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"Experiences and common sense are more important than a formal public educat‭ion."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: Your search - "Experiences and common sense are more important than a 

formal public education." - did not match any documents. 


**After completing and posting my story (blog) and postcrossing yesterday I spent most of

the rest of the day driving Bill to the Louie Stokes' Veteran Medical Center in Cleveland. 

When we started out the traffic was normal, but when I got nearer to Cleveland (about 50

miles north of here) I had to slow down due to construction and slow drivers.

I made about 6 videos in the VA medical center and I hope I don't get in trouble for that.

I've already look at the 1st video and it is not good enough to upload to YouTube so I'll 

delete it.

The traffic was just as bad on the way back, probably because of the start of afternoon 

rush hour, but we finally made it back to the house. 

**The weather forecast for today calls for high temperature of 74° and mostly sunny skies.

I have very little to do like I told you before unless I have plants to plant or to move plants 

to a better location because of their wilted or dying look.

But I believe I'll mow the grass again today, I've gotten quite fond of doing that.


**I've seen an advertisement on TV several times about a company for profit called Ohio 

Virtual Academy. Grades: K-12. 

When I saw the commercial I believed that was for all 50 states, but after looking it up 

online I found that it was only present in Ohio:

"Explore your online public school options in Ohio today.

Ohio Virtual Academy

Grades: K-12

OHVA offers an individualized education for all students. The school offers a robust 

curriculum including subjects such as art, music, world languages, and AP® courses. In 

addition, high school students can earn college credits through the dual enrollment 


A badge with text Earn college credit

Earn college credit through the CollegeCredit Plus program at OHVA."






From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Education company.

K12 Inc. is a for-profit education company that sells online schooling and curriculum to 

state and local governments.

Customer service: 1 (866) 512-2273.

Sales: 1 (866) 512-6463.

Stock price: LRN (NYSE) 

$18.83 0.00 (0.00%).

Headquarters: Herndon, VA. The company is located in the state where I was born and 

raised and the K12 company only operates in Ohio where I now live? Kind of confusing to

say the least. 

Herndon is in Fairfax County, in the Washington, D. C., and is responsible along with other

cities in that area for their mistake of electing liberals and Democrats to high government 

offices. I'm just kidding, you know I don't mean that.

CEO: Nathaniel A. Davis (Jan 1, 2014–).

Founder: Ronald J. Packard.

Founded: April 2000.

Overview of School Funding in Ohio.

"Last fiscal year (FY 2016), the state of Ohio spent more on primary and secondary 

education than at any other time in state history. FY16 State General Revenue Fund and 

Lottery Profit spending for primary and secondary education exceeded FY10 funding levels 

by nearly $1.6 billion, or 22.6 percent. Even including one-time, federal stimulus funding, 

TPP/KwH reimbursements, and property tax relief, FY16 funding levels exceeded FY10 

funding levels by $566.5 million, or 5.9 percent.

Am. Sub. House Bill 64 (HB 64) continues to invest additional funds for primary and 

secondary education in Ohio. This year (FY17), State General Revenue Fund and Lottery 

Profit spending for primary and secondary education will exceed FY15 funding levels by 

more than $725 million, or 8.8 percent. Even including TPP/KwH reimbursements and 

property tax relief, FY17 estimated funding levels will exceed FY15 funding levels by 

$556.7 million, or 5.6 percent.

The governor’s (John Kasich, who still may not be friends with President Trump) budget 

recommendations for FY18 and FY19 continues this record investment. Resources allocated 

primary and secondary education total $10.51 billion in FY18 and $10.62 billion in FY19; 

increasing $199.8 million during the biennium. The GRF portion of these appropriations is 

recommended at $8.05 billion in FY18 and $8.19 billion in FY19, representing growth of 

$143.5 million, or 1.8%, in FY18, and another $136.9 million, or 1.7%, in FY19. Lottery 

appropriations equal slightly more than $1.0 billion in both fiscal years. State education 

appropriations represent the largest commitment of state appropriations."

I looked it up on line, but I could not find exactly if the Virtual Reality Company, K 12,

was funded by the state of Ohio, but I sure they are.

I wonder if they teach cursive writing?


*7:30 AM 6/1/2017 EDT. Trump pulls US out of Paris deal: What it would mean.

The Hill - ‎1 hour ago‎.

"Pulling the United States out of the Paris climate deal would have unforeseen 

consequences for President Trump, his international agenda and U.S."

**I know what it would mean, it could save a lot of taxpayer money which is required for 

an appointed long list of people who meet with other members of the world to talk about

Climate Change. It would require a huge expense account for all of the U. S. delegation to

include airfares, very expensive hotels, food at the finest restaurants, the best rental cars

and the leader (s) of the delegation may bring their lackeys and/or yes man.

*7:58 AM 6/1/2017 EDT. Trump, Clinton spar on Twitter after former candidate ripped 

Russia for loss. Fox News - ‎1 hour ago.‎

"President Trump trolled Hillary Clinton after the former Democratic presidential nominee 

blamed a litany of factors -- including Russia, Facebook and national misogyny -- for her 

2016 loss during a Wednesday forum in California."

**Hillary, did you ever hear the phrase: "When it's over, it's over?"

What does spar mean from above? Your right, it means putting boxing gloves on and 

fighting it out in the ring. 

Hillary, quit living in the past and move on. You must have been a very spoiled child.

Maybe you, Hillary, ought to join Joe Biden's new PAC (Political Action Committee) from 

below. I would give you something to do instead of your constant whining.

*8:25 AM 6/1/2017 EDT. Biden to unveil new PAC on Thursday, report says.

Fox News - ‎13 hours ago.‎

"Former Vice President Joe Biden will announce the creation of a new political action 

committee on Thursday."

**I like Joe Biden and Michelle Obama better than her husband and former President 


Is former Vice President Biden planning to run for President in 2020? If so, I'd like to see

him duke it out with Michelle Obama. It should be a fair and equal fight with no 


*9:21 AM 6/1/2017 EDT. Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James says 'hate is living every day 

in America.'WKYC-TV - ‎14 hours ago‎.

"CLEVELAND -- Early Wednesday morning, a West Los Angeles home owned by Cleveland 

Cavaliers small forward LeBron James was vandalized and a racial slur was spray-painted 

onto a front gate of the Brentwood home."

Will hate against other people of color ever cease to exist? No, not until our home, Planet

Earth is destroyed.

After all that LeBron James has done for Cleveland and Akron, his birthplace, and and the 

surrounding area I don't know why a person with hate for persons of color would do such

a thing. I hope, if they arrest the offender, they will be burned at the stake or hanged. 

No, I don't mean that. Just like the judge tells the jury, the jury and you are not to 

remember what was just said. Sure they and you will.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (colors: wine and gold) will play the Golden State Warriors (colors:

royal blue and golden yellow) tonight in the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California starting at 

9:00 PM EDT on ABC.

My prediction: Cavaliers in 6 games.

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