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"Can the world live without modern technology?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**I was late yesterday with my postings, about 6:00 PM, because at the last minute I had 

to drive to Wooster. While I was there, I stopped at Lowes to look at their discounted 

plants. I purchased about 10, mostly perennials, and with my veteran's discount I paid a 

little over $30. And because they were discounted, I saved a little over $68 that was shown 

on the receipt.

**As you can see from the forecast below we are going to possible have rain each day 

except for Saturday. 

Weather for Smithville, Ohio

Today     THUNDERSTORM                63° 54°

Fri           SCATTERED_SHOWERS    67° 56°

Sat          MOSTLY_CLOUDY              78° 61°

Sun         THUNDERSTORM                74° 58°

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeathers

Just a few minutes ago I could hear the rain, but now I can't, so maybe I can plant those 

plants I purchased yesterday at Lowes? As long as there is no thunderstorms, I can work

outdoors in the gentle rain that the farmers' like so well.

8:23 AM 5/25/2017 EDT. I'm spoiling myself. Yesterday I had a King Oscar double layer 

sardine sandwich and I could not resist having another one this morning. Those tiny 

beauties of the sea. If the packers would leave their heads on I could see if they're smiling

back at me.


**Cellular telephones. I have a Alcatel onetouch and my carrier is Total Wireless sold only

at Walmart. 

I remember my grandmother Caricofe's crank, land line phone on the southern wall of the 

living room. For you young folks with your faces to your cell phones, grandmother would 

place the phone to her ear and mouth, crank the handle , then ask the switchboard 

operator for the person she wanted to talk to. The switchbord operator would then plug 

her in to who grandmother wanted to talk to and then grandmother could talk. I don't 

know where the switchboard operators were at? Probably in Harrisonburg. There were 

party lines in those days, meaning for you young people again, that anyone on that party 

line could listen in to your conversation simply by picking up their phone. I would imagine 

that people with very little to do would sit in their easy chair for most of the day and listen 

to all the conversations, mostly gossip.

You can learn more by listening than by talking, can't you?


*6:20 AM 5/25/2017 EDT. Greg Gianforte: Fox News team witnesses GOP House candidate 

'body slam' reporter. Fox News - ‎7 hours ago‎.

""Greg Gianforte: Fox News team witnesses GOP House candidate 'body slam' reporter.

By Alicia Acuna Published May 24, 2017 Fox News. Excerpts from full article:
"The race to fill Montana's sole seat in the U.S. House of Representatives took a violent 

turn Wednesday, and a crew from the Fox News Channel, including myself, witnessed it 


As part of our preparation for a story about Thursday's special election to air on "Special 

Report with Bret Baier," we arranged interviews with the top two candidates, Republican 

Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist. On Wednesday, I joined field producer Faith 

Mangan and photographer Keith Railey in Bozeman for our scheduled interview with 

Gianforte, which was to take place at the Gianforte for Congress Bozeman Headquarters.

Faith, Keith and I arrived early to set up for the interview in a room adjacent to another 

room where a volunteer BBQ was to take place. As the time for the interview neared, 

Gianforte came into the room. We exchanged pleasantries and made small talk about 

restaurants and Bozeman.

During that conversation, another man — who we now know is Ben Jacobs of The Guardian 

— walked into the room with a voice recorder, put it up to Gianforte's face and began 

asking if he had a response to the newly released Congressional Budget Office report on 

the American Health Care Act. Gianforte told him he would get to him later. Jacobs 

persisted with his question. Gianforte told him to talk to his press guy, Shane Scanlon.

At that point, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into 

the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began 

punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to 

the effect of, "I'm sick and tired of this!"

Jacobs scrambled to his knees and said something about his glasses being broken. He 

asked Faith, Keith and myself for our names. In shock, we did not answer. Jacobs then said 

he wanted the police called and went to leave. Gianforte looked at the three of us and 

repeatedly apologized. At that point, I told him and Scanlon, who was now present, that 

we needed a moment. The men then left.

Greg Gianforte just body slammed me and broke my glasses. 7:06 PM - 24 May 2017.
To be clear, at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see Jacobs show any form 

of physical aggression toward Gianforte, who left the area after giving statements to local 

sheriff's deputies. 

As for myself and my crew, we are cooperating with local authorities. Gianforte was given 

a citation for misdemeanor assault and will have to appear in court sometime before 

June 7.

Scanlon later issued a statement saying that Jacobs "entered the [campaign] office without 

permission, aggressively shoved a recorder in Greg's face, and began asking badgering 


Later, the statement added, "After asking Jacobs to lower the recorder, Jacobs declined. 

