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20 May 17 - 1221 - EDT - Armed Forces Day


"Our major mission here on earth is always to help others."

Forrest Caricofe

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**By the time I was finished posting my story, Postcrossing/postcard and a video the sun 

had turned to thunderstorms, so I cleaned and organized the garage. I need to straighten

out and put away the tools and such that litter the top of the workbench then I believe the 

interior of the garage will look pretty good. I also placed 10 American flags, the size of a 

garden flag, out front to make sure I didn't miss today, Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday

in May). I told you yesterday that my GoPro web cam stopped and I needed to phone 

support in a Pacific Time Zone, probably, California. Well, all at once, it came back to life 

again and I was sure glad about that.

**Today I plan to, weather permitting, sow more Scots Commercial Grass Seed that I

recently purchased at Walmart. The forecast is for a high temperature of 75° and scattered

showers. I also bought a new bird feeder I need to install on a pole in one of the flower 


**9:23 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. The weather forecast for today has changed to a high 

temperature of 76° and partly cloudy skies. Maybe I'll have more time to get things done in

the flower beds and the yard. 


**Is the world a better place because of me? I've often wondered that. Do I do enough for

man and womankind? Am I to absorbed in what I want to do while neglecting others? I 

seem to have a lot of questions, but no answers. Maybe I should think more about helping

others and not concentrating on me? It's very difficult for me to fail to answer the 

questions I have. Will God judge me for what I sincerely believe that I do try to help and 

care about others? My Father and Mother taught me to help others mostly by example and 

I dearly hope they are looking on from Heaven and are, at least, somewhat proud of me. 

That surely would be my greatest joy.


*9:58 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. GE announces $15 billion of business deals with Saudi Arabia.

Reuters - ‎1 hour ago.‎

 **A General Electric representative and a Saudi Governor agreed to this deal just ahead of 

President Trump's arrival. 

*8:13 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. Melania Trump forgoes wearing headscarf in Saudi Arabia trip. 

Fox News - ‎12 minutes ago.‎

"Melania Trump decided to not wear a headscarf upon arriving to Saudi Arabia Saturday 

morning. The first lady wore long sleeves and pants to conform to the strict dress code 

that Saudi Arabia enforces for its female citizens but did not cover her head ...."

**From  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Women's rights in Saudi Arabia.

Gender Inequality Index:

Value - 0.284 (2014).

Rank - 56th out of 157.

Maternal mortality (per 100,000) - 12 (2015).

Women in parliament - 19.9% (2014).

Females over 25 with secondary education - 60.5% (2014).

Women in labour force - 13% (2015).

Global Gender Gap Index:

Value - 0.583 (2016).

Rank - 141st out of 144.

"Women's rights in Saudi Arabia are limited in comparison to many of its neighbors. The 

World Economic Forum's 2016 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Saudi Arabia 141 out of 

144 countries for gender parity, down from 134 out of 145 in 2015. The United Nations 

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) elected Saudi Arabia on the U.N. Commission on the 

Status of Women for 2018–2022. Women in Saudi Arabia constitute 13% of the country's 

native workforce as of 2015.

However, women's status has changed in recent decades. Women were previously 

forbidden from voting or being elected to political office, but in 2011 King Abdullah let 

women vote in the 2015 local elections, as well as to be appointed to the Consultative 

Assembly. There are more female university graduates in Saudi Arabia than male, and 

female literacy is estimated to be 91%, which while still lower than male literacy is far 

higher than it was 40 years ago. The average age at first marriage among Saudi females is 

25 years.

Many conservative Saudi women do not support loosening traditional gender roles and 

restrictions, on the grounds that Saudi Arabia is the closest thing to an "ideal and pure 

Islamic nation," and under threat from "imported Western values".

Among the factors that define rights for women in Saudi are government laws, the Hanbali 

and Wahhabi interpretation of Sunni Islam, and traditional customs of the Arabian 

Peninsula. In 2017, King Salman ordered that women be allowed access to government 

services such as education and healthcare without the need of consent of her guardian."

