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"What can we do to help the downtrodden and those without hope?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 1,560,000 results (1.48 seconds). 

No results found for "What can we do to help the downtrodden and those without 



**Yesterday. After posting my story (blog) of the day I tried to publish 3 videos on 

YouTube that I saw with my own eyes. Well, just like the TV program called 

'Disappeared,' the videos disappeared, YouTube saying I had cancelled the uploads. I did 

not. So I started over from day 1 and encoded 2 videos through Handbrake with our pet 

Dolly Jo as the star. These videos should be available for public viewing tomorrow if you 

like a manic and a disobedient dog.

I mowed about 1/2 the lawn then it cooled off enough to wear a coat, so I called it a day

about 4:30 PM.

I later drove to Rite Aid in Orrville for some prescription medications which seems to be 

an everyday occurrence

**Today. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 69° and 50° with

partly cloudy skies. I should be able to finish mowing the lawn, weeding, spraying weed 

killer and spread black mulch where it's needed. 

I've already driven the black 2000 VW to Leach's Garage for repairs and drove to a bank 

in Orrville for an errand and soon I must drive to another bank in Orrville to deposit a 


It might seem like a lot to you, but it's just a normal day for me. 


**Some people look so down trodden and without hope. You can see it in their eyes when 

you say Hi, wondering if I'm saying Hi for real or not. Sometimes dropping their head 

when we pass, they hoping that I won't ridicule or do something else to take them down.

Why do these people live without happiness or joy?

Were they told they were no good as a kid?

Do they suffer spousal abuse?

Do they suffer from mental illness?

What can we do to help those unfortunate people? 

I'd like to help, but what can just one man do?

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved

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