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"Our name is always important to us all."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After posting my story (blog) of the day, a postcrossing and maybe 2 videos,

I drove to Orrville to Bell Stores service station (Marathon) and my PNC (Pittsburgh 

National Corporation) bank to cash a check. While there I asked the friendly teller if she 

had any gold dollars coins and/or $2 dollar bills? She had no gold dollar coins, but she had 

$20 worth of $2 dollar bills so I purchased the 10 she had, paying with a $20 dollar bill. I 

use the gold coins and $2 dollar bills when giving out cards for birthdays and at Christmas 

and other special events. 

After returning to the house I went outdoors to replant some plants that needed more 

sunlight or less and sow some more grass seed in various places. I also remarked the bulbs 

that I had planted 8 inches underground with a cut-in-3-pieces of a plastic coat hanger to 

replace the plastic straws that I had used. 

An old weathered pole like the trunk of a tree marks the southwest corner of the property

which fell over during the winter. I promised the farmer woman that I would sink it back 

into the ground. Several days ago, I used a shovel to dig the biggest hole and then I placed

it in the ground and stomped the dirt downward around the pole and the result was that I

was looking up to about a 7 foot high pole. I'd forgotten we had a post hole digger, so I got 

the post hole digger from the garage and began to dig. I dug about as much as I could and 

placed the old weathered pole into the holed and stomping with my bare feet and the 

wrong end of the shovel to tighten the dirt around the pole. I use to be a little over 6 feet

tall, but because of Newton's Law of Gravity I'm now a little under 6 feet tall. So, after 

digging to a deeper depth and replacing the pole we are about the same height, 6 foot tall.

If gravity don't make me any shorter and the pole remains in place, we'll both be the same

height for the rest of our life.

**Today. The weather for today calls for a high temperature of 85° and a low of 63° with 

partly cloudy skies.

After publishing my usual postings of the day, I need to once again attempt to place a 

subscribe icon (button) on Maybe today will be the day? 

I may have time today or soon to produce a video of the sheep dog you may have seen 

before, a video with Josie and I standing for the National Anthem, by phone we've both 

agreed to use the angelic voice of Whitney Houston, a stop smoking video and a Native 

American video. The latter two I will do alone.

I'll then go outdoors to sow some more grass seed, weed the flower beds and some other 

things that I don't remember until I get outdoors and, if it does not rain, I'll have to water

the flower beds at the end of the day.


**I like to be called by my first name, Forrest. 

I believe that almost everyone likes to be called by their first name so I try to remember 

employees and other people's names where I go frequently. If its a one time visit I call 

the people, who I'm speaking to, by their name tag or if they don't have a name tag, I ask 

them what their name is. It requires little effort on your part or mine, it's just part of being 


I've met only 1 person during my long years of life that didn't want to give out their name.

On the other hand, I've met the only person that I can remember who was pleased with 

me for calling her by her name tag. She was please because she said that she felt more like 

a fellow human being when I called her by her name.

In Walmart, Pat Ca-tans, Target and others I try to sneak a look at their name tag first, 

before saying Hi or other greeting and saying their name and then the appropriate greeting.

I repeat, sneak a look at their name tag first and then greet them using their name. Both

the greeter (me or you) and the employee's self-esteem will normally increase because of 

you or me greeting other fellow human beings in this way.

And another thing I need to say. All nationalities are fellow human beings.


*9:08 AM 6/10/2017 EDT. Is Trump Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice? Comey Laid Out The 

Case. NPR - ‎1 hour ago‎.

"All we want are the facts, ma'am. During his congressional testimony Thursday, James 

Comey played his best Sgt. Joe Friday, the protagonist of the 1950s Dragnet TV series 

known for that signature line."

**I remember the 1950s Dragnet TV series with Sgt. Joe Friday. I was about 12 to 15 years

old at the time and the older members of our family may have watched the series on the 

small black and white TV (6" by 6"?) we had at the time. 

From Obstruction of Justice Lawyers | LegalMatch Law Library. Sep 19, 2016.

"Lying to a local police officer about your name at a traffic stop is typically a misdemeanor; 

theft of a document in a federal court case is a felony. Penalties for misdemeanor are 

typically simple fines while felony charges can yield jail time of up to ten years."

The definition from above seems to indicate, if the above statements are true about 

President Trump lying then it is a misdemeanor and President Trump would only have 

to pay a fine. He certainly has the money.

But, what about impeachment?

*4:46 AM 6/10/2017 EDT. Catalonia To Hold Referendum In October On Leaving Spain.

NPR - ‎11 hours ago. ‎

"Catalonia will hold a referendum on October 1 on whether to leave Spain, the head of the 

region announced Friday. "The question will be: 'Do you want Catalonia to become an 

independent state in the form of a republic'," said Carles Puigdemont ...."

**I remember talking to a young man once about the status of Puerto Rico becoming the

51st state. He said "it would never happen."

Catalonia may want their freedom and Puerto Rico wants to keep their freedom.

*5:41 AM 6/10/2017 EDT. Fueled by pride, defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers send 

The Finals back to Oakland. - ‎2 hours ago.‎

"CLEVELAND - Here's how you squirt ketchup on a postseason Picasso. You use some 

elbow grease, plenty of anger and get egged on by an instigating, feisty crowd."

**It's what I said yesterday about Yogi Berra popularizing the phrase, "it ain't over until 

it's over."

The score last night was Cavaliers 137, Warriors 116, a minor blowout. 

The Cavaliers came from behind last year from 3 games to 1 to win the championship. 

They are returning to Oakland for game 5. Can they do it again?

*6:04 AM 6/10/2017 EDT. Full Strawberry 'Minimoon' Shines with Saturn Tonight! What 

to Expect. - ‎22 hours ago‎. By Joe Rao, Skywatching Columnist | June 

9, 2017 06:35am ET. 

Excerpt from full article:

"This evening brings us the June full moon. And because strawberries are the first fruit 

after rhubarb to ripen in late spring and early summer — and the peak season (some might 

call it the "more natural" season) for picking strawberries is June — the traditional moniker 

for the June moon is Strawberry Moon.

Full Strawberry 'Minimoon' Shines with Saturn Tonight! ...."

The following video has already been shared shared to several social media sites:

Jerry Vale A Strawberry Moon (In a Blueberry Sky).

*7:08 AM 6/10/2017 EDT. Fatal Heroin and Fentanyl Overdoses on the Rise in Cleveland 

Area. - 31 minutes ago.

**Cleveland has come back from a river on fire and other bad things to having 3 sport 

teams, 2 a champion and 1 almost, plus an area world champion prize fighter. 

Will Cleveland now go back in time to being the drug capitol of the United States?

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