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24 May 17 - 1718 EDT

Sorry I'm late. AT the last  minute I had to drive to drive to Wooster.  4:35 PM.


"Being alone does not always mean you're lonely."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday I spent about 6 hours or more working in the flower beds and the yard. 

Needless to say, I accomplished a lot.  I planted the remaining plants, sprayed weed 

killer in appropriate places, weeded each flower bed and at the end of the day, because it 

had not rained for a while, I watered all the flower beds and the yard were I had sowed

grass seed. I have a lot of black mulch on the flower beds so I will wait awhile to spread 

the remaining 2 bags of black mulch. 

**Today I need to drive to Wooster, so I'll stop at Lowes today to purchase some more 

discounted plants. I still have plenty of room in the flower beds to plant more plants. 

The weather for today calls for a high temperature of 64° and scattered thunderstorms and

if we get the rain I won't have to water the flower beds again today.

11:45 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. Update: I won't have to drive to Wooster so I'll have more time

to work on my videos and postings for tomorrow. 

I'm working on about 6 videos that I need to get published and hopefully I can publish at

least 2 today. If you subscribe to my YouTube videos you'll be informed when my next

video is published.

I still have not completed my DNA kit. The kit says I have to go online to activate it and I 

haven't the time to work on it just yet.

10:12 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. I usually have an Orleans sardine sandwich every morning for

breakfast with mustard, 2 slices of roma tomatoes with a dash of Himalayan Pink Salt

which has 81 minerals or so that is also in the human body. This morning I'm going to 

have a special treat. King Oscar wild caught, double layer, 12 to 22 sardines per can and in 

extra virgin olive oil. Can't wait to sink my gums in to it. Yes, my gums. I don't install my 

false teeth unless I have something too hard to eat with my gums. 


**You know I was alone a lot yesterday working in the flower beds and the yard. And you

know what? I enjoyed it. Why is it that some people want to be alone and others need to 

have someone near them? Do those who need someone close to them because they need 

someone to take of them, simply that they need someone to talk to or maybe another 


What about me who likes to be alone? Do I push people away because I like to be alone?

No I don't. I welcome 5 second to several minutes of saying just Hi or a a short friendly

conversation. Over the years I've learned when a person is through talking and I know 

how to end it.

By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D: minus the introduction:

 "Some of the current preoccupation with loneliness is probably attributable, in part, to the 

fact that the number of people living alone has been growing for decades. But linking 

loneliness to the rise of solo living misses one of the most important motivators of the 

trend – huge numbers of people are living alone because they want to. They aren’t stuck 

with it, they chose it. In fact, in an arrangement known as “living apart together,” some 

people who are committed couples, including even married couples, choose to have places 

of their own.

If you were to look for studies of the personality characteristics of people who are lonely, 

you would probably find hundreds. Not so for people who like being alone. That is starting 

to change. Advances in our understanding of such people will be helped along by the 

publication of a scale measuring the “Desire for Being Alone.”

People who score as high on the Desire for Being Alone tend to agree with statements such 

as “When I am alone, I feel relaxed” and “I like to be completely alone.” They disagree 

with statements such as “I feel uncomfortable when I’m alone” and “Being alone quickly 

gets to be too much for me.”

The good news is that there is such a scale and it has been used in several studies. The bad 

news is that, so far as I know, it has only been used in studies of couples. The researchers 

had legitimate reasons for this, but it still strikes me as somewhat ironic that even when 

we finally get to learn something about people who like being alone, all the people we 

learn about are coupled.

Two German studies were reported. The first was an internet study, in which the 

participants were 1,160 people who had been in a serious sexual relationship for at least a 

year. In the second, 578 couples who had been together for at least a year were recruited 

from mass mailings sent to different areas of Germany. Ages ranged from 18 through 70-

something, with an average age of about 35 for the internet sample and about 42 for the 

sample recruited by mail.

The personality characteristics that were studied were sociability, plus the “Big Five” traits 

of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neurotic ism. (If you 

want to try to predict the results, you can do so now before reading on.)

