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"It ain't the states that you drive to that's important, it's the people you meet there 

that's important."

Forrest Caricofe

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you meet there that's important."


**Yesterday. It rained most of the day and the plants and I were certainly gratefully for 

that. Having not rained for about 7 days, the plants were thirsty plus I was tired of giving 

the plants their daily soaking. The grass will now turn from various shades of brown to 

their rightful shades of green.

I finally published a postcrossing post related to the picture postcard I received from 

someone in Belarus. I'll upload the front of the postcard when I fix my scanner. Besides 

publishing my story (blog) of the day, I also published at least 1 video.

Later in the day I drove to Orrville to Buehler's grocery store to get a document faxed and

to purchase some tomatoes that I slice and place on top of the sardine sandwich I eat each


**Today. I need to drive the boss of the house, our dog Dolly, to her hairdressers' for her 

appointment at 9:30 AM in Orrville. She's to get a puppy clip, her mustache and beard cut 

off and and her nails clipped.. 

She has lived longer than expected, 10 years, when her breed, a Maltese, only lives about 8 

years. I owe that to the dog food we feed her, Purina in a can and not table food. In dog 

years she is 70 years old, 4 years younger than me, but if she lives another 6 months, she'll 

be 77 in dog years (birthday in December) and I'll be 75 (birthday in October) and she'll be 

2 years older than me.

I have 4 videos processing or uploading to YouTube and I hope to publish at least 2 of 

those today.

The weather forecast calls for a high and low temperatures of 77°and 53° with partly 

cloudy skies. With the continuous all day showers of yesterday, I might not have to water

the plants. I'll just test the soil for wetness. I still have those 8 small Christmas tree like 

flowers of different colors to plant and I would like to sow more grass seed today. 


"I've been everywhere, (man)."

No, to tell you the truth, I've not been everywhere. I been to the states of New York, New

Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, I was born in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South 

Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, 

Kentucky, Ohio of course, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, 

Arkansas, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and through the corner of Arizona driving to Nevada, 

and back, New Mexico, California, Washington, and off a troop ship in Hawaii for a short 

while and Washington, D. C., our nation's capitol (not a state, of course). 

If I counted correctly, that's a total of 34 states out of 50, not bad for the length of my life

and I have no desires to drive to the other 16 states unless I would drive to the northern

states in their summers and to the southern states any time of the year.

So, you see, unlike what Hank Snow sang in a song, I've not been everywhere.

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