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"No one can have quality of life without goals."

Forrest Caricofe

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**I accomplished nothing in the flower beds and the yard yesterday because I stayed up 

too late the night before and slept too late in the morning. By the time I got all my 

computer work done it was around 2:00 PM. I did finally learn to place a subscribe button 

on my YouTube videos and to, hopefully if it works, a subscribe button on my everyday 

story and Postcrossing. Since we don't cook on Saturday and Sunday I went to Subway for 

the others, while I mixed 1/2 bag of spring fresh mixed greens with 1/2 bag of cook mixed 

fish that I videoed and purchased from Walmart.

**Today I going to get an earlier start on my computer work and get into the yard and 

flower beds at last. I'm planning to go to Lowes for a few discounted perennial flowers 

and/or plants and a few more bags of black mulch and after that go to Walmart, just 

across from Lowes and Burbank Road. Today's forecast calls for a high temperature of 72° 

with rain. It doesn't say scattered showers or thunderstorms, just rain. I hope it's a 

gentle farmer's rain because I can work outdoors in that. 


**I was just thinking about a person's goals in life. Not just one goal, but several so if one

goal fails you have goals to fall back on. If you are ill your goal would be to get better.  

At the same time you would be thinking, after you got well, about the goals you would 

need to go on with your life.  

I always have several goals and plans A, B, C, etc. for each. If plan A doesn't work, I go to 

plan B, etc. You know what I mean. It's like planning ahead. 

If you have no goals except for today, like living in the moment, you have no plan for the 

future. My goals extend months into the future including a plan for dying. 

If I were dying, without any cure possible. my goal would be to burden no one and attempt 

to die with dignity. Two goals for the end of my life on earth.


*7:55 AM 5/21/2017 EDT. The Latest: Trump to hold press conference on IS fight.

Washington Post - ‎40 minutes ago‎.

"RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - The Latest on President Donald Trump's first trip abroad (all times 

local):. 1:43 p.m.. President Donald Trump is thanking Kuwait for its help in the fight 

against terror - and is pledging to update the public on their efforts ..."

*8:02 AM 5/21/2017 EDT. Trump aims to unite against terrorism in speech before Muslim 

leaders. CNN - 25 minutes ago.

**President Trump will address Islam at a Arab-Islamic-US Summit. Most of the Presidents

from Roosevelt to Obama have addressed a Arab Summit, but I believe this President will 

tell it like it is. He's almost like me. You see, I ain't afraid of anything.

*8:05 AM 5/21/2017 EDT. In Saudi Arabia, Tillerson argues Iran is Trump's top Gulf region 

concern. Fox News - ‎12 hours ago‎.

"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Saturday in Saudi Arabia that the focal point of 

President Trump's visit to the Gulf nation is to curb the threat of neighboring Iran, while 

putting much of the burden on recently reelected Iranian President Hassan."

**It is reported that most of Saudi Arabia's problems are within, but their main outside

enemy is Iran due to major disagreements between the Sunnis and Shiites.

What was the origin of the Sunni-Shiite split?

"The divide is traced to 632 A.D., when the Islamic Prophet Muhammad died and a debate 

emerged about who should be his successor.

Both sides agreed that Allah is the one true God and that Muhammad was his messenger, 

but one group (which eventually became the Shiites) felt Muhammad's successor should be 

someone in his bloodline, while the other (which became the Sunnis) felt a pious individual 

who would follow the Prophet's customs was acceptable.

"The original schism between Islam's two largest sects was not over religious doctrine. It 

was over political leadership," Robin Wright, a joint fellow at the non-partisan U.S. 

Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center, said.

What do Sunnis and Shiites have in common?

Both Sunnis and Shiites read the Quran (Koran) the sayings of the Prophet. Both believe 

Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of Allah. And both follow the five tenets of Islam: 

They fast during Ramadan, pledge to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, practice ritual prayer 

which includes five prayers each day), give charity to the poor, and pledge themselves to their 


Their prayer rituals are nearly identical, with slight variations: For example, Shiites will 

stand with their hands at their sides, Sunnis will put their hands on their stomachs.

They also both believe in Islamic law but have different applications for it.

What are the differences between Sunnis and Shiites?

Their beliefs over who should have succeeded the Prophet Muhammad is the key 

theological difference between the two.

Sunnis also have a less elaborate religious hierarchy than Shiites have, and the two sects' 

interpretation of Islam's schools of law is different. Shiites give human beings the exalted 

status that is given only to prophets in the Quran (Koran), often venerating clerics as saints, 

whereas Sunnis do not.

How many of each sect are there?

The great majority -- upwards of 85 to 90 percent -- of the world's more than 1.6 billion 

Muslims are Sunnis. Shia constitute about 10 to 15 percent of all Muslims, and globally 

their population is estimated at less than 200 million.

Whereas Sunnis dominate the Muslim world, from West Africa to Indonesia, the Shiites are 

centrally located, with a vast majority in Iran, predominance in Iraq and sizable 

populations in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen."

Shiite Muslims? By Elizabeth Chuck.


*7:42 AM 5/21/2017 EDT. Twitter co-founder apologizes for helping elect Trump.

Fox News - ‎5 hours ago‎.

"Twitter CEO Evan Williams speaks at a news conference as the website is 

launched in San Francisco, California September 14, 2010."

**Why is Evan Williams apologizing? President Trump is going to get things together

eventually. Running a business is not quite the same as running a country. Vice-President 

Pence is beginning more and more to be a peacemaker and a president while Trump is 

visiting Saudi Arabia and other countries. So, Evan, you should stop worrying and 


*6:37 AM 5/21/2017 EDT. Cloud Computing wins Preakness, Always Dreaming comes in 

8th. ESPN - ‎8 hours ago.‎

"Cloud Computing skipped the Kentucky Derby, while eventual winner Always Dreaming 

and Classic Empire mixed it up in the mud at Churchill Downs."

Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, often shortened to Triple Crown, comprises 

three races for three-year-old Thoroughbred horses. Winning all three of these 

Thoroughbred horse races is considered the greatest accomplishment in Thoroughbred 

racing. The term originated in mid-19th century England and different nations where 

thoroughbred racing is popular each have their own Triple Crown series."

**There will be no Triple Crown winner this year.

(Triple Crown winners during my lifetime - October 1942 to present)

1943 Count Fleet  

1946 Assault  

1948 Citation  

1973 Secretariat  

1977 Seattle Slew  

1978 Affirmed

2015 American Pharoah  

*6:55 AM 5/21/2017 EDT. California botulism outbreak tied to gas station nacho cheese 

sauce. CBS News - ‎May 19, 2017‎.

"California health inspectors have linked last week's botulism outbreak -- a rare and 

sometimes fatal form of food poisoning -- to a nacho cheese sauce traced back to a mom-

and-pop gas station in Walnut Grove, CBS Sacramento reports."

**I've rarely eaten nacho cheese sauce, but I know a lot of people who eat it. With all the

botulism outbreaks recently we may have to eventually microwave everything we eat or 

drink including water.

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