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"Do we really have to 'Fear Thy Neighbor'?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon mowing the grass. The weather forecaster

predicted rain, but there was none and I enjoyed the sun and all its' glory. 

I spray sunscreen on my body except for my shorts, going barefoot and without a shirt. 

So far I haven't felt that slight stinging on my back because of a sunburn. 

I also made 2 videos. One was me in my room, the other was me driving through the yard

in the Honda and telling about various things about the yard, flower beds and the property.

**The weather today calls for a high temperature of 78° and thunderstorms. If the 

weather permits I'd like to replant 2 pine trees that are not growing like I think they  

should be growing. I believe they need more space and more sunlight.

I will have to drive to Discount Drug Mart in Wooster and Rite Aid in Orrville for 

prescription medications today and later I'll drive to pickup take out food for all of us in 

either Wooster or Orrville.


**Fear Thy Neighbor.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

"Fear Thy Neighbor is an American reality documentary television series which premiered 

on April 14, 2014, on the Investigation Discovery channel. The show focuses on various 

feuds between next door neighbors which sometimes escalate into tragedies."

I met a not close neighbor several days ago and met the neighbors to our west and 

adjacent and the other across Smucker Road somewhat catty cornered from our house. 

I've been back from Las Vegas about a year I had failed to met my neighbors. 

How rude of me.

My Father and Mother by example taught me to be friendly and hospitable, meeting and 

greeting new neighbors or meeting and greeting neighbors when we moved to another 


How rude of me. 

The neighbor just beside us to the west was not as friendly as me, but seemed to want to

be left alone like me. We did not exchange names and we talked a short while of our yards

and of sowing grass seed.

The neighbor across Smucker Road was painting his front porch and that gave me the 

chance to talk to him. He was friendly like I like people to be and as I approached the 

porch I could see that an older man was with him and helping to paint.

We introduce each other with a handshake and a name mine being Forrest and the 

younger, __________ and the older, __________ which is the proper thing to do.

They were Father and son. The Father lives in Clearwater, Florida where I lived for a short

time and he was visiting his son maybe just for a visit and to help around the house. 

Father and son, a perfect duo. 

The son said he was only child and did not seemed spoiled a bit seeming to admired his 

Father as he worked. 

I had just started to mow the grass before I went to the son's house and finally we said 

"I'll see you" and "nice to meet you." That's what they said "nice to meet you," but I said 

"nice to meet yo all," of course, being born and raised in the south.

As to the reference from above: 'Fear Thy Neighbor.' I don't think I have anything to worry


Oh, I bet you still want to know their names don't you? I'll give you a hint. The first letter 

of their first name is one of the 26 letters of the English alphabet.


*7:14 AM 5/28/2017 EDT. Trump considers major changes amid escalating Russia crisis.

Washington Post - ‎12 hours ago‎.

"President Trump and his advisers, seeking to contain the escalating Russia crisis that 

threatens to consume his presidency, are considering a retooling of his senior staff and the 

creation of a “war room” within the White House ...."

By Viktor Olevich - - Friday, May 26, 2017. ANALYSIS/OPINION:


Excerpts copied and pasted from full article:

.... "A pragmatic, realist reappraisal of the Russian-American relations should start with 

addressing issues directly affecting the diplomats of both countries. The mean-spirited, 

shabby treatment of Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak by the Washington political class 

and press corps is unprecedented in its unfairness.

Starting off on a new, positive note with Mr. Kislyak’s incoming replacement, Anatoly 

Antonov, would pave the way to a healthier atmosphere, more conducive to dialogue and 

compromise rather than suspicion and mutual recriminations.  Prompt return of the 

Pioneer Point diplomatic retreat in Maryland and another Russian mansion on Long 

Island’s Gold Coast that were expropriated by U.S. authorities on President Barack 

Obama’s orders in violation of the Vienna Convention would be a significant step in 

normalizing ties with Moscow.

A coordinated effort to combat international terrorism is a policy that both nations can 

pursue to mutual benefit. America’s chaotic foreign policy in the Middle East at the outset 

of the new century ...."

**I believe that the solution to this crisis could be quite simple. President Trump could 

meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a neutral site, say Taiwan, without their 

advisers with them and then after handshakes and while drinking coffee and eating 

meatloaf, one of President Trump's favorite food, they could talk face-to-face and man-to-

man and at least settle some of their problems.

*9:42 AM 5/28/2017 EDT. Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei lashes out against Saudi 

Arabia for strengthening US ties. Fox News - ‎17 hours ago.‎

"Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, speaking at an event marking the first day of 

Ramadan, accused Saudi Arabia of trading its wealth with “pagans and enemies,” according 

to the semi-official Fars news agency."

**Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, if you and your little fat buddy, Kim Jong-un,

would join the world and obey the rules (nuclear) instead of isolating yourself and your 

country, sponsoring terrorism and just being a pain in the a%#, the world would look at

your country in a different light and you wouldn't have to do so much whining.

*9:42 AM 5/28/2017 EDT. Learning to read and write alters brain wiring within months, 

even for adults. Washington Post - 44 minutes ago. 

**The schools quit teaching cursive writing. I wonder what that does to the brain wiring?

I guess young people will use an electronic signature rather than a cursive one?

Oh, there is famous saying in this area: "Reading, writing and the road to Rittman" 

meaning all the hillbilly's, like me, come up north to Rittman (about 10 miles north of here 

which has a military cemetery) from West Virginia and Virginia. I don't know how I ended 

up in Smithville?

*10:21 AM 5/28/2017 EDT. Lack Of Sleep May Cause Your Brain To 'Eat' Itself: Study

NDTV - ‎1 hour ago.‎

"This suggests that sleep loss can trigger astrocytes to start breaking down more of the 

brain's connections and their debris, reported 'New Scientist'.

**What's going on? First the headlines say "Learning to read and write alters brain wiring 

within months, even for adults." And know reports are saying that the brain can eat itself.

I know people eat animal brains, but I have never tried it. 

I know what's going on. Governments fund research groups to find out certain things and 

if the research group does not come up with a finding that the government likes, the 

research will not receive anymore funding.

I guess to resolve all this from above is to try and get more sleep and to hire an electrician

to rewire our brain.

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