Sunday, May 21, 2017

Postcrossing - 21 May 17 - 1103 EDT

**The following is an email message I received from when I registered

a picture postcard I received from someone in Parainen, Finland.

Hello Forrest!

This is a copy of the message you wrote when you registered postcard FI-2974015 from 

__________ , in Finland. Use it for archiving/tracking purposes.

You wrote:

“Hi, __________

Thanks so much for the picture postcard of the ship drawn by the Finnish artist. It's a 

wonderful drawing.

I will tell about your country, city and/or town on my web site: just Google = Forrest 

Caricofe, in the coming week or so.

I post to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, digg, blogger, Pin interest, Linkedin, Tumbler,

Stumble Upon and upload my own videos to YouTube.

Thanks again.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pargas (Parainen)

Municipality in Finland

"Pargas is a municipality of Finland, in the Archipelago Sea. The big limestone mine in 

Pargas is the base of the main industry, while there are still significant rural areas. Except 

for the central parts of Pargas, the municipality is mostly rural. 

Area: 184.1 mi²

Weather: 64°F (18°C), Wind S at 14 mph (23 km/h), 49% Humidity (temperature here: 


Hotels: 3-star averaging $119. 

Getting there: 15 h 43 min flight, from $1,633. (Smithville, Ohio shares a small airport with

all of Wayne County).

Local time: Sunday 4:50 PM. (time here: 9:55 AM).

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