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"What would we do without a motorized vehicle?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: bout 1,110,000,000 results (1.43 seconds). 

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**Yesterday. I published my blog of the day and published at least 2 videos, both I believe,

starred the mistress of the house, our dog, Dolly Jo. 

Later on I finished mowing the lawn, did some weeding and watered the flower beds.

**Today. 9:09 AM 6/28/2017 EDT. I'm going to leave shortly to drive the Honda to 

Leach's Garage for an over all checkup, oil change and filter. Best oil (synthetic) and best 

filter. I've learned over the years that spending a little more money to get the best treatment 

for a vehicle is the best way to go. 

Besides publishing my blog, I plan to publish at least 2 videos and a postcrossing. I've 

received a postcard from Germany and I need to register it and give to you some 

information about the sender and their city, town or village. 

11:27 AM 6/28/2017 EDT. I've just returned from Leach's Garage with the Honda. I've 

been having trouble with the car's idling, the Honda needs a gasket to resolve the 

problem so I'll need to make another appointment for that repair. The VW is still at Leach's 

Garage having the starter fix and replaced and when it's completed, I'll make an 

appointment for the Honda. 


**I just remembered something that has nothing to do with I HAVE SOMETHING ON 

MY  MIND. Us kids use to sit or stand by the road (old U.S. Route 42 as I remember) and 

count cars. One of us would take Chevy's and the other would take Fords.' Whoever had 

the most of Chevy's' or Fords' after a length of time would win our competition. In today's 

world, at least, I can not tell the difference unless I can look at the front of the vehicle.

Back to the main story: I wasn't particularly interested in driving when I was a teenager 

not getting my driver's license until I was 19. 

My Father was a fast driver, sometimes when he could get away with, disobeying 

stoplights, speed limits and other rules of the road. My Mother on the other hand was a 

cautious driver in obeying all driving regulations, not reading all the road signs along the 

way like when Father was driving.

I did drive fast after I got my driver's license once getting a ticket for violation of highway

markings (I crossed over a double line) and the Virginia State Trooper said he also knew I

was speeding (about 80 mph in a 55 mph speed zone), but he did not write out a ticket for


I learned to drive faster in Omaha and even faster in Las Vegas to just keep up with other 

traffic. Imagine going 65 or 70 mph through a stoplight intersection with cars lane hopping

to pass each other, and to beat it all, I never saw an accident, just 1 close call, in the little 

over 5 months I was there.

I sometimes a little aggravated at other people's driving habits like not using their turn 

signal or turning their turn signal on just before they turn. I have excellent hearing and 

I'm somewhat irritated at 18 wheeler air brakes, large trucks or cars with loud mufflers, 

warning signals on newer cars or trucks meaning something, but I don't know what it is.

Horn blowing (which I almost never do) is another thing I don't agree with. Following to

close to or not driving fast ahead of me is a another irritant. 

My driving habits are quite simple.

1.   Don't follow too close.

2.   Watch all sides of the Honda for close traffic:

       a.  The vehicle coming toward you watch their left front bumper until they pass you.

       b.  The vehicle to the right on a double lane highway and you're passing make sure

            you've completed passing by seeing the entire vehicle in your mirrors.

       c.  Follow the vehicle in front at a safe distance and if their not driving fast enough, 
            pass when  it's safe to do say keeping in mind letter b.

       d.  Control the vehicle behind you, if their following too close, by suddenly stepping 

            on the brakes hard, preparing at the same time to move forward fast. 

I guess that in the end, as I see it, my driving habits were inherited from my Father and 

not my Mother.

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