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15 June 17 - 1834 EDT


"Being always friendly is the right thing to do."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I did not complete my postings until about 4:30 PM. After returning from 

Wooster from all the places I went to, I burned what was burnable in the fire pit, finished 

mowing the lawn and watered all the flower beds.

This day is further explained in I HAVE SOMETHING ON MY MIND below.

**Today. Besides posting this story (blog), I plan to post 1 postcrossing and publish 1 

video or 2. I have still not placed a subscribe icon (button) on and I believe

that I'll place it on the back burner for now.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 79° and 66° with a 

thunderstorm. The weather has called for either scattered thunderstorms for the last 2 

dDays or the thunderstorm of today, but so far no rain, I needing to water the flower beds 

the last 2 days. Maybe today I'll get a break from watering the plants. I also need to plant 

the 25 plants I purchased several days ago at Lowes. If I have the time, I would like to 

sow more grass seed, spread the 14-14-14 bag of fertilizer that remains unopened and spread

more of the black mulch where it's needed.


**After typing most of my story (blog), but not completing it, I drove to Wooster to Dr. 

Kwok's office on the 3rd floor of the Wooster Community Hospital where I first met or just

said Hi to:

1.   I parked the Honda and notice a young woman and her child beside in the car. I said Hi

and handed her several of my business cards explaining what it was all about. She said 

"thanks" and I said "thank you" as I left to enter the hospital. The next person was ...

2.   The volunteer helper to the right after entering the front door. 

3.   At least 2 people on the 150 foot walk,

4.   to the volunteer helper to the left and 

5.   to at least 2 more people before I entered the elevators after turning right and to the 


6.   Two people on the elevator I assumed to be husband and wife, he a veteran and I 

thanked him, he ask what floor and I said 3 and I thanked him as he pushed the quarter 

size button. I said "take care" as they got off on floor 2 and both replied "you, too."

7.    As I got off the elevator and turned to the left I saw the lady who is the receptionist to

several doctors, but not Dr. Kwok. I've seen her often when I drive family members to see 

Dr. Kwok or my own appointment of yesterday. I always say to her that she must sleep 

here because she's the only one I see at the desk and she says it looks like it and smiles to 

my face that's almost always smiling.

8.   To Dr. Kowk's office and the first one I see is Elizabeth III, the receptionist. I call her 

that because Elizabeth II is in England. We carried on a friendly conversation. I sat down 

in the waiting and picked up a Time magazine to read. 

9.    I noticed 2 other people in the waiting room, perhaps a daughter and her Mother who 

were talking. I never mean to be nosey, but their conversation gave me a chance to talk to 

them, the reason I can't remember. In a pause in their conversation, I .... 

I've had a long day so I'll just continue tomorrow with the people I met yesterday and the 

people I met today.

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