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"Your self esteem is enhanced by the kindness of strangers."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Like I told you yesterday I was planning to go to Lowes and Walmart in Wooster. I 

videod myself in the Honda car talking about my experiences after coming out of both 

stores which you will see today (Lowes) and tomorrow (Walmart).

I did purchase 2 bags of black mulch and 4 discounted plants at Lowes. At Walmart I 

bought bananas, 4 tomatoes, 5 PowerAdes and some other things I can't remember

buying. After returning and then later in the day I went to pickup food for the others and 

a prescription medication at Rite Aid in Orrville.

**The weather for today calls for a high temperature of 67° with partly cloudy skies. I may

have another driving duty today, but I should have time, hopefully, to mow the grass, sow

some grass seed and plant the 4 plants I just purchased yesterday.


**I met a man yesterday for the second time at Lowes. He was an employee of Lowes and 

I just got to know him by being friendly. He reminds me of a kind and gentle man I met in

Las Vegas when I was staying in my Honda in the parking lot of a Walmart. The man at 

Lowes was Asian Indian by nationality and the man I met in Las Vegas was Hispanic. 

They both, in their own quite way reminded me somewhat of my Mother who was friendly 

yet reserved unlike my Father and I who were more aggressively friendly.

I've told many Hispanics that they have an excellant since of family and that is what I told

the Lowes employee yesterday about Asian Indians, having a since if sticking together as a

family. I can't say much about other cultures because I have not met as many as I have of 

Hispanics and the Indians of Asia. 

My son, Michael, and his wife, Erin used to live in an apartment complex in Omaha, 

Nebraska where many Asian Indians lived and they were much like the Lowes employee I


The other nationalities that I know sometimes give no excuse for leaving the family just

like my grandfather Caricofe did a long time ago. 


*6:04 AM 5/22/2017 EDT. North Korea insists latest missile launch proves it can hit US 

bases, Japan. Fox News - ‎1 hour ago‎.

"North Korea said Monday that it is ready to mass produce a new medium-range missile 

that has the capability of reaching Japan and major U.S."

**World leaders are talking to the choir regarding North Korea while dictator Kim Jong-un

is talking to his people ignoring everyone else in the world. What are we to do about this

evil tyrant/despot?

*6:20 AM 5/22/2017 EDT. Trump's Direct Saudi-to-Israel Flight Breaks Symbolic Barrier.

Bloomberg - ‎38 minutes ago‎.

"President Donald Trump made a direct flight Monday between two nations that have 

historically been sworn enemies, Saudi Arabia and Israel -- a first for Air Force One."

**I still do not understand why so many in the world hate the Jews. Even God chose the 

Jews as his people. 

Former President Obama did little to cement the relations between Israel and the United

States in his 8 years in office. I believe that President Trump, like former President George

W. Bush, will support Israel over its' Arab neighbors. Israel is alone in a world of hate.

*6:40 AM 5/22/2017 EDT. Trump, rattled by probes, seeks boost in foreign trip.

Politico - ‎1 hour ago‎.

"President Donald Trump seemed rattled before he left Washington Friday afternoon, two 

people who spoke with him last week said, as he wondered aloud how much investigations 

into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election might damage his presidency."

**"People who read BuzzFeed, Politico, The Washington Post and The New York Times all 

tend to be more liberal.

MSNBC, despite its reputation as the most liberal cable news network, has a more 

moderate audience than the four publications mentioned above -- and only a slightly more 

liberal audience than CNN.

About half of the 32 outlets have an audience that pretty clearly leans to the left, while 

seven have audiences that lean conservative. The rest (including all the broadcast 

networks) are somewhere near the middle."

By Aaron Blake October 21, 2014. 

The Washington Post

**This above excerpt of the full article by Aaron Blake, who wrote this article, and the 

Washington Post are liberal leaning. Politico is liberal leaning. Who are we to believe?

*7:05 AM 5/22/2017 EDT. Trump's Middle East Reset: His Visit Revives US-Saudi Alliance 

and Sends Message to Iran. Fox News - ‎3 hours ago‎.

"THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - President Trump visited Saudi Arabia on his first trip 

abroad this weekend even as Iran re-elected Hassan Rouhani in a sham (definition: fake, 

pretended, feigned, simulated, false, artificial, bogus, insincere, contrived, affected, make-

believe, fictitious) presidential vote."

**There is some controversy as to whether the Wall Street Journal is left-leaning, right-

leaning or middle-of-the-road? No matter. 

I typed yesterday: "**It is reported that most of Saudi Arabia's problems are within, but 

their main outside enemy is Iran due to major disagreements between the Sunnis and 


This action by President Trump will further isolate Iran from the Arabic and the rest 

of the world. 

Maybe the only friends Iran has left is North Korea and ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and 


*5:50 AM 5/22/2017 EDT. Huge cuts to food stamps part of Trump's budget proposal.

Washington Post - ‎9 hours ago.‎

"WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump's budget would drive millions of people off of 

food stamps, part of a new wave of spending cut proposals that already are getting panned 

by lawmakers in both parties on Capitol Hill."

**I know that some people need food stamps because maybe they have too many kids and

only 1 wage earner or they're elderly and their Social Security check is not enough to pay

for food and other things necessary for their survival, like prescription medications. But 

I'm against people who are eligible for food stamps, but don't need them. Some people get

food stamps to sell them to others or exchange food stamps for illegal drugs. The social 

worker in each case, after the rules for getting food stamps is tightened, follow the letter 

of the law. 

*8:15 AM 5/22/2017 EDT. "Ford to fire CEO Fields as challenges mount:" sources

Reuters - 32 minutes ago.

**No, Ford does not mean "Fix Or Repair Daily."

Ford did not take a handout from the government when the auto industry was in crises 

like GM (Government Motors) and others. I like Fords and I have had at least 2 Ford 

Rangers. The Ranger had been around for about 30 years until Ford stopped making the

Ranger on December 22, 2011. 

I believe that Ford's future will change for the good if they start to produce the Ford 

Ranger again.

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