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"Is it wrong to decline help from a stranger or someone you know?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I was like a house cat, spending most of my time in the house. 

I found out that I have about 50 videos that are in file explorer waiting for me to encode

through Handbrake, upload to YouTube, process and then publish to the public. This is 

going to take me a while. 

There was very little rain, at least during the day, so after driving to Orrville to get the 

house members something to eat, I went outdoors to water the flower beds again. 

**Today. I'm planning to publish as many videos as I can and to take as many videos 

through the process I've explained above. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 79° and 58° with partly cloudy

skies. I have a Acurite weather gauge that I purchased at Walmart for a little over $20. It 

displays the the weather from a WiFi like device that I have hung outdoors. It displays 

the present outdoor temperature, 67°, the indoor temperature, 78°, the time at this time,

7:55 AM, the date June 19, the barometric pressure, 29.68, the moon phase (about a 

quarter moon) and the future forecast of possible rain or not.


**Since beginning my stories (blogs) and videos in May 2016 when I stayed in Mother's 

Honda in the parking lot of a Las Vegas Walmart, I've, for the most part, accomplished this 

alone except for some help from,, Google and YouTube.

I guess what I really like to say is I like taking care of myself with no one helping me. I'll 

help others, but I don't want the same people helping me. I don't outright reject the help

of others, I just say thanks, I can do that for myself. 

Is it wrong to not allow others to give? I'm sure it is, but I try to say that I can do for 

myself in such a way that they will not feel bad about my rejection of their assistance.



"(1) Might they be too proud to accept your offer?

(2) Might they feel too undeserving to accept your offer?

(3) Might they connect acceptance with incurring a burdensome sense of obligation?

(4) Might they associate taking from others as rendering themselves more vulnerable to 


Do any of the above 4 reasons for not accepting the help of others apply to me? Maybe a 

little bit of number (1) and number (4), never number (2) or number (3). 

The only way I would accept help without question, is if they would say "please do not 

reject my attempts to give."

I believe that 1 of the reasons God put us here on earth was to help other people. That's 

me, but not receiving help from other people.

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