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29 May 17 - 1258 EDT - Memorial Day


"Blossoming trees are much more awesome when you have a view from Heaven."

Forrest Caricofe

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from Heaven."


**Those 2 pine trees I told you about yesterday that were not growing as well as I 

thought, I replanted so that they would get full sun with no shade at all unless the sky

is dark with clouds. I didn't read the tag when I first planted them and now I saw on the 

tag that they need 3 to 6 hours full sun. The other pretty violet flowering plant I told you

about needs to have 1 to 3 hours of sunlight, so I had to move 1 in the southwest corner 

because it was shielded by that pine tree that I moved.

**The weather today calls for a high temperature of 78° and mostly sunny skies. 

I told you before that I'm running out of things to do in the flower beds and the yard 

except for the continuous process of pulling weeds, spraying weed killer and sowing grass.

But I also have something else to do because I still have plenty of room. Planting plants 

and flowers. So I'm going to Lowes in Wooster, after a stop at the military cemetery in 

Ritman, to purchase as many perennial plants as I can get into the Honda. And I'll use my

credit card. It seems I'm spending all of my inheritance from Father and Mother on flowers 

and related things I need. I don't know about Father so much, but Mother loved her trees,

plants and flowers and she wouldn't mind me spending the money.

I can remember a tree next to Herring Lane and south of the house that her friend, Mrs. 

Logan, gave to Mother. It was beautiful when it bloomed, but Mother now has a much 

greater view of that tree's awesome brilliance.


**Today is Memorial Day.

Memorial Day

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Memorial Day sometimes called "Decoration Day."
Official name - Memorial Day.

Observed by - United States.

Type - National.

Observances - Remembrance of American war dead.

Date - Last Monday in May.

Frequency - Annual.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who 

died while serving in the country's armed forces. The holiday is currently observed every 

year on the last Monday of May. It marks the unofficial start of the summer vacation 

season, while Labor Day marks its unofficial end. Many people visit cemeteries and 

memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers 

place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries.

Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veterans Day; Memorial Day is a day of 

remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates 

the service of all U.S. military veterans."

I was watching wkyc, Cleveland, the other night and saw a news item on "Carry the Load:"

Honor and Celebrate Our Nation’s Heroes.

"Carry The Load is a non-profit dedicated to providing active, meaningful ways to honor ,

and celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes — military, law enforcement, 

firefighters and first responders.

What started as a mission to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day has broadened to 

include more than just our military heroes and more than just the one holiday. Carry The 

Load works to bring all Americans together to participate in honoring our nation’s heroes 

every day."

I grew up in Dayton, Virginia, and I knew that George Dolbryn Thomas, a Marine, had died 

in Vietnam at age 19. But I didn't that Norman Norwood Miller, Army, age 26, Kenneth

Wilson Shook, Air Force, age 21 and Dickie Carson Curry, Army, age 20, had also died in

Vietnam. The last 3 were strangers to me then and because they died in Vietnam they 

always be strangers to me now. 

But I can do something yet. The purpose of "Carry the Load" is to carry a backpack with

large last name name tags sewn onto the back of the backpack and carried as often as 

possible and thinking about those long dead soldiers and heroes on a daily basis. 

I know a sewing woman in Wooster, Judy from Kentucky, who sews the American flags on

my polyester shirts and shorts. Maybe she can create the name tags I want or tell me 

someone who can. She then can sew the 4 names on one of my backpacks.

And just like the military, I'll have her sew on the name tags in alphabetical order:






*9:47 AM 5/29/2017 EDT. How a single sentence from Angela Merkel showed what Trump 

means to the world. CNN - ‎37 minutes ago‎.

"Washington (CNN) On Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel uttered a single 

sentence that speaks to how fundamentally President Donald Trump is -- and will continue 

to -- reshape the world, and America's place in it."

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large. Updated 9:33 AM ET, Mon May 29, 2017.

**German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a very smart woman and very popular with the 

German people. She is serving her 3rd term as Chancellor. She is not directly elected by 

the people, but by the majority of votes of the parliament who, of course, represent the 

German people.  the German constitution as well. The president, as head of state, the 

chancellor is only the head of government can only be reelected once for a total tenure of 

10 years.

Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Angela Dorothea Merkel is a German politician who is currently Chancellor of Germany. 

She is also the leader of the Christian Democratic Union. 

Born: July 17, 1954 (age 62), Hamburg, Germany.

Height: 5′ 5.″

Party: Christian Democratic Union of Germany.

Spouse: Joachim Sauer (m. 1998), Ulrich Merkel (m. 1977–1982).

Parents: Horst Kasner, Herlind Kasner.


The willingness to learn new skills is very high.

Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that earning money isn't the top 


The euro is our common fate, and Europe is our common future."

She says President Trump will reshape America and the world. And you know what? She 

might be right.

*10:19 AM 5/29/2017 EDT. Philippine Forces Struggle to Evacuate City Overrun by Islamic 

Militants. New York Times - ‎4 hours ago‎.

Philippine Forces Struggle to Evacuate City Overrun by Islamic Militants.

By FELIPE VILLAMORMAY 29, 2017. Excerpt from full article:

"MARAWI, Philippines — Hundreds of desperate residents remained trapped in this 

besieged southern Philippine city on Monday, as local militants loyal to the Islamic State 

and backed by foreign fighters stubbornly held their ground against government troops.

Troops have so far cleared just half of Marawi of militants from the Abu Sayyaf and Maute 

groups, but the insurgents have broken up into small groups and proved elusive, said Zia 

Alonto Adiong, a spokesman for the Lanao del Sur provincial government. The military’s 

inability to drive out the rebels has become a major challenge for the government of 

President Rodrigo Duterte, who declared martial law in the region last week in vowing to 

quash the insurgents.

In a sign that the standoff was turning into a long-term siege, Mr. Alonto said the province 

had imposed a nightly curfew and called on civilians to help the military fight and subdue 

the militants.

“Government forces are allowing citizens’ arrests,” he said. “We are calling on those who 

can to help us,” he told reporters in Marawi, as helicopters on bombing runs circled above 

this once bustling city of 200,000, which has now been reduced to a virtual ghost town 

where pockets of gunfire intermittently break the eerie silence."

**President Rodrigo Duterte is popular to his people and a very, very tough man. He has 

thrown his own country's corrupt officials from helicopters and had his own people who 

were drug dealers or other criminals murdered. He'll rid his nation of the ISIS threat,


President Rodrigo Duterte is a very rough and tough man.

*11:03 AM 5/29/2017 EDT. Japan vows to take action with US after North Korea missile 

test. Fox News - ‎30 minutes ago.‎

**Experts say that North Korea has the missile capabilities to launch a missile close to 

Hawaii, so Japan being closer you can see their concern. I haven't heard from South Korea

who has the biggest stake in this or the other countries that are just as close as Japan?

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