that President Trump

has accomplished little in his first 102 days in office. Wrong again.

*1:59 PM 5/1/2017 EDT. Trump Wants Health-Care Bill to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions.

Bloomberg - ‎27 minutes ago‎.

**Many of the people I know said the new healthcare bill would not cover pre-existing 

conditions. The ought to know better than that. President Trump promised to take care of 

poor and middle class Americans.

*2:05 PM 5/1/2017 EDT. Venezuela's president orders 60% hike of minimum wage ... 

in a 500% inflation. Fox News - ‎59 minutes ago. 

**I told you before that I don't understand the ways of an economy, but there is 

something wrong with a $90 a month increase in an economy with 500% inflation. I 

worked at Walmart recently and made about $10 an hour. I usually worked an average of 

35 hours a week times about 4 weeks in a month = 140 hours. $10 dollars an hour times 

140 = $1,410 a month. If I received the 60% increase and I figured it right I would make 

$2,256 a month. Quite an increase I would say, but what will this 60% increase do to 

Venezuela's economy?

*2:31 PM 5/1/2017 EDT. Trump floats Kim Jong Un sit-down: 'Absolutely' would meet 

with North Korean leader. Fox News - ‎53 minutes ago‎.

**First President in my memory to want to meet with Kim Jong Un. If he does go to North

Korea, Trump better be prepared to eat. The dictator is near or over 300 pounds, he's 

short and takes food from the common people to feed himself and his vast army.

*2:41 PM 5/1/2017 EDT. 

Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove steps down. - ‎2 hours ago.‎

**I've had several heart surgeries done at the Cleveland Clinic. Although I have a local 

primary care doctor, Dr. Kwok, but if I had to have any heart surgeries done I would go 

north about 50 miles from here to the Cleveland Clinic who are rated number 1 in heart 

care in the nation. I wrote to CEO Toby Cosgrove once to brag on a physical therapist 

who helped me at the Wooster Cleveland Clinic. He wrote to both to her and me thanking

us both, she for her work and me for praising her.

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