The article below lists 9 things a Saudi Arabian woman cannot do, but I'll mention 1 thing

that Saudi women can do but mostly won't because of the instiled values of Islam:

"There is no official law that bans women from driving, but deeply held religious beliefs 

prohibit it, with Saudi clerics arguing that female drivers "undermine social values".

In 2011, the "Women2Drive" campaign encouraged women to disregard the laws and post 

images and videos of themselves driving on social media to raise awareness of the issue in 

an attempt to force change. It was not a major success."

The First Lady is showing a little rebelliousness and setting the example for all Islamic 

women everywhere.

*8:39 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. Rouhani Wins Re-election in Iran by a Wide Margin.

New York Times - ‎2 hours ago.‎

"President Hassan Rouhani of Iran on May 13. With most of the votes from Friday's 

election counted, the Interior Ministry said Mr. Rouhani had won 22.8 million."

"The most recent election tallies released by the Interior Ministry showed Rouhani 

comfortably ahead with 59 percent of the 38.9 million votes counted. Rouhani won the 

presidential election back in 2013 with only 51 percent."

**As I reported yesterday: "*5:08 AM 5/19/2017 EDT.  Iranian Women Fear Gains Will Be 

Lost If Rouhani Loses Election. - ‎56 minutes ago‎."

Iranian women were granted the right to vote in 1963 so most of the Iranian eligible to 

vote, voted for President Hassan Rouhani. 

American women were first allowed to vote after Congress passed the 19th Amendment on 

June 4, 1919 and later ratified on August 18, 1920. 

The Iranian women have voted for their "more freedom for women candidate," but until 

major changes are made in the interpretation of the Koran, American and Iranian women 

will remain worlds apart.

*9:28 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. Donald Trump lands in Saudi Arabia as controversies swirl at 

home. CNN - 29 minutes ago.

**Steve Bannon was considered at one time to have the most influence and power 2nd 

only to President Trump. It was reported by Reuters on April 6, 2017 that President Trump 

removed Bannon from the National Security Council. Steve Bannon is a smart man who 

once headed Breitbart News. Is he the reason for the turmoil in the White House?

Or maybe it's Michael Flynn the former national-security adviser?

*9:40 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Federal Obscenity Charge.

New York Times - ‎18 hours ago‎.

"Anthony D. Weiner, the former New York Democratic congressman and candidate for 

mayor, leaving federal court in Manhattan on Friday."

**Just like Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and others, Anthony D. Weiner can't keep his pants up.

From Definition: noun.

"Weiner is a smoked sausage or a slang term for penis. The common spelling is wiener.

An example of a weiner is a hot dog.

An example of a weiner is how a parent might refer to their toddler son's penis."

Anthony, just like his last name implies, sure ain't a smoked sausage, he's "a slang term for 


*10:00 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. Pentagon provides update on ISIS fight, announces new 

'deconfliction' effort with Russia. CNN - ‎15 hours ago‎.

"Days after taking the oath of office, President Donald Trump ordered a 30-day review of 

the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and on Friday, America's top officials 

overseeing that fight gave the first briefing ...."

**I cannot for the life of me think why the U. S. and Russia are on opposing sides in this 

war in Syria that began in March 2011. I hope this new agreement will mean that Russia 

will finally do the right thing and join the U. S. and rebel forces in the fight against the evil

dictator, Assad.

*10:18 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. Fox News Fires 'The Five' Co-Host Bob Beckel Over Racist 

Comment. Variety - ‎22 hours ago.‎

"Fox News Channel is parting ways - again - with Bob Beckel, the co-host of its primetime 

program, “The Five.” “Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark 

to an African-American employee,” the network said in a statement."

