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"The years of yesterday are the ones I long for."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I did go to Walmart to purchase somethings for the house and myself. It was

more than an average day for friendly people. Some days my visits to Walmart are less than

friendly, just average friendly or more than average friendly, more than average friendly 

being my visit to Walmart of yesterday.

 I usually get potato wedges before I start shopping and the ladies at the deli counter 

where there as usual. I remembered their names as A___ and S_____ and they were glad 

to see me as I them, S_____ and I talking about the days of the hippy. No potato wedges, 

but I remembered the time it took to make more and I said I'll see you in 6 and 1/2 


I don't remember any lengthy or short conversations, just simple "Hi's,"" how you 

doing's," "your fine" after" excuse me's" and" thank you's" at the checkout line.

After I left Walmart, I remembered that I had forgotten bleach and some other things we 

needed, so I stopped at Dollar General on my way back to the house. After getting the 

bleach and other items I needed, I went to the cashier's counter and saw D______ again.

I had trouble with her name on my previous visits, but today she said I pronounced it 


**Today. 9:45 AM 6/26/2017 EDT. I've just returned from Wooster Community Hospital 

where I was scheduled for an ultrasound to detect any aneurysms in my aorta. I was 

scheduled for the ultrasound at Health-point which is not far from Walmart, but I forgot 

and went to the hospital and they were able to schedule  me in saving me from driving 

to Health-point. Maybe the Honda is at fault because the car has been to the Wooster 

hospital so many times and you know I'm just kidding about that. It was the driver, me, 

and not the car. The friendly technician said that the radiologist would read the

ultrasound findings, give that information to Dr. Kwok's office and 1 of the 2 nurse 

Jessicas' would phone me with the results tomorrow.

Besides typing my blog at the present, I'm attempting to process 3 videos that I've 

published on YouTube. So far I cannot fill in the title or description portion of the videos

and share to other social media sites such as Facebook and maybe 6 others. I haven't 

figured it out yet, but I will.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 69° and 51°with partly cloudy

skies with no rain forecast until Thursday. Those sunflowers I dug up and replanted in the

back southeastern flower bed are bowing their heads, I hope that they will recover so I can

see the beauty of their flower during the rest of the summer and early fall.

I will try and mow the lawn today, spray weed killer and do the continuous process of 

weeding the flower beds.


**Why is it that life must be so complicated? In this day and age why do we have so many 

mundane things to do. 

In the old days, the 1800's or before, they grew and processed their own food; made their 

own clothing; did for themselves and not depending on others (but also helping their 

neighbors in need); built their own shelters; buried their loved ones on their own land; did

not stray far from their home places; preached to by a traveling preacher or for a few days 

by a traveling evangelist under a tent; buying or trading for necessities from traveling 

salesmen or the small local town store; most conflicts settled by a fistfight, knife or a gun; 

mostly obeyed the law of the town and its' sheriff; a square dance at the town hall every 

Saturday night with a caller, fiddler and banjo all dressed up in their finest for the


It was a good and simple life, sometimes harsh, but almost always enjoyed.

No motorized vehicles to spend money on; no cell phones to faces; no fancy large homes 

for only 2 to 4 people; no materialistic possessions; no need for airplanes to fly and waste

money on; no luxurious boats just a canoe or a fish boat with paddles; no hectic daily 

living that cause heart attacks and strokes; no prescription medications, only good food 

and exercise required for daily living and other things that are in opposition to our present 

day of living.

If I could come back as another person after my death and at a different time, I long for 

myself  that time back in history where I belong.


Headlines only: The Good and the Bad. Thanks to:


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