Sunday, May 14, 2017

Postcrossing - 14 May 17 - 1226 EDT

**The following is a profile of someone I sent a picture postcard to who lives in the 

city of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

577 postcards sent, 576 received

Languages: English, un poco Español, Français, Nederlands


About the recipient:

“Hello I`m __________ , I live in a nice city with a very old center in the middle of Holland. 

I love to dance (Modern Dance-Graham, ballet and flamenco), to go to a museum or to the 

theatre. Other hobbies are photography and traveling as much as I can.

If you have no idea what to sent, I like:

- illustrations

- old buildings

- Art nouveau - Jugendstil 

- seascapes

- fairies 

- ballet

- vintage cards

- flowers

- buddha

- black and white photography

- fog

I'm also interested in postcards from the city or country where you live.

I hope you'll send me a postcard without an enveloppe (♥ stamps).

If you need inspiration - share your dreams, favorite music and books with me.

Have a nice day, __________”

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City in the Netherlands

"Utrecht is a city in the central Netherlands that has been a religious center for centuries. 

It has a medieval old town, canals, Christian monuments and a venerable university. The 

iconic Domtoren, a 14th-century bell tower with city views, stands opposite the Gothic 

Cathedral of St. Martin on central Domplein square. The Museum Catharijneconvent shows 

religious art and artifacts in a former monastery."

Local time: Sunday 6:18 PM (time here: 12:21 PM)

Weather: 65°F (18°C), Wind W at 13 mph (21 km/h), 55% Humidity (temperature here: 
67° F).

Province: Utrecht

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