Greg then attempted to grab the phone that was pushed in his face. Jacobs grabbed Greg's 

wrist, and spun away from Greg, pushing them both to the ground. It's unfortunate that 

this aggressive behavior from a liberal journalist created this scene at our campaign 

volunteer BBQ.""

Alicia Acuna joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1997 and currently serves as a general 

assignment reporter based in the network's Denver bureau.

**Is Ben Jacobs dead? No he's not. It was just a little squirmsh. And do you remember me

talking about a bad temper being a sin in the maybe last 2 stories of mine?

You may remember Diana, Princess of Wales, who was killed by an overzealous press 

meaning to me that the press will do anything for attention and profit no matter what the 


I have a niece who lives in the vicinity in Montana. Maybe she and her man, Mac Davis, 

saw it live?

But I just thought of something else that Greg Gianforte may be doing. Maybe he's  

practicing for a bout with Stipe Miocic.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stipe Miocic.

Born - August 19, 1982 (age 34).

Euclid, Ohio, U.S.

Nationality - American.

Height - 6 ft 4 in (193 cm).

Weight - 246 lb (112 kg; 17 st 8 lb).

Division - Heavyweight.

Reach - 80.0 in (203 cm).

Fighting out of - Independence, Ohio, U.S.

Team - Strong Style Fight Team.

Wrestling - NCAA Division I Wrestling.

Years active - 2010–present.

Mixed martial arts record.

Total               19

Wins               17

By knockout         13

By submission 1

By decision          3

Losses                 2

By knockout          1

By decision          1

University - Cleveland State University.


Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

Stipe Miocic (born August 19, 1982) is an American professional mixed martial artist and 

fireman currently competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is the 

current UFC Heavyweight Champion. 

As of April 2017, he is ranked #5 pound for pound in the UFC. Miocic has defended the 

belt twice, and by doing that he tied the record for most title defenses with Cain Velasquez, 

Brock Lesnar, Tim Sylvia and Randy Couture."

*8:48 AM 5/25/2017 EDT. Jobless claims up slightly; four-week average at 44-year low.

Reuters - 13 minutes ago.

**Where would the economy be if Hillary Clinton would have been elected president?

Think about it.

*8:55 AM 5/25/2017 EDT. President and Pope: Why Trump's foreign trip is surprising his 

critics. Fox News - ‎1 hour ago.‎

"President Trump's meeting with Pope Francis seemed to capture not just the success he's 

having on this foreign trip, but the progress he's made since he and the pontiff were at 

odds during the campaign."

**President is much like Pope Francis who forgives the angry people in his past. Maybe 

President Trump should become the first traveling U. S. president from afar letting his

administration deal with all the problems at home?

Well, I guess he should come back, at least, for his "State of the Union" address. The next

month and year for the "State of the Union" address is in January, 2018, so he won't have 

to come back for a while.

*4:51 AM 5/25/2017 EDT. Google's AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master.

Reuters - 44 minutes ago. By Cate Cadell | SHANGHAI

"Google's artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, beat Chinese Go master Ke Jie for a 

second time on Thursday, taking an unassailable 2-0 lead in a best of three series meant to 

test the limits of computers in taking on humans at complex tasks.

Go is a highly complex board game dating back thousands of years that involves two 

contestants placing black and white stones on a grid. It is popular in Asian countries and 

most top-ranked players hail from China, Japan and South Korea."

**I like Google and its' products. Mostly. I say "Mostly" because I've purchased a photo

editor and a video encoder that I don't use. For a photo editor I use Snapfish and for a 

video encoder I use Handbrake, both free. I can't even find the video encoder I bought 

from Google. 

But I purchased a web site domain just recently from Google for $12 for 1 year. The web 

site is: Seems to fit.

I've heard several times that nations including the U. S. invent products and then China 

manufactures the product cheaply and sells the product back to the nations that have 

invented it. Did China steal the technology from Google for Google's AlphaGo and then 

reinvent it as Chinese Go master Ke Jie?

*9:37 AM 5/25/2017 EDT. Whales reached huge size only recently.

BBC News - ‎May 24, 2017‎.

"Blue whales are the biggest animals that have ever existed on Earth but they only 

recently* got that way. This is the extraordinary finding from a new study that examined 

the fossil record of baleens - the group of filter feeders to which the blues belong."

**One of my favorite TV programs is National Geographic. These great animals of the sea

seem to be doing a ballet in the great oceans of the world.

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