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"We all like listening to the angel-like voice of a country singer."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. I published my daily blog, published  1 or 2 videos and published a 

postcrossing related to a picture postcard I received from someone in Bielefeld, Germany.

I later drove to Drabensttots' and McDonald's' in Orrville for takeout and when I returned 

to the house, I went outdoors to water the plants and replant 2 plants, both needing more

sun than they were getting. The sunflowers I replanted in the southeast corner bed remain 

sorrowful with drooping heads and I'm still hoping for their recovery. I still have some 

wild growing sunflowers in what they call my burial flower bed and, because they're very 

small, I'll replant some of those in the next few days. 

**Today. Leach's Garage will phone at some time today saying that the repairs on the 

black VW Bettle are complete. When I get there to pickup the VW, I'll make another 

appointment for the Honda to fix the rough idling. This has been a problem for several 

years and if I would have just mentioned it, the repair which requires only the replacement 

of a gasket, the rough idling would have been resolved long ago.

The weather forecast for today calls for high and low temperatures of 85° and 69° with

partly cloudy skies. Yesterday's forecast called for rain today, but that has changed, of 

course. The next forecast for rain (thunderstorms) is on Friday and Saturday so I'll need to

water the plants again today.  


**Being born and raised in the south, I enjoy country music. I get that, in part, from my 

Father who would hum the verses of a Hank William's song, 'Jambalaya' and try to yodel.

The Wayne County Fair in Wooster nearly always has 3 well-known country music singers

on different nights during the fair. It is a surprise to me because Ohio is in the north, of

course, and it looks like they would have different well-known singers other than country

music. I remember that the Rockingham County Fair in Virginia near where I grew up 

only has 1 country music singer with others not of the country music variety.

The scheduled performances for this year at the Wayne County Fair are:

1.   September 10 - Montgomery Gentry - best seats - $30.

2.   September 11 - Neal McCoy - best seats - $17.

3.   September 12 - Martina McBride - best seats - $32.

I've always thought that Martina McBride has the best singing voice of any female country

music singer alive today.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Background information:

Birth name - Martina Mariea Schiff.

Born - July 29, 1966 (age 50). Sharon, Kansas, U.S.

Origin - Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

Genres - Country, country pop.

Occupation(s) - Singer-songwriter, musician, record producer.

Instruments - Vocals, piano, tambourine, harmonica.

Years active - 1988–present.

Labels - RCA Republic Nashville Kobalt NASH.

Associated acts - Faith Hill, Carolyn Dawn Johnson.

Website - martinamcbride.

America's Indepedence Day is just 5 days away, so from YouTube I'll upload 1 of Martina 

McBride's songs, 'Independence Day.'

Martina McBride - Independence Day - YouTube

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Copyright ©2013 All Rights Reserved 

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