Saturday, May 6, 2017

6 May 17 - 1018 EDT


"With age we learn to know that we cannot live forever."

Forrest Caricofe


**It rained constantly yesterday so I didn't even go out to the yard to accomplish my 3 

goals of grass seeding the bare brown places in the yard, planting seeds and spreading the 

black mulch.

**I was more or less house bound for most of the day except for taking our dog, Dolly Jo, 

to her hair clippers, picking her up later and at the same time picking up food for the house 

members at Subway and East of Chicago Pizza. 

I also mailed out 8 postcards to members of postcrossing, who live all over the world, at 

the Orrville Post Office where I also bought global stamps for $1.35 a stamp. I will be 

posting these picture postcards in the next 8 days.

**Today there will be showers again with a high temperature of 50°. I hope to accomplish

at least the grass seeding that I've been unable to do for the last 3 days.

**I also need to go to Walmart again in Wooster to purchase 2 bags of mixed greens and 2 

bags of mixed fish I told you about. I've grown very fond of the taste.

**I usual have an Orleans Sardine sandwich each morning, but this morning I'm having a

sandwich of goose liver and later I'll have the sardine sandwich.

**I just went outdoors and for now there is no rain, but it could begin again at any time 

because of the cloudy skies.


**If I had only six months to live what would I do? Would I cry out to God and ask why?

Would I break down and blame others for my upcoming dismiss or would I simply await 

my passing from this earth like a man should and welcome my going to Heaven? I've had a

plan for dying for sometime now much like the plan of Ann Kreilkamp below:

"So I do wonder. For years, I thought that the way I would choose to die would be the way 

I imagine they did. In a somewhat remote, wild area, I would lay my body down for its 

final rest. The Idaho desert would be one obvious choice, since I grew up in Twin Falls, 

about an hour south of the eerie Craters of the Moon.

For me, to die in this manner, the transition between zones would not be violent, but 

rather gentle, and glad. The way my husband Jeff left this world, in the early morning, 

while lying in bed alone, my just vacated body’s heat still warming his backside. For 

though he was cold that night of his departure, he waited until I left the bed for his heart 

to give out.

Jeff’s death was civilized. Mine might not be. Out on the desert to die. I would lay me down 

to sleep. Letting go of food and water, asking animals to leave me be, until dead.

My body would not be found until after coyotes and eagles and wolves had torn it to 

shreds, stripped it of flesh, and scattered the bones."

walk-into-the-desert-to-die/- Posted on October 24, 2013 by Ann Kreilkamp.

I was more or less born alone, I've been alone most all of my life and want to die alone in 

the end in the wilderness.


*6:36 AM 5/6/2017 EDT. UK local elections: Conservatives score big gains, huge win for 

PM May. Fox News - ‎14 hours ago.‎

"The Conservative party in the United Kingdom scored huge gains in local elections across 

the country on Friday, signaling that Prime Minister Theresa May's call for the public to 

give her party a bigger majority in Parliament is making an impact."

**Prime Minister Theresa May is Britain's second female prime minister since Margaret 

Thatcher. "Although Beckett and Harriet Harman served as interim Labour Party 

leaders, neither was elected to that post."

By Mary Nugent July 16, 2016, The Washington Post.

Britain is ruled by 2 women, Prime Minister May and Queen Elizabeth II. The United States 

has never had a female President although they were very close with Hillary Clinton. Does 

this mean that a nation with many freedoms, the U. S., still do not believe in equal rights 

for women?

*8:25 AM 5/6/2017 EDT. France's election commission probes report of hacking.

Fox News - ‎2 hours ago‎.

"France's election campaign commission said Saturday that it is examining the reported 

hacking attack on candidate Emmanuel Macron's political movement and subsequent 

document leaks online."

**This situation pretty much mirrors the U. S. election between Donald Trump and Hillary

Clinton. Hackers from Russia supposedly attempted to sway the election towards Donald 

Trump and against Hillary Clinton. In France's case, the hackers are attempting to sway the

election toward Marine Le Pen and against the other candidate Emmanuel Macron.

*8:35 AM 5/6/2017 EDT. US dismisses Russia's ban on military aircraft over Syria safe 

zones. Fox News - ‎4 hours ago‎.

"A State Department official on Friday said that the Russian proposal calling to bar U.S. 

military aircrafts from flying over designated safe zones cannot “limit” the U.S."

**A day or so ago Russia and the U. S. agreed to no flying over safe zones in Syria. I don't 

know what exactly happened, but I think that both countries should agree on either flying

or not flying over these "designated safe zones" in Syria.

*8:43 AM 5/6/2017 EDT. Hamas elects Haniyeh as new political chief: spokesman.

Reuters - 26 minutes ago.

**Hamas is a designated terrorist group by Israel, the US, EU, Canada and Japan. Hamas's

main goal is the destruction of Israel and is also a resistance movement to non-radical 

Islam. Being a terrorists group, I don't understand their tendency toward democracy and 

electing a leader.

*9:19 AM 5/6/2017 EDT. Trump's pick for Army secretary drops out amid criticism of LGBT, 

Islam remarks. Fox News - ‎16 hours ago.‎

"President Trump's nominee to be the next Army secretary withdrew his name from 

consideration Friday, Pentagon officials confirmed to Fox News, after he was accused of 

making anti-LGBT and Islamophobic remarks."

**I've learned over time to think before I speak.

*9:24 AM 5/6/2017 EDT. What Famous Brands Does Berkshire Hathaway Fully Own?

Motley Fool - ‎51 minutes ago‎ .

"As of the latest available information, Warren Buffett-led conglomerate Berkshire 

Hathaway (NYSE:BRK-A) (NYSE:BRK-B) has 61 fully owned subsidiary companies listed on 

its website."

**Mr. Buffett lives in Omaha, Nebraska once close to my son, Michael, who lived in several

apartments and houses after his discharge from Offutt Air Force Base. 

If I, just 3 years out of high school (1964), would have invested $1,000 it would have 

generated over $9.98 million. But young persons do not think about those things when 

they are so young.

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