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5 June 17 - 1536 EDT


"Sometimes people who are adopted do not always become a member of the family."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 89,600,000 results (1.59 seconds). 

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member of the family."


**After posting my story (blog) of the day, no postcrossing or video, I went to Staples, 

Walmart and Lowes in that order. 

I went to Staples to get copies loaded on my storage USB storage device of 3 picture 

postcards and the backs of the envelopes I mail the postcards in.  Like I told you yesterday 

my printer and scanner went kaput when the WiFi stopped working for a while. 

__________ at the counter said that it would be a while so I went on to Walmart that is 2 

stores down from Staples walking and going north. 

It was one of my best experiences I've had at Walmart which is mostly explained in a video,

while setting in the Honda, that I hope to process and publish on YouTube today and I'll 

then share with other social media including Facebook.

On to Lowes. This is also explained in the same or another video, but I will tell you that I

purchased about 30 discounted plants , 95% perennials, at $1 to $3 each. 

I took my computer along, but I didn't have the time to go to McDonald's' and use it. At 

about the same time I arrived at Lowes it started to rain "Of Mice and Men." I don't know if 

this is correct term for a downpour or a novel written by author John Steinbeck (published 

in 1937), one of my favorite authors. 

The downpour continued as I left Lowes and just when I and the Honda neared the Daily

Record news building on U. S. Route 585, the Honda hit the right curb twice in its attempt 

to outrace and distance itself from the car behind it. The Honda refused my attempts to 

slow it down (speed limit, 40) and raced through the next 2 green lights and upon leaving 

the city limits of Wooster, it saw the the 55 miles per hour speed limit sign, but chose to 

ignore it. The Honda, now under its' own control and thinking it was a race car at NASCAR, 

raced up the slight incline, still on the newly changed and constructed U. S. Route 585, at 

about 70 miles per hour. As the road leveled out and into a wide curve to the left the 

Honda raced up to about 75 miles per. After the wide curve and into the stretch, the 1986 

Honda Accord speed up to 85 miles per hour, with no police in site, and continued that 

speed for another 2 miles. The Honda geared down to 75 miles per hour as it came over the 

slight hill and saw the sign, Smithville, "The Heart of Wayne County." It knew as before, 

Smithville a speed trap, and after passing the town sign the car geared down once again to 

35 miles hour with some assistance from the driver, his left foot slowly on the brake pedal. 

"Thank you, Forrest." "Your welcome, Honda car." To the light in the middle of town at 25 

miles per hour and a quick turn the right still at 25 miles per hour. The Honda stopped at 

the 3-way stop, a fast as possible turn to the left and it geared up to 35 miles per hour. 

Just before the town limits sign that the Honda could see from the back, the Honda geared 

up to almost 60 miles per hour in the 1/4 mile stretch and then help from the driver 

slowed to stop at the 4-way stop. After seeing whose turn it was to drive forward, the 

Honda geared up to about 40 miles per hour for about 200 feet before coming to the very 

rough needing repair railroad crossing and then geared down to 5 miles per hour for 

about 5 seconds, the Honda then gearing up again to about 75 miles per hour on Smucker 

Road heading for the house. A few ups and downs in Smucker Road and at the same speed 

for a total of about 3 miles before gearing way down to about 25 miles and some 

assistance again from the driver and a sharp dogleg turn right into the first driveway of the 

U-shaped driveway and it stopped at the back deck door where we could unload the 


"You did a good job, Honda car." Thank you, Forrest." "You're certainly welcome Honda 


**I finally mailed those postcards in envelopes after getting copies loaded onto my storage

device at Staples in Wooster yesterday. I'll tell you about the people, not their name, and 

something about them and in what country and city, town or village they live compliments

of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The weather today calls for a high temperature of 74° and a low of 54° with scattered 

thunderstorms. I purchased about 30 discounted at Lowes yesterday and a bag of Scott's

Commercial Grass Seed at Walmart. Like I told you before I can work in the rain as long 

as it is not lightening. I hope to sow a lot of grass seed today and plant all of the plants.

I also have to drive to Wooster again today and Rite Aid in Orrville for a prescription


I also need to finally place a subscribe button on which has to be square and

100 kb or less. 


**I know people that were adopted. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't.

Sometimes adoption is a hit or miss proposition, the adopted not fitting in with the other 

biological family members, thereby leaving the adopted isolated and alone for the most


Whose fault is it? It's no one's fault. Not any of the same biological family members who 

are adopting or the adopted. 

My siblings, I being the oldest born, are Roland, Nancy and Jerry in order of birthright.

I have a thinner build, they have a larger build. I was a tow head (blonde) when young, I

believe their hair was brown or black. My brother, Roland likes Pepsi, I like Coke, but can't 

remember what Nancy or Jerry like, Pepsi or Coke. I believe all 3 like sweet tea, I don't. 

The name on my birth certificate says my name when born was Randolph Forrest Caricofe,

Jr. My brother Roland found Father's birth certificate and his name at birth was Forrest

Randolph Caricofe? 

