Thursday, June 22, 2017

22 June 17 - 1425 Edt


"Goals are always an important part of living."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I made my postings, spending most of the day in the house, then drove to 

Orrville to purchase somethings from Buehler's grocery store for the house. 

While indoors I continued to process videos through Handbrake, my encoder, and then

uploading to YouTube, processing and publishing. 

At about 6:30 in the evening, I went outdoors to soak the flower beds again with water.

**Today. The weather forecast for yesterday called for rain today, but that has changed 

from high and low temperatures of 89°and 69°and partly cloudy skies. So, if this forecast

rings true I'll have to water the plants again this evening. I don't know the water level in

the well, hoping it won't run dry because of no rain for the last 6 days, but I would rather 

pay for a new well than to have all the plants dry up and die with all the work I've done.

9:45 AM 6/22/2017 EDT. The weather forecast has changed again as I listen to the TV that

Bill is watching. Scattered showers for tomorrow. I hope.

I've just learned that my videos copied to OnlyWire from are not working so

I'll have go back and delete the videos I published from OnlyWire, then share to maybe 6 

social media sites from YouTube. This is going to take awhile, so both you and I will have 

to be patient, please. 


**Some of you might have misinterpreted my statement of yesterday: "And you see, nearing 

the end of my life, my life's work is doing what I'm doing now and if I'm the only one 

reading, looking or listening, that's just fine by me."

I didn't mean that I'm dying right away, I just meant that at age 74, I'm closer to dying 

than I'm to being born. Unless I live to 148 years or more and you know that ain't going to 


I believe that goals in life keep people alive and well at any age and without goals people 

become depressed mentally and suffer more than normal various physical ailments.  

I have a lot of goals (challenges):

1.   Complete and publish 1 story (blog) each day.

2.   Publish at least 1 video each day. 

3.   I want to loose weight. I've lost 7 pounds in a little over 2 weeks. 

4.   To help those who need it. I'm doing that right now. I'll disclose no details for now.

5.   I cleaned my mini fridge yesterday with the exception of the shelving in the door and

I plan to do that today. If I eat from my fridge, I eat very well and I must continue to do 

so, only, in order to stay healthy. I no longer eat takeout or sweets. 

6.    I want to continue to take care of and improve the flower beds and the yard, believing

that my efforts will increase the value of the property by $25,000 or more.

I'm sure I have more goals because I'm constantly thinking, but I can't remember them for

now, but I'll remember them later. 

My advice. Always have goals as a part of your life. Some you will fail at, but I've 

experienced plenty of those. Just pick up your breeches, choose another goal and move 

forward, And remember the children's book that someone may have read to you as a child.

'The Little Engine That Could.'

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