**Is Sean Hannity (weekdays from 10 to 11 PM ET) one of a few left at Foxnews?

*10:45 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. Preakness 2017: Projected Prize Money Earnings, Order of 

Finish and More. Bleacher Report - ‎42 minutes ago.‎

"The second leg of the Triple Crown is just around the corner, and all eyes are on Always 

Dreaming as the Kentucky Derby champion preps for what figures to be a close contest at 

Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore."

Preakness 2017: Projected Prize Money Earnings, Order of Finish and More:

ALEC NATHAN. MAY 20, 2017.

"BALTIMORE, MD - MAY 18: Classic Empire exercises in front of watching fans in 

preparation for the Preakness Stakes this Saturday at Pimlico Race Course on May 18, 2017 

in Baltimore, Maryland.

The second leg of the Triple Crown is just around the corner, and all eyes are on Always 

Dreaming as the Kentucky Derby champion preps for what figures to be a close contest at 

Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. 

And while the Todd Pletcher-trained colt had to stave off a field of 19 other competitors at 

the Kentucky Derby, he will be competing against a smaller field that consists of 10 horses 

total on Saturday. 

Thus, it's not surprising Always Dreaming clocks in as a -110 favorite to take home the 

lion's share of this year's $1.5 million purse, according to OddsShark. 

With that status in mind, here's a race preview with a rundown of projected top finishers 

and prize money breakdown:  

Race Projections

1. Always Dreaming;           $900,000

2. Classic Empire;               $300,000

3. Conquest Mo Money;     $165,000

4. Lookin At Lee;                  $90,000

5. Cloud Computing;            $45,000
Always Dreaming stole the show two weeks ago in the shadow of the Twin Spires, and it 

won't be a shock if he goes two-for-two to open up the possibility of a Triple Crown 

triumph at The Belmont in June. 

Not only is Pletcher's prized horse surging at the right time, but he appears to be in tip-top 

shape two weeks after his victory at the Run for the Roses. 

"The tank seems full, he seems eager to go, and we're just trying to keep him on the 

ground one more day," Pletcher said, according to Blood Horse's Alicia Wincze Hughes. 

"The Derby actually surprised me with how well he bounced out of it. His energy level was 

immediately good and has remained so throughout. At this point, I just want the race to 

get here. He's doing so good."


**Enjoy the Preakness (2nd leg of the Triple Crown) at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, 

Maryland. "And they're off" will take place at approximately 6:45 p.m. ET. 

*11:02 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. 'Doomsday' seed vault meant to survive global disasters 

breached by climate change. The Verge - ‎20 hours ago.‎

"The seed bank designed to preserve the world's crops and plants in the event of global 

disaster isn't prepared to withstand the greatest global disaster facing our planet: global 


**Although these seeds are meant for future generations because of a natural disaster or 

other events, I hope that these seeds will withstand the affects of global warming. I do like

planting seeds in my flower beds. 

*11:09 AM 5/20/2017 EDT. 'Kissing bug' disease more deadly than thought.

CNN - ‎May 19, 2017.‎

"The nickname given to the insects that spread Chagas disease is somewhat bittersweet: 

kissing bugs. Their name stems from the fact that they like biting humans around their lips 

and faces as they sleep, after which they defecate into the wound ..."

Excerpts: "The kissing bugs behind the disease have also been reported in 25 US states, 

with the largest concentration in the South."

"Infectious parasite, Trypanasoma cruzi. The parasite then enters the bloodstream and 

causes Chagas disease, also known as trypanosomiasis" (somtimes fatal).

By Meera Senthilingam, CNN. Updated 3:00 PM ET, Fri May 19, 2017.

**I know a lot about mosquitoes because if bitten by the female mosquito I suffer a bite that

itches for days. Mosquitoes like dark places, believing dark places is their home, and fly 

only about 300 feet from their nest. They avoid sunshine and rain and bite when the sun is 

shinning or in the dry darkness of night.

The Trypanasoma cruzi (kissing bug) appears to remain south of Ohio for now, but with the

onset of increasing temperatures I'll expect they will arrive soon.

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