Monday, May 22, 2017

Postcrossing - 22 May 17 - 0945 EDT

**The following is an email message I received from when I registered

a picture postcard I received from someone who lives in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Hello Forrest!

This is a copy of the message you wrote when you registered postcard TW-2244879 from 

__________ , in Taiwan. Use it for archiving/tracking purposes.

You wrote:

“Hi, ___________

My favorite food is fish and I know that you have a wonderful island nation.

Thanks so much for the picture postcard. I have never received this type of postcard 


I will tell about your country, city and/or town on my web site: just Google = Forrest 


I post to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, digg, blogger, Pin interest, Linkedin, Tumbler,

Stumbler Upon and upload my own videos to YouTube.

Thanks again.


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City in Taiwan

'Hsinchu is a city in northern Taiwan, southwest of the capital city of Taipei. It’s known for 

its ornate Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple, lined with food stalls. Close by is Yin 

Hsi East Gate, a 19th-century structure once used as an entrance to the city. Hsinchu Zoo 

houses hippos, Bengal tigers and Malay bears. Southeast of the center, trails cross the 

forested Shibajian (18 Peaks) Mountain."

Weather: 80°F (27°C), Wind E at 3 mph (5 km/h), 79% Humidity (temperature here 73°F).

Postal code: 300 (Smithville, Ohio postal code: 44677-9713).

Local time: Monday 9:31 PM (Smithville day and time: Monday 9:36 AM). 

Population: 434,674 (2016) (Smithville's population: 1,263 (2014) an increase of 11 people

since the 2010 census (1,252).

Province: Taiwan Province (county: Wayne).

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