My Uncle Paul who was not adopted because his features matched the rest of Grandmother

and Grandfather Caricofe's children. He remained alone most of his life because of his 

behavior. I've often been referred to as Uncle Paul and I too, have remained alone most all 

of my life. Is it because of my behavior or is it because I was adopted?

I have many questions?, but no answers. 

My Father and Mother are in Heaven so I can no longer find out from them if I'm adopted.

I still have not completed that DNA kit I told you about. When I complete it, mail it and get

the results back and if I'm mostly pure German, then I may believe that I'm a biological 

family member. However, if the results come back saying I'm 10% Native American Indian, 

10% African American and/or 10% Hawaiian, I may be adopted. The only way to tell as I 

see it, is if one of my siblings take the DNA test see if there is a close match. If not I'm 

adopted and would start searching for my biological parents if they're still alive. 


*6:04 AM 6/5/2017. A poised yet angry Britain heads toward election as police carry out 

new raids. Washington Post - ‎24 minutes ago.‎

"LONDON - The police investigation into London's latest terror attack intensified Monday as 

politicians officially resumed campaigning ahead of an unpredictable election that sees 

Britons go to the polls in just three days."



"British Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble on a June 8 snap election was thrust into 

doubt after a Survation poll showed her Conservative Party's lead had dropped to a new 

low of just one percentage point.

While British pollsters all predict May will win the most seats in Thursday's election, they 

have given an array of different numbers for how big her win will be, ranging from a 

landslide victory to a much more slender win without a majority.

Some of the polls indicate the election could be on a knife edge that would throw Britain 

into political deadlock just days before formal Brexit talks with the European Union are due 

to begin on June 19."

I told you yesterday that "**Like Prime Minister Teresa May who I have compared to Prime 

Minster Margaret Thatcher and her relationship with President Reagan. I like all 3 and also 

Michelle Obama who is liked by former President George W. Bush who I also like and she 

in turn likes him." Prime Minister May and President Trump got off to a rocky start but I 

believe they are working together better now.

"Her opponent is "Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (/ˈkɔːrbɪn/; born 26 May 1949) a British 

politician who has served as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition since 

12 September 2015. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 


**I have my fingers crossed.

*6:24 AM 6/5/2017 EDT. The Jerusalem Post. 1967 war: Six days that changed the Middle 

East. BBC News - ‎11 hours ago‎. "Fifty years ago, war broke out between Israel and its 

neighbours. The conflict lasted just six days but its effect would last to the present day."

I remember the 6 day war in 1967 between a very small country, Israel, against Egypt,

Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and supported by: Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan,

PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), Sudan and Tunisa. And, of course, Israel along 

with God's help, superior military equipment and superior fighting women and men and 

their best in the world intelligence service, maybe, the ***Mossad won the very short 6 

day war."


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

""Where no counsel is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety." 

(Proverbs XI:14).

Agency overview:

Formed - December 13, 1949 as the Central Institute for Coordination.

Headquarters - Tel Aviv, Israel.

Employees - 1,200 (est).

Agency executive - Yossi Cohen, Director.

Parent agency - Office of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Coordinates: 32.145494°N 34.844344°E.

Mossad (Hebrew: הַמוֹסָד‎, IPA: [ha moˈsad]; Arabic: الموساد‎‎, al-Mōsād, IPA: [almoːˈsaːd]; 

literally meaning "the Institute"), short for HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim 

(Hebrew: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים‎, meaning "Institute for Intelligence and 

Special Operations"), is the national intelligence agency of Israel. It is one of the main 

entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence) and 

Shin Bet (internal security).

Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counterterrorism, 

as well as bringing Jews to Israel from countries where official Aliyah agencies are 

forbidden, and protecting Jewish communities. Its director reports directly to the Prime 

Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. since 2009."

The Mossad was also involved in Operation Entebbe that I remember:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Operation Entebbe

Hostage situation

"Operation Entebbe was a successful counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission carried out 

by commandos of the Israel Defense Forces at Entebbe Airport in Uganda on 4 July 1976. 

Dates: Jul 3, 1976 – Jul 4, 1976

Number of deaths: 4

Location: Entebbe International Airport, Entebbe, Uganda

Results: Mission successful:, 102 of 106 hostages rescued. 

The U. S.'s Independent Day and not Israels', their Independence Day is Yom Ha'atzmaut 

2018 in Israel will begin in the evening of Wednesday, April 18 and ends in the evening of

Thursday, April 19."

I wonder if the celebration in America was somehow a distraction and help to Israel?

*6:21 AM 6/5/2017 EDT. 
Golden State Warriors' Steve Kerr returns to coach Game 2. ESPN - ‎6 hours ago.

"OAKLAND -- Golden State coach Steve Kerr returned to the sidelines and coached the 

Warriors for their 132-113 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of NBA Finals on 


And from Adam Caparell:

"Can Somebody On the Cavs Please Help LeBron."

and "Grant Hill Still Thinks the NBA Finals Are Going At Least Six."

I agree with both Adam and Grant's statements, but I've changed my prediction I don't

like being a traitor or a Benedict Arnold but I now believe that it may not take as much 

as 6 games and my prediction of the Cavaliers winning in 6 means they would have to win

4 games in a row. My new prediction is Warriors in 6 games. I hate to do that.

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