Saturday, June 3, 2017

3 June 17 - 1036 EDT


"If you ain't smarter than the thing you're working it ain't going to get fixed."

Forrest Caricofe

I have the internet again?

Google search: About 11,200,000 results (1.55 seconds).

No results found for "If you ain't smarter than the thing you're working it ain't going to 

get fixed."


**I have a large bird feeder larger than the one I bought for Mother when I was helping or

taking care of her in Virginia. I have 2 other ones, but the birds eat from this larger one the

most. I believe the larger bird feeder, located in the southeast corner flower bed, is the 

farthest away from human habitation and that's why the birds feed at that flower bed 

and not so much at the other 2. The wild bird seed bag says that a variety of birds will feed

from the seed mix, but so far I've seen only sparrows, I believe.

I spent most of the time in the house yesterday, preparing 4 picture postcards to send to

people in the country's of Sweden, Malaysia, France and Canada and, of course, my other

daily postings plus publishing a video or two.

In the evening I drove to Orrville to Ace Hardware for some plumber's putty, to 

McDonald's for take out and to Bell Stores gas station for gas for the riding lawn mower. 

About 6:00 PM, I watered the flower beds and the yard where I had sown grass seed.

**I have many videos either uploaded to YouTube and waiting for me to process and or 

videos that I need to encode in Handbrake. 5:36 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. I've just loaded video

2509 and still have 2510 and 2511 for encoding in Handbrake.

I'm still concerned about the subscribe buttons on my story (blog) and YouTube videos and

I'll work on that today.

The weather calls for a high temperature of 81° and mostly sunny skies. I have no driving 

duties today, so I should have time to sow some more grass, plant the bulbs and box of 

annual/perennial mix I purchased from Dollar General, all for $2. I also can plant the 1 

discounted plant I bought at Lowes and if it doesn't rain, I need to water the flower beds

again today.



I started off this morning typing on my HP 15 computer on the top of my dresser where 

I'm standing now. 

And then I suddenly had no internet. I used the Microsoft troubleshooter and it found the 

problem and fixed it. 

And it happened again and it happened again? 9:06 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. And again.

9:10 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. And now the troubleshooter cannot detect a problem?

9:16 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. I just clicked on my password in the Control Panel and under 

internet and network. The troubleshooter said that there are problems, but can't fix them.

I needed to scan the picture postcards that I upload to postcrossing and and 

the HP Printer refused to work. The printer has not been working and now the scanner 

refuses to work. So, I'll take the picture postcards down to Pack and Ship in Orrville today

and have them scanned to my storage device.

But you know, I'm going to fix the WiFi printer both the printer and the scanner because I

always keep trying and never give up.

Did you Mother and/or Father read to you when you were a child the little children's book,

'The Little Engine That Could'?

My oldest living first cousin, Franklin Cline, he's wife is Mary Ann (named after the  

nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary....), I believe, told me once that "you have to be smarter than 

the thing you're working on." He's a lot smarter than me for saying that.

I refuse to accept defeat as Napoleon did at the Battle of Waterloo against the British.

Well, I turned off the modem for about 10 minutes on the button on the back and then 

pushed the button until all 4 lights came on. I clicked on the password like I did before and

it said that some things were change and the problem was fixed. 

9:59 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. And again and I clicked on the password again liked I did before 

and again said the problem is fixed. I tend to believe they're lying. We'll see.

10:02 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. And again. Looks like I'm going to have to turn off and then 

turn on the router and that requires using a wire to turn off the router by poking the wire 

through a small hole to the off and on button. 

I'll post what I have for now. No, I can't do that. I have no internet.

10:30 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. I pushed the button on the front of the router and 3 green lights

came on. "I'll post what I have for now" in case something else happens.


*7:25 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. In Asia, Mattis addresses concerns about North Korea and 

China — and Trump's agenda. Washington Post - ‎1 hour ago‎. By Dan Lamothe, June 3 at 

2:36 AM.

Excerpt from full article:

"SINGAPORE — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis sought Saturday to reassure jittery allies 

in the Pacific about President Trump’s nationalist agenda while delivering a speech that 

cast  North Korea as an “urgent military threat” and cited China for its military actions in 

the South China Sea.

Mattis, speaking here at the Shangri-La Dialogue defense summit, said that the Trump 

administration is encouraged by China’s “renewed commitment” to pressure North Korea 

to stop its nuclear weapons program, but that the United States will not accept China’s 

military buildup in the South China Sea."

**I like Secretary of Defense James "Mad Dog" Mattis. Also Known As: "Chaos", and 

"Warrior Monk."

From From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

James Mattis

James Norman Mattis is the 26th and current United States Secretary of Defense, serving 

in the Trump Administration. 

Born: September 8, 1950 (age 66), Pullman, WA.

Nationality: American.

Office: United States Secretary of Defense since 2017.

Parents: Lucille Mattis and John West Mattis.


Defense Distinguished Service Medal (2).

Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

Defense Superior Service Medal.

Legion of Merit.

Bronze Star (with Valor).

Meritorious Service Medal (3).

Education: Richland High School, Central Washington University.

To have risen to this high office in government without going to one of the service 

academies or Ivy League universities, Secretary of Defense James "Mad Dog," 

"Chaos,"and  "Warrior Monk Mattis has accomplished quite a feat.

*7:54 AM 6/3/2017 EDT. Supreme Court could rule within days on lifting temporary stay 

on travel ban. Fox News - ‎19 hours ago.‎

"The Supreme Court could rule within days on whether to lift a temporary stay on 

President Trump's revised executive order banning travel from six mostly Muslim 


From From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Executive Order 13769.

"Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.

Signed by Donald Trump on January 27, 2017.

Federal Register document number - 2017-02281.

Publication date - 1 February 2017.

Document citation - 82 FR 8977.


Suspends the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days.

Restricts admission of citizens from seven countries for 90 days.

Orders list of countries for entry restrictions after 90 days.

Suspends admission of Syrian refugees indefinitely.

Prioritizes refugee claims by individuals from minority religions on the basis of religious-

based persecution.

Expedites a biometric tracking system.

Other provisions:

Not in force since February 3rd, 2017:

Executive Order 13769, titled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the 

United States (also known has the travel ban, Trump travel ban, Muslim ban, Trump 

Muslim ban), was an executive order issued by United States President Donald Trump in 

effect, except to the extent blocked by various courts, from January 27, 2017, until March 

16, 2017, the effective date of Executive Order 13780. Executive Order 13769 lowered the 

number of refugees to be admitted into the United States in 2017 to 50,000, suspended the 

U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) for 120 days, suspended the entry of Syrian 

refugees indefinitely, directed some cabinet secretaries to suspend entry of those whose 

countries do not meet adjudication standards under U.S. immigration law for 90 days, and 

included exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Homeland Security lists these countries as 

Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen."

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