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16 June 17 - 1233 EDT


"It is always much easier to be nice than it is to be mean." 

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I spent much of the day either working on my story (blog) or working on my

videos. I later drove to Wooster to pick up some things for the house and myself. I then 

went to Kentucky Fried Chicken for takeout and then drove back to the house. 

I posted my story (blog) at about 6:30 PM, the latest I've published for a while. 

I then went outdoors and finally planted 18 of the 25 plants that I have ignored for such a 

long time. It has not rained for 3 days so I soaked all the plants and the new grass seeded

places in the yard.

**Today. I still have about 4 postcrossings to copy and paste or type and hopefully I can 

publish 1 today. I would also like to publish 2 videos, I have at least 5 waiting to be 

processed and published.

The weather forecast calls for a high and low temperatures of 89° and 66° with mostly 

sunny skies. Still no rain and the forecast is for no rain until Sunday. So, if the forecast is

true, I'll have to water the plants and grass seeded places in the yard again today.

I'll drive to Buehlers grocery store this morning to get some copies made since I haven't 

taken the time to fix the scan and printing functions of my printer after the WiFi stopped 



**.... continued from yesterday. "I've had a long day so I'll just continue tomorrow with 

the people I met yesterday and the people I met today."

9.   6/14/2017 "I noticed 2 other people in the waiting room, perhaps a daughter and her 

Mother who were talking. I never mean to be nosy, but their conversation gave me a 

chance to talk to them, the reason I can't remember. In a pause in their conversation, I ...." 

saw the chance to talk to her and I mentioned my stories (blogs) and videos. She was 

interested so I wrote down on a piece of paper Google = Forrest Caricofe. We both said our 

thanks and as I turned to go back to my seat, 

10.  I saw this pill salesman and after some conversation, he said that he sold diabetic 

supplies and like the woman I just talked to I wrote down on a piece of paper Google = 

Forrest Caricofe.

11.  Just then I was called into the office by Ronnie who weighed me and who draws blood 

for testing. The experience we have in common is that she and her family went to Las 

Vegas recently. Then to patient room 2 where I came in contact with:

12.  One of the 2 Jessica's who asked me if I had any complaints and other things that 

would help Dr. Kwok in giving me any relief from pain or other ailments. 

13.  I waited about 15 minutes until Dr. Kwok came in and I said to him that he was a very 

good doctor and asked if I had ever said that before knowing that I said it every time and 

he said with a smile, "yes you have." Dr. Kwok scheduled me for a lung cancer screening

today at 5:30 PM at the Wooster Community Hospital and a cat scan for an aneurysm 

around June 20. He also said the my cholesterol level was down to 58 and the prescription

medication Pravastatin (which I call Prepare for Satan) is working. The medical community

now say that the former 3 digit number is no longer valid and is now based on risk factor.

The good doctor also wired a an order to Rite Aid in Orrville for and an adult Whooping 

Cough immunization for me. 

14.  And Hi to the other Jessica sometime before I left.

While going to the checkout I saw and said Hi to the woman and her Mother who where in

the waiting room and then Elizabeth III who gave to me the paperwork of scheduled 

exams and a sheet with my updated medical history. 

As I left the office and before going to the elevators again I said my greetings and goodbyes

to the receptionist to several doctors.

14.  After getting off the elevators with no one aboard, it is my tradition to visit the gift 

shop for 2 six-to-a-pack crackers with peanut butter for 50 cents each. The first lady I met 

at the counter was not sure who was first in line? I said "mam, where I grew up it was 

always "ladies first.""She said "well, thank you." 

15. To the volunteer lady at the counter I handed my $1 and we both said "thank you. 

16. Up the 150 foot hallway again in the opposite direction to the exit maybe saying Hi to 

those coming towards me or those passing me to the left. And also to the volunteer again

this time to my left.

I walked to the Mother's Honda maybe saying Hi to some people in passing. 

17.  To Save-A-Lot where I needed bags of salt pellets for the water conditioner and some 

other things for myself. I probably said Hi to as many as 10 people more or less, but my 

memory fading. They had no bags of salt pellets.

18. At the checkout aisle, the woman in front of me was using oxygen and had a cart full of 

groceries. I ask her if I could help her place her groceries on the escalator-like flat counter 

and she said "yes, thank you." I picked the items out of the cart, gave then to her and she 

placed them on the moving counter. While we were handling the groceries, I asked her if 

she needed help at her car and that's when 

19. the cashier spoke up and said we have people to do that and I said "how nice."

Just before the woman and I left, the cashier said "it is easier to be nice than it is to be 

mean" and I said to myself "how nice" again. 

20. I then drove to Leach's Garage to schedule appointments for the black 2000 VW Bug

and Mother's Honda and spoke to the woman who does almost everything but working on

vehicles. She made appointments for me and then I talked

21. to the man who is either the owner or part owner of the garage for a short time.

22. 6/15/2017. I can't remember much of yesterday except I drove to Drug Mart and KFC

in Wooster. At Drug Mart I'm sure I talked or said Hi to a few people, but it was at 

23. KFC that I remember the most. The young lady who took my order was bubbling over 

with friendliness and politeness. We clicked right away and if I would have had a 

daughter, I would have chosen her. I gave to her my business card and she acted as 

though I had given to her a Christmas present. I hope to see her again. You know I like 

really friendly people. 

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