Sunday, May 7, 2017

Postcrossing - 7 May 17 - 1110 EDT

I sent a picture postcard in an envelope to someone in Germany. Their profile is below:

“Dear Postcrossers! 

Hallo! My name is __________ , I'm 19 years old and I live in the capital city of Germany - 


I really enjoy reading, spending time together with my 8 year old niece Leny and (of 

course) writing postcards. Moreover I love dogs and spend a lot of my spare time watching 

cute dog videos on Instagram or Facebook :D In a few years I would like to own my own 



It would be great to recieve postcards depicting:

# sights and typical places from your country (but please no typical tourist cards)

# art, paintings, especially from Van Gogh

# 50's and 60's, Pin up, Burlesque, Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn

# "Greetings from..." cards from Postallove

# map cards

# wild animals: especially (rein)deers, elephants and foxes

# dogs!

# christmas, Birthday and other season cards

# vintage postcards

# landscapes

# romance

# books/literature

# coffee

# handmade- and artcards

But I'm glad about every single postcard I recieve so choose the one you think I would like 

:) Please write the date on the postcard! I prefer single views. I don't like multi views.

NO thin, old or destroyed postcards! 

If you want, you can put some items in it. I would love that. I don't collect stamps, but I 

collect coins and of course I would like to get other stuff like magnets, maps, ...

In case that you want to make me very very happy you could send a keychain from your 

country because I collect those :) 

If you're not sure which type of postcard I prefer take a look at my favorites. Maybe that 

will help you to choose the perfect one for me. Oh, and I love love love different pretty 


I would like to read something about you and your life. If you have no idea about which 

things you could write, there is some inspiration below. You could tell about:

# your favorite memory# your passion/things you love

# a person you love

# an inspiring quote

# a special moment

# your favorite book/movie

# goals in your life

I'm in love with love!

So I would really appreciate it when you tell me something about your relationship or your 

partner in general, the things you enjoy doing together, memories, your first date, first 

kiss, your feelings ...

If your postcard got lost, just send me a message with the ID and I will register it. 

Happy Postcrossing! :)”

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