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23 June 17 - 1100 EDT Story (blog)


"Google is the tops in employee friendly."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: bout 105,000,000 results (1.50 seconds). 

No results found for "Google is the tops in employee friendly."


**Yesterday. Like yesterday, I spent most of the morning and early afternoon posting my

story (blog) of the day and publishing at least 2 videos. I told you yesterday that I had 

screwed up in my sharing of my videos, not knowing that Onlywire, which I use to share 

with other social media sites, does not share videos, but only my story (blog) and images. 

So, I'm going to have to go back and those I've already published I will delete and then 

republish and share from YouTube and not Onlywire.

I drove to Walmart later on in the afternoon, about 2:30 PM I'd say, to make some 

purchases for the house and myself. I produced 3 videos, maybe all inside Walmart, and I 

should be able to publish for your viewing in the next couple of days or so. 

After returning to the house, after unloading my purchases from the Honda, I went 

outdoors to water the plants once again. I believe that we have had little or no rain for the

last 7 days. The lawn, which I have worked so hard on, is turning from green to 

different shades of brown.

**Today. Google News from which I usually get my weather forecast calls for high and 

low temperatures of 78° and 60° with a thunderstorm. My Acurite weather gauge displays 

no signs of rain and my app (application) in the upper right corner of my computer screen 

calls for high and low temperatures of  76° and 58° with thunderstorms. You know who 

I'm hoping is right.

8:09 AM 6/23/2017 EDT. Well, guess what? It's raining. Glory be.

Glory Be to God - Sovereign Grace - YouTube


**The headline in large letters in the local Wooster newspaper yesterday read:

"JM Smucker to layoff 130."

Seventy-two of the employees work in Orrville.

By PAUL LOCHER Staff Writer Published: June 22, 2017 4:00 AM. Excerpt of full 


"ORRVILLE -- The J.M. Smucker Co. announced Wednesday that it plans to lay off about 

130 of its employees in the near future, 72 of whom are currently employed on the 

company's Orrville campus.


As you know, I drive to Orrville often to go to Rite Aid for prescription medications;

Save-A-Lot and Buehlers' grocery stores for food items and other things; Ace Hardware for 

for things that relate, mostly, to repairs for the house; Family Dollar and Dollar General for

cheaper items compared to the other stores in Orrville; Restoration Thrift and Goodwill to

purchase or donate and I drive to Taco Bell, McDonald's', Drabensttots', Subway, Dairy 

Queen and East of Chicago for take out. 

While buying gas at Bell Stores one day I saw a van with the words J. M. Smucker painted 

on the side. I ask the driver how many employees worked at the Orrville office. I thought 

that because they were building new office buildings, that his answer would be about 

5,000, but he said about 2,000 and that Smuckers' had offices all over the world.

In my research of employees most liking their companies they work for, I found out: 

"J.M. Smucker tops Fortune 'Best Companies to Work For' list - Dec. 29 ...

Dec 29, 2003 - Jam and jelly maker J.M. Smucker & Co. made the top spot in Fortune

magazine's 2004 ranking of Best Companies to Work For ...."


"100 Best Companies to Work For 2011: J. M. Smucker - SJM - from ...

100 Best Companies to Work For 2011: J. M. Smucker - from FORTUNE. ... Rank: 93 

(Previous rank: 47) ... Is J. M. Smucker a great employer, or what? ... The developers of 

And 2017 top companies to work for:

"Google Inc. Information Technology. ...

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Retail. ...

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Professional Services. ...

Baird. Financial Services & Insurance. ...

Edward Jones. Financial Services & Insurance. ...

Genentech. Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. ...

ULTIMATE SOFTWARE. Information Technology. ...


and others not including the J. M. Smucker Company.

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For 2017 - Great Place to Work.

I told you before that I worked for about 18 years as a letter carrier at the Orrville Post 

Office at a time when managers were forced to force letter carriers and office workers to 

do more in less which was a common occurrence. A short time after I retired because my 

heart stopped in 1998, you often heard the term "going postal" which meant that an overly

harassed postal worker shot a manager or other because of the constant stress of the 

manager's intimidation, pressure, force, and/or coercion to get more of their  job done in 

less time. 

Because the postal service is funded in part and controlled by the federal government, the 

Postmaster General is pressured by Congress to make a profit and not a lose and he/she 

must comply to keep her/his job. Then a domino affect takes place, the Postmaster General 

pressuring his subordinates, his subordinates coercing their subordinates, etc., not caring 

about the employee but only caring about their job.

I hope you get my drift.


Office of Personnel Management (OPM) heads the postal service. 

Mission: To recruit, retain and honor a world-class force to serve the American people.


The OPM now ranks 15 out of 27 midsize government agencies with a 66.2% ranking of 

best places to work. The closes ranking to when I retired (1998) was 2005 with a ranking 

of 54.2%. 

What I'm attempting to say here is that the J. M. Smucker Company had a ranking of 

number 1 (2004), 93rd (2011) with a previous ranking of 47th. 

Why is their employee satisfaction rating moving downward?

They say they must cut costs by laying off employees to make or sustain a large profit.

You know that's not the real reason. 

It's a five letter word. GREED.

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