The authors also measured enjoyment of friends (which they called “Desire for Affiliation”) 

and wanting to be close to a partner (which they called “Desire for Closeness”). The 

friendship-relevant scale included items such as “In the presence of friends, I feel relaxed” 

and “I like to be with friends.” The partner-relevant scale included items such as “In the 

presence of my partner, I feel relaxed” and “I like being very close to my partner.”

Perhaps the most intuitive prediction about people who like being alone is that they are 

not very extroverted or sociable. The two studies, though, only found hints of that, 

suggesting that even extroverts can long for some time to themselves. The stronger 

findings were that people who like being with friends are more extroverted and sociable.

Two personality traits were characteristic of people who like to be alone: They are more 

open and less neurotic. Openness, as measured by the Big Five, is an openness to 

experience. Open people often have broad interests, and they tend be curious, imaginative, 

artistic, and unconventional. Neurotic people tend to be tense, irritable, moody, and lacking 

in confidence.

The studies also assessed other characteristics, including loneliness. The people who liked 

being alone were not very likely to experience loneliness.

So after all the angst and hand-wringing about the growing number of people living alone, 

and the suspicion sometimes cast upon people who like their time alone, what is actually 

true of people who like to live alone is this: They are more open and less neurotic. And 

they probably are not lonely.

Or at least that’s what’s true of people who like their time alone but who have been part of 

a couple for at least a year. What about single people? As usual, there’s no research on 


Reference: Hagemeyer, B., Neyer, F. J., Neberich, W., & Asendorpf, J. B. (2013). The ABC of 

social desires: Affiliation, being alone, and closeness to partner. European Journal of 

Personality, 27, 442-457.

About Bella DePaulo, Ph.D

Bella DePaulo (Ph.D., Harvard; Project Scientist, UC Santa Barbara), an expert on single 

life, is the author of several books, including "Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, 

Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After" and "How We Live Now: 

Redefining Home and Family in the 21st Century." Dr. DePaulo has discussed singles and 

single life on radio and television, including NPR and CNN, and her work has been 

described in newspapers such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall 

Street Journal, and USA Today, and magazines such as Time, Atlantic, the Week, More, the 

Nation, Business Week, AARP Magazine, and Newsweek. Dr. DePaulo is in her sixties. She 

has always been single and always will be. She is "single at heart" -- single is how she lives 

her best and most meaningful life. Visit her website at

**From above:

"Two personality traits were characteristic of people who like to be alone: They are more 

open and less neurotic. Openness, as measured by the Big Five, is an openness to 

experience. Open people often have broad interests, and they tend be curious, imaginative, 

artistic, and unconventional. Neurotic people tend to be tense, irritable, moody, and lacking 

in confidence."

I might have been somewhat paranoid in Virginia when my Mother was in Hospice, but 

other than that, the from above fits me to a T.


*8:18 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. Manchester attack: Three more arrests in bomber investigation.

BBC News - ‎14 hours ago‎.

"Three more men have been arrested as police continue to investigate whether Manchester 

Arena bomber Salman Abedi acted alone. Police arrested the three in the city on 


**In the old days we didn't have to worry about terrorist bombings. What happened?

*11:17 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. Manchester bombing probe seeks 'network' of suspects as 

Britain tightens security. Washington Post - ‎12 minutes ago‎.

"MANCHESTER, England - The police chief leading the investigation into a suicide bombing 

that killed 22 people at a Manchester concert said Wednesday that the attacker had not 

acted alone and authorities were trying to unravel a wider web of plotters."

**Thanks to the intelligence and security forces for rounding up more suspects. Their swift 

action prevented a lot more people from dying.

*8:38 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. Pope predicts pizza on Trump's menu, and is proven correct.

Fox News - ‎1 hour ago‎.

"When it came to guessing what first lady Melania Trump served the president, the pope 

proved infallible. "What do you give him to eat?"

