Sunday, May 7, 2017

7 May 17 - 1005 EDT


"A person's past always remains in the past and that should be the end of that."

Forrest Caricofe


**Yesterday I went to Loews, my bank, Walmart in Wooster and Rite Aid and Subway in 

Orrville in that order. At Loews at purchased 6 plants and/or flowers at the reduced price

of $1 or $3. I placed my web cam into my right jacket pocket before I entered the store

hoping to video the garden center which I did. And like I did at all the places that I had 

stopped at, except for the bank, I placed the web cam in my right jacket pocket hoping to

audio some of the friendly encounters between others and myself. The video of Loews is 

still uploading to YouTube and hopefully I'll be able to post it later tomorrow.

**The weather calls for sunny today, Monday and Tuesday with temperatures in the 

low 50s. Wednesday the temperature will climb to 67° with partly cloudy skies.

**7:03 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. I've just came back from taking all of the trash in the house to

the deck. The sun is finally up with some clouds remaining and I will at last be able to 

work in the yard and flower beds.

**7:31 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. I've just made a video of me guitar syncing to a free audio from

YouTube. I'm dressed in a white cowboy hat, long sleeve white shirt and an off white suit

coat. It's being encoded by Handbrake this very minute and I'll soon be able to upload it to


9:57 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. I've just posted the video to Facebook and other social media sites.


**My daughter-in-law is my favorite daughter-in-law because she is the only daughter-in- 

law I have. I don't know too much about her past, but she must have committed some 

illegal acts because she has many aliases. She is married to my oldest son, Michael, and 

along with him they make a wonderful and perfect duo.

I know at least 2 of her many aliases and because of maybe something in her past I will 

not mention either one because I don't want to get her in trouble. She has said her name 

to me when we have talked occasionally, but I don't know if that was her real name or one 

of her many aliases.

I won't give to you any hints either because I want her protected from potential evil. So,

let's just leave it at that and I'll call her and known to you as the "unknown stranger."


*6:16 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. China to further tighten its internet controls.

Reuters - 30 minutes ago.

**I believe that all Americans and other countries with the same freedoms should be 

grateful for the privileges of a free internet and free speech.

*7:43 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. France election: Voting begins in major election that could 

shakeup Europe. Fox News - ‎2 hours ago.‎

"Voters across France flooded to the ballot box Sunday to choose a new president in an 

unusually tense and important election that puts Europe in the balance as pro-business 

independent Emmanuel Macron and far-right populist Marine Le Pen will become 


From France live: Voter turnout at 28.2% at noon in French presidential election. 

**I typed about the election in France yesterday. President Trump is both a populist and 

pro-business. Populism is returning power of a country to the people and that was Trump's 

camphain promise. So France has 2 candidates who have a little bit of Trump and Clinton

in each. Trump is a populist and pro-business and Clinton is middle to far right. Polls 

suggest that Macron is ahead. There are many other countries in Europe so why would the

outcome of this election affect the balance of power in Europe? Often the social media like

to tell a good tale.

*8:12 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. Always Dreaming wins 143rd Kentucky Derby.

ESPN - ‎11 hours ago.‎

"LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A trainer and jockey accustomed to success. A headstrong horse with a 

mind of his own. Together, they harnessed their collective talents to win the Kentucky 


**This is what I typed on May 5: "**The first leg of the Triple Crown will be tomorrow.... 

Classic Empire is the favorite at 4-1 with Always Dreaming and McCraken at 5-1 at the 

present time. These odds will change after the betting starts tomorrow. If you are betting, 

good luck."

After the betting started yesterday Always Dreaming became the favorite and went on to

win on a track that was like creamy peanut butter.

The positions of the win, place and show horses at the finish line:


      1                     Always Dreaming

      2                     Lookin At Lee

      3                     Battle of Midway

Classic Empire finished 4th and McCracken finished 8th.

*8:46 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. Israel's Netanyahu says Palestinians don't educate to peace.

Washington Post - ‎3 hours ago‎.

"JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Palestinians are not 

educating their children toward peace. Netanyahu spoke Sunday at his weekly Cabinet 

meeting ahead of U.S. visit."

**Jews are hated all over the world even in this country, but no one hates the Israels more 

than Islam. And Israel is surrounded by Islam. Arabs are taught from childhood to hate the

Jews and it will take many years of re-education to reverse this pure hatred of "God's 

chosen people."

*9:05 AM 5/7/2017 EDT. Perdue recalls chicken sausage due to contamination.

WTVD-TV - ‎24 minutes ago‎.

"Perdue is recalling some chicken sausage products because they might be contaminated 

with plastic pieces. The recall includes 24-ounce plastic packages containing eight links of 

fully cooked ready to eat "PERDUE HARVESTLAND Italian Style Organic ..."

**There is a Perdue plant in Bridgewater, Virginia just about 1 and 1/2 miles south on 

Route 42 from my Father and Mother's last home. Their advertisements both on the 

packages and TV state that there are no additives. You know though, I really rather not eat

an additive called plastic.

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