Wednesday, June 21, 2017

21 June 17 - 1157 EDT


"Sometimes people are only talking to themselves."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After taking the VW to Leache's Garage, returning, and posting my story 

(blog) of the day, I went outdoors to finish mowing the yard, sow some grass seed, 

filling the bird feeders and moving 1 feeder from the large tree on the east border of the 

property to the sewer bed which is about 50 feet south and back of the house. A squirrel

has been eating the wild bird seed so I moved the feeder it to the sewer bed on an 

aluminium pole.  

I watered the plants in the southern beds only, including the sewer bed, the flower beds

north of the house seem to retain more water because of the shade and better placement

of black mulch.

**Today. Besides posting my  story (blog) of this day, I would like like to publish a 

postcrossing that I haven't done in awhile and publish maybe 2 more videos, having 

already published 1 this morning. The delay in publishing is at the YouTube level, but I'm

not blaming the slowness on them. If I would purchase another computer with a faster 

processor, I believe the processing time on YouTube would be faster. 

I need to drive to Orrville today with a list of things we need at Buehler's grocery store.

I may have time today to sow some more grass seed, the weather calling for high and low 

temperatures of 79° and 60°with partly cloudy skies. My Acurite weather gauge displays a 

temperature of 69° right now with a sliver of a moon tonight.

And because of no measurable rain in the last 6 days more or less and a forecast of no 

rain today, I'll probably have to water the plants again this evening. The farmer's corn and 

soybean's are still dark green with growth and, I believe, that the reason that their roots 

are deeper than the plants of mine and the grass of the yard and can still gather water for 

their growth. 


**Every day I have multiple things on my mind, but for some reason I cannot decide what

I want to type about today, so I'll just go on rambling for awhile. Sometimes what I type is 

something you don't care to read and other times you may like what I'm typing. I, of 

course, like each one because otherwise, I wouldn't type about it. 

I have maybe 1 follower on Twitter, maybe 13 subscribers on YouTube, but I don't know 

who is following my story (blog) of the day because I've never tried to check and, for 

now, I don't know how to do it. 

I've paid to, to Google for several things I thought I needed and didn't, to for sharing with about 25 social media sites and others that I can't 

remember for right now. I've donated to Wikipedia and, both which are

free and have information (Wikipedia) and information on addresses I need to send 

postcards to people all over the world ( 

I've only made a few cents with Google's Ad-sense and, I guess, after a little over a year of

doing this, I guess it doesn't matter. 

It looks like what I said at first "I'll just go on rambling for awhile," turned into story after 


And you see, nearing the end of my life, my life's work is doing what I'm doing now and if 

I'm the only one reading, looking or listening, that's just fine by me.


*7:53 AM 6/21/2017 EDT. Tropical Storm Cindy may bring 'life-threatening' flooding across 

Gulf Coast. Fox News - ‎11 hours ago‎.

**My brother Roland, my youngest brother Jerry and his wife Janet, and my Uncle E. C.

and Aunt Ruth (Mother's younger sister) have a place in a gated community in Lake Wales,

Florida. I believe it is close to being midway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic

Ocean. Jerry and Janet are back in North Carolina and Uncle E. C. and Aunt Ruth (last name

Showalter) are back in Weyers Cave, Virginia after being there in the bad weather months 

of winter.

These 3 homes are not important being only materialistic possessions, I'm concerned about 

Roland whose only home is there and I'm sure he will decide to ride out the Tropical Storm 

named Cindy.

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