**The world is filled with diabetics and pre-diabetics and the disease is increasing day by 

day. With all the carbohydrates that are in the bread of the pizza, aiding or worsening the 

plight of diabetics, it looks like Pope Francis and President Trump would set a better 

example for the rest of world?

*8:47 AM 5/24/2017 EDT.  North Central Ohio. Hyundai Ideal Electric to close plant.

Mansfield News Journal - ‎21 hours ago.‎

"Company says 16 bargaining unit employees to be laid off July 12 permanently; 103 

employees already laid off will not be recalled."

**I live in what's called northeastern Ohio. Mansfield is located 40 Miles or 64 Km from 

were I live in Smithville and I can drive there in about 40 minutes on the divided 

highway west, U.S. Route 30. 

This part of the country may still be called the "Rust Belt" meaning that auto plants 

in Youngstown, Mansfield and other places quit operations and either moved south or 

ceased to exist and their equipment left to rust. 

Maybe Ford after firing their CEO, announced yesterday, can be revived by a new CEO and

the experienced workers laid off by Hyundai Ideal Electric can be hired by Ford?

*9:13 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. 'Taiwan says yes!': In historic decision, top court rules in favor 

of same-sex marriage. Washington TPost - ‎31 minutes ago‎.

"BEIJING - A Taipei court on Wednesday ruled in favor of allowing same-sex marriage, 

paving the way for Taiwan to become the first nation in Asia to legalize same-sex unions 

and cementing its status as a beacon for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) 


**I like the wonderful people of Taiwan. My doctor, Dr. Kwok's parents were born in Taiwan

when it was called Formosa. They later moved to Hong Kong were Dr. Kwok was born.


"Taiwan is an island which has for all practical purposes been independent since 1950, but 

which China regards as a rebel region that must be reunited with the (mainland)."


"There are 196 countries in the world today. Taiwan is not considered an official country by 

many, which would bring the count down to 195 countries. Although Taiwan operates as 

an independent country, many countries (including the U.S.) do not officially recognize it 

as one."

I remember just after President Trump was sworn in he had a telephone conversation with

the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. Then China responded and reminded President 

Trump of their "One China" policy. I've heard nothing since between President Tsai Ing-

wen and President Trump. Will America ever recognized Taiwan as a nation? Shame on 

you for now,Donald Trump. Why are you so afraid of China?

*10:32 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. Duterte Suggests Martial Law Across Philippines, Citing 

Islamist Threat. New York Times - ‎2 hours ago.‎

"Security officers searching a car at a checkpoint on Tuesday in Iligan, on the southern 

Philippine island of Mindanao. The island is under military control because of a growing 

insurgent threat."

**President Rodrigo Duterte has already instituted somewhat of a martial law some time 

ago when he announced that citizens and/or police should murder drug dealers and other

criminals. He also said the he had thrown corrupt officials out of helicopters before and 

would do it again.

I believe that the Philippinos admired there leader, President Rodrigo Duterte, for trying to 

keep them safe unless they're a drug dealer or terrorist, of course.

*11:24 AM 5/24/2017 EDT. A new health benefit of chocolate: reduced risk of AFib?

Fox News - ‎24 minutes ago.‎

"While so-called “chocoholics” may have gotten a bad rap over the years, a new study has 

found that eating a small amount of chocolate every week or so may decrease your risk of 

developing a serious type of irregular heart rhythm."

**From: Ventricular fibrillation: What you need to know - Medical News Today

"Together, all four chambers pump blood to and from the body. When the atria, the two 

upper chambers, contract at an excessively high rate, and in an irregular way, the patient 

has atrial fibrillation, or A Fib. When the two lower chambers beat irregularly and flutter, 

the patient has ventricular fibrillation, or V Fib." Mar 15, 2017.

My heart stopped in February, 1998, when it went into A Fib. My heart was restarted and I 

eventually had a defibrillator implanted in my chest. No problems since. 

I'm sure happy to have another excuse for eating chocolate.

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